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Dental Gift Vouchers – Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for someone at Christmas can be tricky. Whether it’s a friend, a loved one or a distant relevant, sometimes choosing the right gift can be a puzzle. That’s why Bamboo Dental are now offering gift vouchers. Our gift vouchers allow you to give someone the smile they’ve always dreamed of for Christmas? Better than another pair of socks right?!

Why choose Dental Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers are a great gift idea for someone you simply can’t think of a present for. Have that friend or relative who just seems to have everything? Or perhaps you have that loved one that doesn’t seem to want anything? Well, everyone wants a straighter and whiter smile. We guarantee it. Even those with perfect smiles can benefit from dental gift vouchers, to keep their bright white smile bright. Dental care can be costly wherever you go, and although we offer competitive prices with affordable payment plans, a gift voucher may be the perfect way for a loved one to save some money.  On top of that, with our dental gift vouchers, the recipient can choose which ever treatment they desire. Finally, in choosing a gift voucher, you can give the loved one the reassurance that their teeth are dentally fit. A white smile is desire, but a healthy smile is much more important.

What Dental Gift Vouchers do you offer?

We offer a wide range of gift vouchers to assure we can provide the perfect gift voucher for you to offer to someone this Christmas. Firstly, we have £20, £50 and £100 gift vouchers. These vouchers are not treatment specific meaning they can be used towards any of our treatments at the practice. Vouchers can also be used on any of our facial aesthetics treatments. We also offer a teeth whitening gift voucher which has proved popular with many our patients as it a more personal and treatment specific gift. By buying a whitening gift voucher, you can be reassured that the voucher will cover the cost of the treatment.  The best thing about buying a voucher with us is the fact that you also get free a Dental Check Up voucher. This means that should the receipient choose a Whitening treatment, they can be assured that they are dentally fit for no extra cost.

Who may benefit from Dental Gift Vouchers?

The best thing about our gift vouchers is that they can be offered to almost anyone. Everyone wants a bright white smile, and even those with nice smiles can benefit from whitening treatment such as syringes of whitening bleach. Our gift vouchers are popular with all ages which is why can’t specifially say an age group or gender who may benefit from more a gift voucher. What we would say is that if you know someone who’s insecure about their smile, or hasn’t been to the dentist for a while, then offering them a gift voucher could be the first step in changing their lives. Sometimes love ones need a little push to regain that lost confidence. We see it on daily basis – lives being changed as smiles are being transformed. We really can offer smiles that change lives.

Why choose Bamboo Dental?

Bamboo Dental is a five time award winning dental practice, including Best Young Dentist, Best Overall Practice and Best Patient Care. We offer only the best treatments by the best practitioners. We offer on site parking and are open seven days week. At Bamboo Dental we work around your hours and not the other way around. We provide both evening and weekend appointments, meaning the receipient of the voucher needn’t worry about taking time off work. The receipient can be assured that he or she is receiving award winning service at Bamboo Dental.

What treatments can Dental Gift Vouchers be used on?

Gift vouchers can be used on any of our treatments, both dental and facial aesthetics. At Bamboo Dental, we offer teeth straightening services such as Invisalign and Six Month Smiles for fast and discreet straightening. We also offer whitening services, both in chair and at home to provide a brand new smile. Those looking for veneers and implants need look no further as gift vouchers can also be used towards these treatments. Our vouchers can also be used in our fresh breath clinic. Our hygienists can offer scale and polish treatments to provide fresher breath for someone suffering with bad breath. Finally, did you know Bamboo Dental also offer anti-snoring treatment? Anti-snoring treatment could be a gift not only for a loved one, but for you too!

Whatever the treatment, we’re sure Bamboo Dental can help you to change someone’s life this Christmas. If you’re interested in one of our gift vouchers, check out our shop now! Remember, a new smile is not just for Christmas, but for life too.


Bamboo open new Aesthetics Clinic in Cardiff


aesthetics clinic in cardiff

Since taking over the practice, award winning dentist and leading provider of Six Month Smiles in Wales, Dr Daniel Rogers has aimed to craft confidence with every smile and to shatter stereotypes with every visit. With our doors open seven days a week, our flexible payment plans, and prices to suit every budget, we’ve built up a loyal and much appreciated group of patients. Not content alone on making patients smile with his award winning dentistry, Dr. Dan has now ventured into the world of Aesthetics.

Bamboo is pleased to unveil Bamboo Aesthetics, our brand new state of the art Aesthetics clinic in Cardiff located on 28 Cowbridge Road West. Our location is just next doors to our Dental clinic, with the same familiar faces you’ve come to recognize over the years greeting you as you come in.

With the incredible progress that’s been made in the world of cosmetic treatments, looking good and feeling good has never been so accessible to the general public. For ages, cosmetic treatments was exclusive to the rich and famous, but now non evasive treatments are available on your doorstep at a price you can afford. Non evasive treatments serve as an alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery. There’s no need to go under the knife and experience the down time that follows.

Non evasive treatments are available at Bamboo Aesthetics as a response to the ever growing demand of the modern world wanting to look and feel their very best. Dr. Dan and his triple award winning team feel these treatments should be accessible to everyone and that no one should be out of pocket for wanting to look and feel their best. As a natural progression from cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic treatments are performed by himself and his experienced and trained expert team. These treatments are offered at competitive prices with the option of 0% finance payment. With the choice of payment plans, you can have the treatments you’ve always dreamed of without having to pay for them up front. What’s best is that there’s no interest either!

Before your treatment, you will be invited to attend a free consultation where your expert practitioner will offer advice on the best course of treatment for you. Your free consultation will be the perfect chance for you to meet your practitioner and discuss your desires, concerns and ask any questions you may have.

Anti-wrinkle Treatment – Aesthetics Clinic in Cardiff

We offer a wide range of treatments at Bamboo Aesthetics. Firstly, we offer anti-wrinkle treatment to help you turn back the years. Anti-wrinkle treatment helps you achieve wrinkle free skin in one simple visit to the clinic. Anti-wrinkle treatment is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment due to its sheer efficacy.  The injections are perfect for waving goodbye to lines and winkles such as forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. Men and women of all ages attend the clinic for anti-wrinkle treatment and has already become one of our most popular treatments. Treatment time is half an hour and the results are long lasting. Most patients are advised to return to the clinic once or twice a year for a top up treatment to achieve the best possible results.

Dermal Fillers and Lip Enhancement – Aesthetics Clinic in Cardiff

Dermal fillers have already become a fan favourite at Bamboo Aesthetics. Dermal Fillers work by injecting acid-based fillers into the face, which add volumes to the skin. Along with collagen and elastin, this gives the face a younger appearance. As we grow older we naturally lose these three elements, causing skin to lose volume and displaying unwanted lines. So many people are turning to dermal fillers based on the simplicity of the treatment. In less than an hour, you can return home with results starting to show immediately. Areas in which we offer dermal fillers include the forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, tear troughs, jaw line, and marionette folds. Most people opt for top up treatments after six months, though this varies from one individual to another. Top up results are highly recommended in order to achieve the best possible results. During your free consultation, your expert will advise you on whether aiming for isolated areas would be your best option, or whether filler could be injected elsewhere as well to provide a more natural look.

Our most popular filler treatment is Lip Filler. Bamboo Aesthetics offers Lip Enhancement to provide patients with the pout they’ve longed for. Full lips are the ultimate sign of youthful attractiveness, as well as huge trend at the moment. As the lips become thinner and less defined over time, Bamboo Aesthetics suggests the Heart Lips ® technique when it comes to lip enhancement. This technique provides you with natural heart shaped lips – a classic feminine look. Lip enhancement is available for both males and females however as a solution to thin lips.

Thread Lifts – Aesthetics Clinic in Cardiff

Thread lifts are a hugely popular alternative to the traditional face lift. Thread lifts work by introducing fine specialized threads to the skin in order to lift sagging skin and tighten the skin. This in turn improves skin texture. This is perfect for individuals with sagging skin around the neck, cheek and jowls. Areas we target during a thread lift include the cheeks, nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines), lower eye area, jaw line, and the neck. It’s a hugely popular treatment as it is nowhere near as evasive as going under the knife and results are seen immediately. As collagen continues to form over the next few months, you will continue to see your skin lift and tighten. The results will just get better and better. Improvements to the skin can be seen for up to two to three years.

Cosmetic Treatments in Cardiff

Other procedures that we offer include hair loss treatment and PRP volumising plasma treatment. PRP volumising plasma is also the treatment used for the Vampire Facelift, made famous by Kim Kardashian. As you can see we offer a number of exciting treatments at Bamboo Aesthetics. We hope your loyalty to Bamboo Dental can extend to our new Aesthetics clinic. Why not try a treatment today and feel and look a little younger. You deserve it.



Bamboo Dental Sponsors Miss Wales 2016!


We are happy to announce that Bamboo Dental are the extremely proud sponsors of Miss Wales 2016.

Next year our very own Dr. Dan Rogers will be on the judging panel and even handing out an award for the Best Smile in the competition.

In 2004 the Cardiff events company Vibe took over the Miss Wales competition that has been running since the 50’s prior to that. The competition has been growing in popularity ever since thanks to the modern age. Thousands of girls have been registering online and the Miss Wales team have a tough job of whittling those girls down to the finalists!

The winner is automatically guaranteed a place at the most respected and established beauty contest in the world – Miss World. She also wins an exciting package of prizes. In the last 10 years, the competition has also raised nearly £500,000 for children’s charities in Wales.

miss wales

Bamboo Dental had a very special visitor!

Our current reigning champion, Emma Jenkins, popped down to Bamboo Dental recently for some treatment in preparation for her journey to Miss World which is aired on Saturday 19th December at The Beauty Crown Grand Theatre, Sanya, People’s Republic of China.

Miss Wales

The Miss World crown is a symbol of Beauty with a Purpose. Miss World is an organisation that works tirelessly to try and improve children’s lives all over the globe. My next fundraising event for this amazing charity, will be a Wedge Walk on September the 26th around Cardiff Bay. Alice Ford, Miss Wales 2014 completed the first ever Miss Wales Wedge Walk last year. My plan is to carry on this legacy.”

Miss Wales

Dr Dan and all the team at Bamboo Dental are looking forward to meeting all the new contestants for 2016. If you’re interested in entering then why not have a look at the Miss Wales website for more information

Entering a pageant this year and need a winning smile?

Bamboo Dental are here to help! Give us a call today!

Bamboo Dental,
28 Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff, CF5 5BS
029 2056 9769


Would you like to win an electric toothbrush?



If you have all of your Christmas presents sorted it’s time to chill out and let yourself go. Throw on some Christmas songs, grab a hot chocolate, mince pie, slice of Christmas cake or a glass of mulled wine or cider and think about what you would like for Christmas.

Many people wish for the latest IPhone, tablets, computers, etc but what about an electric toothbrush? It can greatly improve your oral health and make your teeth beautiful and white. Wouldn’t it be a fabulous Christmas gift for yourself?

The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean electric toothbrush is designed to improve oral health whilst whitening teeth.

The elegant black limited edition brush features an impressive range of features.  It removes up to 7x `more plaque than a manual toothbrush, can rapidly improve gum health and can whiten teeth twice as effectively as a manual toothbrush.

It features a special sensitive mode for delicate cleaning, as well as a dynamic cleaning action which drives fluid between the teeth ensuring the best level of dental hygiene. It comes complete with a dual charging system, ‘charging glass’ and travel case.

This is a really excellent prize and we are very happy to be offering it to one of you!  If used twice a day, this spectacular prize will help to keep you smiling throughout 2015.

You have until 12th of January to make your entry. Please see below for details…

Enter Now!!Good Luck!!

For a chance to win simply like Bamboo Dental’s page on Facebook and wish us a ‘Happy New Year’.


Bamboo Dental celebrate winning two awards at the 2014 Dentistry Awards


Dental award

The team here at Bamboo Dental have a lot to smile about this Christmas after coming away with two awards from the 2014 Dentistry Awards ceremony, which was held in Leicester on the 5th December.  We won ‘Best Team’ and ‘Best Patient Care’.

Bamboo Dental was also shortlisted for ‘Best Practice’ and our very own Dan was looking to retain his crown, being shortlisted once again, for ‘Best Young Dentist’.

The prestigious Dentistry Awards are one of the most celebrated occasions in the dental calendar, designed to reward and recognise regional excellence in dentistry.

The glitzy award ceremony took place at the fabulous art-deco cinema, The Athena, in Central Leicester.  The team were treated to a drinks reception and a delicious 3 course meal, before watching the award ceremony take place, where Bamboo Dental won two out of the four award categories for which they were shortlisted.

Head dentist, Dan Rogers said: “It’s been a really good year for Bamboo Dental as we have been busy promoting mouth cancer, holding a mouth cancer screening event, raising money for The Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity and visiting schools in Cardiff to help educate children on the importance of visiting the dentist.  Winning two awards is a fantastic achievement and a great way to go into the festive season and end 2014 on a high.”

He added: “We would like to thank all our patients and everyone who has supported us this year and we look forward to an even better 2015.”


Bamboo Dental’s Dan appears on ITV Wales to help promote Mouth Cancer



download (1)






Did you see Dan on ITV Wales earlier this month?

Don’t worry if you missed it as you can see the clip here.



Dan has been continuing to promote Mouth Cancer awareness throughout Wales this month, as part of Mouth Cancer Action Month.  This follows on from his end of summer oral cancer screening event at the Cardiff Bay Retail Park which the Bamboo Dental team hosted on behalf of the Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity. Bamboo Dental hired a mobile unit and carried out complimentary oral health checks and oral cancer screening for the public. The team educated the public on the how to spot mouth cancer by handing out leaflets, free toothpaste samples and balloons to shoppers and children. A raffle was also held which raised £200 for the Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity.

Dan appeared on the evening ITV Wales news earlier this month with his patient Colin Adams, who was first diagnosed with mouth Cancer back in 2006 and appeared on the news in a bid to help raise awareness of the growing disease.

Factors such as heavy drinking and smoking are heavily linked to mouth cancer and can affect anybody, any age although it’s mainly seen in middle aged men, that’s why it’s so important that we all know what to look out for.

Colin’s cancer was caused from heavy smoking and he advises anyone who doesn’t smoke to never start and anyone who currently smokes to try their absolute hardest to stop.

Mouth cancer takes the lives of more than 2,000 people each year in the UK, which is more than testicular and cervical cancer combined. Mouth cancer also takes more lives a year than road traffic accidents. By knowing more about the risk factors, living healthier lifestyles and by learning what to look out we can help reduce our risk and lower the number of lives that mouth cancer effects.

If you are concerned about mouth cancer or would like to find out more about the signs and symptoms, call us on 029 2000 8898.


Bamboo Dental shortlisted for 2014 Dentistry awards



Bamboo Dental has a reason to smile after being shortlisted for four national awards at the 2014 Dentistry Award Ceremony which will take place in December.

The Dentistry Awards is one of the most anticipated events in the dental calendar, designed to reward and recognise regional excellence in dentistry.

One of Wales’s top dental practices has been shortlisted for “Best team”, “Best Practice” and “Best Patient Care” with last year’s 2013 winner and Principle Dentist Dan Rogers looking to win the “Best Young Dentist” in the South West and Wales for the second successive year.

The glitzy award ceremony will take place at the fabulous art-deco cinema, The Athena in Central Leicester. The team will enjoy a champagne reception, a delicious three-course meal, the awards ceremony and evening entertainment.

Selected from a huge number of UK-wide entries, Bamboo Dental will be judged by a panel consisting of practitioners and members of various leading dental professional associations.

Head dentist and last year’s best young dentist winner, Dan Rogers, said: “To be a finalist for not just one but four prestigious awards with so many other strong candidates is a tremendous honour. As a team we have worked so hard to achieve dentistry and customer care to the highest standards so much that we have seen an increase in the number of patients. The team would be delighted if we can come away with at least one award and can be proud of what they have achieved as these awards are a great way to see out a great 2014 for Bamboo Dental.”



An award-winning dentist from Cardiff says that more needs to be done to promote dental health care for children, despite news that 12-year-olds suffering from tooth decay in Wales has fallen over the last decade.

A report by the Welsh Oral Health Unit shows that the proportion of children with no signs of decay has increased from 54.9 per cent in 2004/2005 to 64 per cent in 2013/2014. This represents around 19 decay-free children in a class of 30, compared to 16 in 2004.

Statistics show that decay is still very common in children aged 5 and under in Wales and dentists are hoping that the Designed to Smile programme (an NHS Dental programme funded by the Welsh Government helping children to have healthier teeth) which was launched in 2009 with the view of educating young children about oral health and tackling decay in small children, will encourage parents and children to take better care of the teeth and gums.

Head Dentist, Dan Rogers from Bamboo Dental is currently in the process of organizing an educational dental programme of his own to promote dental health in schools, said: “Despite the fall in numbers, more still needs to be done to educate both parents and children on the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums. Despite the fall in 12-year olds, we are still seeing a number of children under the age of 5, suffering from tooth decay. Promoting dental health care to children and young people is something that I feel very passionate about, which is why I’m putting together a long term educational plan and I’m planning to visit a number of primary schools in Cardiff in the New Year.”

Dan has already received a welcome from his visit to Cardiff’s Riverbank Special School, who he visited back in June as part of Bamboo Dental’s National Smile Month awareness campaign. The schools head teacher, Amanda Gibson Evan said: “The children were taught how to brush their teeth properly and how to keep them clean in a fun and informative way.

“We are really pleased that Dr Dan Rogers and his team took time out of their busy schedules to come to our school and promote dental awareness. It’s important to make the message fun so that the children enjoy it and understand the message which is why I think that students who receive a visit from Bamboo Dental will benefit from this.”


Bamboo Dental in Cardiff raises £200 for the Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity


Bamboo Dental 30_8_14_001

Bamboo Dental are pleased to announce that they have  raised £200 for the Mouth Cancer Foundation charity at the Mouth cancer screening event that took place at the Cardiff Retail Park Saturday, 30th August.

Head dentist, Dan Rogers hired a mobile unit and carried out complimentary health checks and oral health screening to the public as part of an awareness plan to educate people in Wales. The team from the Cardiff dental practice handed out balloons and leaflets to shoppers and children as they passed through the retail car park.  A raffle was held which raised £200 for the Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity.

Dan said: “It was a lovely day and we were very lucky with the weather. The event was well received with 20 members of the public receiving mouth checks. We also distributed 500 Oral Cancer leaflets and more importantly we raised £200 for our chosen charity. We hope that we have managed to get the message across about  month cancer and stress the importance of attending regular dental check ups.”

Raffle prizes included a Professional portrait photography session with Studio 87 Photography with an enlarged print in a 20×16 frame , a Professional portrait photography session with Studio 87 Photography with a mounted 9×6 print  a spray tan session with Tansmania, a hamper fragrance hamper from Boots and a gift voucher from Asda.

Bamboo Dental 30_8_14_061Dan would like to thank everyone who came into the mobile unit for mouth checks, his team for all their help on the day with ushering people towards the unit, Kath and Phil Edwards from Studio 87 Photography for their help with the photos and for providing raffle prizes, Mobex Limited for their help in hiring the mobile unit,and Boots and Asda at Cardiff Retail Park for their raffle prize donations.

Over the coming months Dan hope to continue his quest to educate the public in Wales on the importance of oral health and visiting the dentist in Wales by visiting local Cardiff schools.

Keep your eyes peeled here, for news and information about the team at Bamboo Dental.


Bamboo Dental’s Dan Rogers live on Radio Cardiff




Bamboo’s head dentist, Dan Rogers will be taking over the air waves at Radio Cardiff  this Tuesday, August 26th from 1pm so make sure you tune in and listen.

Dan will be discussing the importance of mouth cancer and the mobile mouth cancer event which is taking place on Saturday, August 30th at the Cardiff Bay retail park, where he will be performing free mouth cancer checks on behalf of the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

Dan said: “We can all take action against mouth cancer now and the purpose of the Mouth Cancer health checks is to inform and educate the public on how to spot the early signs of the disease because the stage at which it is diagnosed has a big impact on survival rates. Ulcers which fail to heal in three weeks, red and white patches in your mouth, and unusual lumps or swellings in the mouth or head and neck area should be checked out by a dentist or GP without delay. It’s not just adults that need to be aware of the signs, children need to be educated too.

You can reduce your risk of mouth cancer by avoiding tobacco products, cut down on alcohol, eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables a day, and protect your lips with sunscreen. To find out more about this and to take advantage of your free mouth cancer check make sure you join the Bamboo Dental team from 9.00am.