Advantages of Dental Implants


The advantages of dental implants cannot be understated. As a tool for solving tooth loss problems you will not find a better option. Even so, there are alternatives such as dentures or rocking a toothless smile and so it’s key to understand all of the advantages of dental implants so that you can make the best decision for you going forward.

advantages of dental implants

The Advantages of Dental Implants

We feel that simply stating the benefits isn’t enough, that’s why we have accumulated various opinions from actual dental implants patients and collated them here for you to get your teeth in to. Below you will see a series of advantages backed up by the voice of someone who has been through dental implants treatment themselves. For a comparative article on dental implants versus alternative treatments check out this article by the academy of implant dentistry.


1. They look so realistic you wouldn’t know they’re not real.

“When I was thinking about getting dental implants my main worry was that I didn’t want to be walking around my local shopping centre with a mouth full of dazzling white porcelain or something. I don’t like the idea of people knowing what I have in my mouth isn’t real. So when I came to my consultation I voiced my concern but the dentist explained how I can choose the style and look of my dental implants. It turns out that each tooth can be designed to fit my own teeth and so they all match together. So far nobody has even noticed that they aren’t real! Apart from people who knew I was getting the procedure done. But they were all amazed by the realistic appearance of the dental implants too. I am more than happy.”

Janet Bowler


2. Your speech can be much improved.

“Before I got implants I tried out dentures. I did struggle at first with those. The denture slipped a lot. This meant that I did sometimes get a bit of a lisp when I spoke. It was kind of embarrassing. However, since the dental implants are fixed permanently to my gums, there is no way they can slip. It just feels like I have my old teeth back and this means that I also have my old voice back. I was starting to get kind of paranoid about my lisp but now it is all back to normal thanks to my dental implants.”

Arthur Jones


3. They are the most convenient option.

“Convenience is my calling. I don’t want to be faffing around trying to glue in dentures and such. That’s why the implant teeth appealed to me. They are fitted into your mouth and then you are just good to go. I don’t want to have to remove my teeth when I go to sleep and such. That’s just not the life I want. The teeth implants just make me feel like I have normal teeth once again and so I would say that convenience is one of the biggest advantages of dental implants.”

– Andy Duboir


4. Dental implants will last a lifetime.

“When thinking about the advantages of dental implants I must state the without a doubt I would pick the longevity of them. Why, I will never need a new set of these. They are an investment in yourself. Although they did seem a little pricey to me when I was first considering them I did sit down with my best friend, Helen, and we talked about it. We both though that these implants will last me the rest of my life and so something that lasts for such a long time are certainly worth paying for. I wouldn’t want to go through the ordeal of having new ones fitted every few years. It would be traumatic as well as taking a toll on my other teeth for sure. Another benefit here about the longevity of the product is that they are also durable. I don’t feel that I need to be extra careful when biting into an apple for instance. I just know that the durability and strength of these teeth is as good or if not better than any normal teeth. I now use my teeth without worrying thanks to the durability and longevity of my dental implants.

– Paula Hobbs


5. Dental implants will give you back your self-esteem.

“I was only 31 when I had a full upper set of dental implants fitted. I had lost my top teeth in a freak accident but my teeth were not all that was hurt. My confidence was zero. So low that I didn’t want to go out of the house. I was incredibly sad due to this and thought that my life would never be the same again. After my dental implants were fitted I can honestly say that my life is back on track. I actually like them more than my original teeth as the original ones were a little crooked to begin with. But the main thing is that I am confident again to go out in public and to smile and talk to people because I know that I look normal again. Hell, I would even say that my teeth are one of my best features now!”

– Adnan Joseph


6. You can eat what you want again.

“Food glorious food… is the song I sang whilst tucking in to a buffet of delights once I had my dental implants fitted. For too long I had to turn down the foods that I had loved in a not so distant past due to the dentures I had. Now with my dental implants I have been eating everything I please.”

– Ralph Dennan


7. They are comfortable.

“I don’t even notice that my teeth are not mine. To me, that is the definition of comfort. When something is so silent in touch and feel that you don’t even realise it is there. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if this was all just a dream and that these are actually my real teeth. I have to look back at my dentist letters to be sure that this all really did happen haha!”

– Helen Goldsmith


For more information on dental implants treatment or to talk to use about booking in for a consultation please contact our award winning dentist in Cardiff.


How to Reduce Dental Anxiety in Children


It is great to start education children about how important their teeth are soon as possible. This sets them up in the best possible way to keep those gnashers in good condition for the rest of their lives. However, what happens when your child has built up anxiety and distress related to visiting the dentist? This is a widespread problem and sees many parents worrying about how to help their children grow past their phobia. So how do we reduce dental anxiety in children?

dental anxiety in children

New Study Shows That Watching Cartoons Can Help Reduce Dental Anxiety in Children

Okay, this isn’t exactly what it seems so don’t start switching on Peppa Pig just yet.


A study published in Acta Odontologia Scandinavica has shown that providing children with a visual distraction whilst receiving treatment can lower stress levels and increase cooperation of the child whilst in the dental chair. The study looked at a range of 56 children who all suffered from a degree of dental anxiety which had led them to be ‘uncooperative’ with the dentist during previous visits. The children were split randomly into two groups. One group were given a visual distraction in the form of a popular cartoon whereas the other group were given nothing.


The results were significant in showing increased cooperation of the children given a distraction. This enabled the dentist to treat the children with much more ease creating a much more bearable experience for all parties.


The next step for the trial is to increase the number of subjects to be tested.


Although there was a fairly small sample of children taking part in the experiment we can take much fro the outcome. The brain CAN easily be distracted from unnecessary worry and distress. Cartoons do not have to be the only way that you can help your reduce dental anxiety in children.


Our Top Tips on How to Reduce Dental Anxiety in Children

All children are different and you, the parents, are in the best position to pick and choose the techniques that you believe your child will respond best to. So have a look through our top tips on how to reduce dental anxiety in children and cherry pick the nuggets that you think will work best for you.


1. Listen the fear away

You will find that most dental practices do offer some form of music that patients are able to listen to whilst receiving treatment. If not then why not ask your dentist if you are able to bring in something for your kid to listen to. They can then pick out something that they enjoy to listen to and this will remind them of those relaxing times when in the dental chair.


2. Limit the wandering thoughts

Imagination is one of the most incredible things about children. This can lead them to question new things in great detail. In order to limit the worry that your child may have try to keep everything as simple as possible. What we mean by this is that you don’t need to go into too much detail about what is going to happen when they visit the dentist – particularly for their first visit. This keeps their minds from wandering to easily into a direction that might build up worry about the upcoming dental visit.


3. Stay calm

It is completely normal for children to fidget and be a little uncomfortable when the dentist is looking in their mouth. Some parents will see this and begin to feel anxious and distressed also. Your child will be able to notice this and this may elevate the stress even further. If you are able to stay calm then it will help your child to feel less stressful as they will feel more indications that the environment must be safer than they had thought previously.


4. Bribery will probably backfire

It is an easy solution to offer your child some form of treat ‘if they behave themselves’ or ‘don’t make a fuss’ whilst at the dentist. The issue with this is that the incentive itself is giving a signal that something bad is going to happen. Your child may start to think about what may be so bad that you need to bribe them not to get upset whilst at their dental appointment. This can plant a seed of dread where there may not have been one previously.


5. Give emphasis on the importance of good oral hygiene

It is important to teach your children about why they are going to the dentist. Not to ‘get a check up’ or ‘have their teeth examined’ but to make sure they will have a beautiful smile for many years in the future. If your child understands that what the dentist is doing is important and that it is necessary for them to be healthy in the future then you start to develop a solid foundation of building blocks for the future of your child’s oral hygiene.


Fear No More!

We hope that this list of advice will give you the confidence to help keep your children’s oral hygiene on track. If you have any worries or concerns relating to dental phobia or how to reduce dental phobia in children then the best policy is always to have a chat with your local dentist. We see many children each day and this helps us to understand particular patterns and thought processes that need to be avoided if your child is going to feel comfortable during their visit to the dentist.


Bamboo Smiles with Pride at Pride Cymru 2016


local dentist in cardiff smile with pride pride cymru 2016

Each year, thousands of people of all ages, genders and sexualities turn up to Pride Cymru to paint the city every colour imaginable. The aim? To embrace love, pride and identity. Since my teens I’ve attended Pride Cymru and have never been disappointed by the turnout, the atmosphere and the show the city puts on. Regardless who you go with, no matter what age or sexuality, you’ll always have a good time. There’s something for everyone on the day, whether it’s the parade, the field or the after party. The live stage, cabaret and rave tent offer the chance to be entertained, while the stalls offer great merchandise and food. What I love most about Pride however, is the chance to meet new people.

The sheer amount of planning and work that goes into organising an event like this is phenomenal and everyone involved truly should be proud of the joy they give to so many. I had the chance to meet one of the organisers prior to the event who said the hard work is truly worth it to offer the city the event that it does. No matter what your political views, no matter your background or sexuality, everyone can come to this field to unite and be proud of who they are. With all the doom and gloom in the news, it’s nice to see such solidarity across the parade, the field and the after parties. Glitter and joy united everyone that day – like nothing else in the world really mattered.

Bamboo Dental Local Dentist in Cardiff hits Pride Cymru 2016

Bamboo Dental, local dentist in Cardiff, had the honour of attenting Pride Cymru this year with its very own stall. For us, this wasn’t an opportunity to just sell treatments or bring people new patients into the clinic, but to be out with the local community and celebrate Pride. Away from the practice Georgia and I were, and we were ready to meet lots of new people. The weather was absolutely stunning – the sun was truly shining over Cardiff.

Friendly faces greeted from the moment we started setting up our stall. Pride Cymru regulars welcomed us to the field and shared with us their Pride memories over the years. As we had set up early, we had the chance to wander around and meet other stall holders. This wasn’t just a chance to check out the competition, but to see what everyone else was contributing to the big day. Among the stall holders were charities, universities and traders. Each stall offered something different.

One of the first people we spoke to told us about the history of Pride Cymru and how the event had evolved over the years. This was something I had noticed myself. The event was unrecognisable from the first one I attended eight years ago. Thousands more people were on the field than before.

Local Dentist in Cardiff – Pride Cymru 2016

As the attendees flocked to the field in their thousands, I was overwhelmed by the huge age range on the field. Many families had stopped by the stall for a selfie with our special #smilewithpride selfie frame. It was an absolute pleasure to see parents bringing their children to an event from such an early age. Encouraging pride, acceptance and love to the next generation from such an early age, at a time where it’s needed more than ever, was aa joy to witness. Many under 18s also stopped by the stall to say hello. Seeing them with pride t shirts and rainbow face paint put a smile on my face. To see so many young people embracing their sexualities and supporting the LGBT community was a nice sight to see. The event wasn’t just for young people though. Myself and Georgia talked many interesting people of all ages on the day. Everyone was really happy and it was nice to see no drama or fights unfold during the day. The pride and happiness of everyone on the field was truly infectious.

What we noticed was that Pride gives so much to so many people. We saw same sex couples having the confidence to hold hands, hug, dance and celebrate without fear of judgement. It reinforced to us how significant and special this event is to so many. Each pride event, no matter where it may be in the world, reminds us all that love will always win.

Georgia and I were there armed with stickers to hand out, and a camera to take photos of attendees with our special #smilewithpride photo frame. Today, it wasn’t our mission to offer consultations and bring in sales, but to support the LGBT community and promote self-confidence.

Get your confidence back at your local dentist in Cardiff

At Bamboo Dental our main goal is to bring back confidence to those who need it. A shiny straight white smile offers many of our patients that very confidence boost.  It’s not the brand new smile alone that changes lives, but the confidence that comes that it brings with it. When we were chatting to many of the attendees, the questions we were asked a lot were “Do you think I need braces?” “Do you think I need teeth whitening?” Our reply was simply “What do you think?” We see the beauty in everyone at Bamboo Dental, and while our expert team at our local dentist in Cardiff will advise on what cosmetic work you can have done, it’s truly your opinion that matters. If their answers were yes, we told them we would be more than happy to help fix their smile. If we can offer something to our patients in need of a confidence boost which will change their lives, we of course will. After all, that’s what our dental practice in Cardiff is for. Would teeth whitening make you happier? Would effective, fast and discreet teeth straightening give you that confidence you’ve always craved? Do your insecurities hold you back? If the answer is yes, Bamboo Dental, dental practice in Cardiff is there to help.

What this day proved, was that no one should worry about their appearance. You shouldn’t have to hide your smile away from everyone else. What truly matters is to be happy. If your insecurities are getting in the way of your happiness, it’s down to you to confront them. If you feel Bamboo Dental could be the perfect solution to restoring your confidence and making you proud of yourself once more, feel free to talk to one of our expert dentists by calling us on 02920 569769 or by clicking on our contact form here.


Fast Teeth Straightening In Time For Your Wedding


fast teeth straightening for weddings

“It’s the most important day of many a girl’s life. Months of preparation, stress, saving and splashing out all lead up to this. The wedding day. One of the most special days of not only a bride’s life but of the groom’s too. But once the big day has arrived it’s all been worth the stress, right? Photographs here, there and everywhere of the bride and the groom, the bride’s family, the groom’s family, the distant relatives, the friends of the bride, the friends of the groom… The list goes on. These are the photos that the happy couple will cherish for years to come, and will later show to their children and grandchildren – the chance to show how happy they were on their big day. Dr. Dan, head dentist at Bamboo Dental had the important challenge of giving Lorraine and Kevin from Bridgend the perfect pair of smiles for their wedding photos. Lorraine and Kevin decided to have their teeth straightened and whitened for their big day. Dr. Dan’s handy work would be at the centre of their wedding photo album, and it was a task he was more than happy to accept. Dr. Dan and his partner were invited to the wedding in Bridgend as a huge thank you for giving them the smiles they’d always dreamed of. Dr. Dan recalls his memories of the big day below:

Fast Teeth Straightening in time for your wedding

It was a sweltering hot day in Swansea. The hottest day of the year. We spend months complaining how cold it is, then the minute the weather gets warm again, we’re complaining once more! The sun shone nicely over this happy couple. The heat was insufferable, but there were no complaints from the guests, who fought on in their three piece suits and dresses. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. It was outside and many a tear of joy was shed among the congregation.

The couple looked beautiful together. I remembered the first time I met Lorraine and Kevin when they came into the practice. They told me that they wanted me to fix their teeth for the wedding. Lorraine’s teeth needed more work than Kevin, but both wanted the Six Month Smiles (fast teeth straightening) treatment. This was about a year ago. They both took out a monthly payment plan as they couldn’t afford it to pay it all up front with all the outgoings for the wedding. During their free consultation, I sat with them both individually to talk through their treatment plans. I promised both of them that they’d have a straight white smile in time for the wedding. It was a joy to see them have one thing less to worry about thanks to me.

Something Lorraine had said had stuck in mind. “I’m not showing my teeth in my wedding photo if I don’t have them done here.” It made me feel a little sad that people would feel the need to hide their smile in their wedding photos, on the happiest day of their lives even, because they felt self-conscious. Lorraine and Kevin had definitely done the right thing by coming to visit me.

Fast Teeth Straightening for Weddings

As the congregation moved inside for the delicious three course meal, I finally got a chance to speak with the happy couple. Lorraine had thanked me for showing up because she knew I was a busy man. I told her it was my pleasure and that the ceremony had been beautiful. Kevin had told me how they’d received nothing but compliments about their smiles. Lorraine and Kevin had told me how they both appreciate the simplicity and speed of the straightening system. Lorraine and Kevin both worked full time jobs, as well as looking after the kids. How they found time to plan a wedding I’ll never know. That’s why they appreciated the fast teeth straightening Six Month Smiles system so much – they only had to come into the practice every few weeks for quick appointments. We arranged their appointments to be in their lunch hours. In the appointments I tightened their wires to assure the teeth were moving in the right direction.

Kevin had told me he’d always wanted his teeth straightened but didn’t want to get a ribbing from his colleagues for having braces just before the wedding. He said that he didn’t want the lads to think he was whipped. Luckily for him, the braces are almost invisible. They’re clear and discreet so unless he advertised the fact he had braces, no one would really notice. For Lorraine, the speed of the treatment was the most important factor. She came into the practice a year before the wedding and said I had twelves month to make her beautiful. I said “Lorraine, I can do it in six.”

The evening progressed joyfully. Lorraine, Kevin, friends and family made their speeches. I even got a name check off Kevin during his speech! What’s really striking about people who come to me asking for treatments like teeth straightening is that it all bottles down to confidence. People like Lorraine and Kevin need these treatments to gain back the confidence they’ve lost over the year. I’m sure Lorraine and Kevin would have looked wonderful on their big day without my help, but the fact I could help them feel that extra bit confident – that makes the job worthwhile. It’s not their smiles that made them so happy on the day, it was the confidence that those smiles had brought.”

Six Month Smiles Fast Teeth Straightening

Dr. Dan is a leading provider of Six Month Smiles in Wales. If you, like Lorraine and Kevin, are getting married and think you could benefit from walking down the aisle with straight white teeth, feel free to contact us here or by calling 02920 569769. If you’re not getting married, but fancy fast teeth straightening treatment for another special occasion, Dr. Dan will be more than happy to help you have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.


Bamboo open new Aesthetics Clinic in Cardiff


aesthetics clinic in cardiff

Since taking over the practice, award winning dentist and leading provider of Six Month Smiles in Wales, Dr Daniel Rogers has aimed to craft confidence with every smile and to shatter stereotypes with every visit. With our doors open seven days a week, our flexible payment plans, and prices to suit every budget, we’ve built up a loyal and much appreciated group of patients. Not content alone on making patients smile with his award winning dentistry, Dr. Dan has now ventured into the world of Aesthetics.

Bamboo is pleased to unveil Bamboo Aesthetics, our brand new state of the art Aesthetics clinic in Cardiff located on 28 Cowbridge Road West. Our location is just next doors to our Dental clinic, with the same familiar faces you’ve come to recognize over the years greeting you as you come in.

With the incredible progress that’s been made in the world of cosmetic treatments, looking good and feeling good has never been so accessible to the general public. For ages, cosmetic treatments was exclusive to the rich and famous, but now non evasive treatments are available on your doorstep at a price you can afford. Non evasive treatments serve as an alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery. There’s no need to go under the knife and experience the down time that follows.

Non evasive treatments are available at Bamboo Aesthetics as a response to the ever growing demand of the modern world wanting to look and feel their very best. Dr. Dan and his triple award winning team feel these treatments should be accessible to everyone and that no one should be out of pocket for wanting to look and feel their best. As a natural progression from cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic treatments are performed by himself and his experienced and trained expert team. These treatments are offered at competitive prices with the option of 0% finance payment. With the choice of payment plans, you can have the treatments you’ve always dreamed of without having to pay for them up front. What’s best is that there’s no interest either!

Before your treatment, you will be invited to attend a free consultation where your expert practitioner will offer advice on the best course of treatment for you. Your free consultation will be the perfect chance for you to meet your practitioner and discuss your desires, concerns and ask any questions you may have.

Anti-wrinkle Treatment – Aesthetics Clinic in Cardiff

We offer a wide range of treatments at Bamboo Aesthetics. Firstly, we offer anti-wrinkle treatment to help you turn back the years. Anti-wrinkle treatment helps you achieve wrinkle free skin in one simple visit to the clinic. Anti-wrinkle treatment is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment due to its sheer efficacy.  The injections are perfect for waving goodbye to lines and winkles such as forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. Men and women of all ages attend the clinic for anti-wrinkle treatment and has already become one of our most popular treatments. Treatment time is half an hour and the results are long lasting. Most patients are advised to return to the clinic once or twice a year for a top up treatment to achieve the best possible results.

Dermal Fillers and Lip Enhancement – Aesthetics Clinic in Cardiff

Dermal fillers have already become a fan favourite at Bamboo Aesthetics. Dermal Fillers work by injecting acid-based fillers into the face, which add volumes to the skin. Along with collagen and elastin, this gives the face a younger appearance. As we grow older we naturally lose these three elements, causing skin to lose volume and displaying unwanted lines. So many people are turning to dermal fillers based on the simplicity of the treatment. In less than an hour, you can return home with results starting to show immediately. Areas in which we offer dermal fillers include the forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, tear troughs, jaw line, and marionette folds. Most people opt for top up treatments after six months, though this varies from one individual to another. Top up results are highly recommended in order to achieve the best possible results. During your free consultation, your expert will advise you on whether aiming for isolated areas would be your best option, or whether filler could be injected elsewhere as well to provide a more natural look.

Our most popular filler treatment is Lip Filler. Bamboo Aesthetics offers Lip Enhancement to provide patients with the pout they’ve longed for. Full lips are the ultimate sign of youthful attractiveness, as well as huge trend at the moment. As the lips become thinner and less defined over time, Bamboo Aesthetics suggests the Heart Lips ® technique when it comes to lip enhancement. This technique provides you with natural heart shaped lips – a classic feminine look. Lip enhancement is available for both males and females however as a solution to thin lips.

Thread Lifts – Aesthetics Clinic in Cardiff

Thread lifts are a hugely popular alternative to the traditional face lift. Thread lifts work by introducing fine specialized threads to the skin in order to lift sagging skin and tighten the skin. This in turn improves skin texture. This is perfect for individuals with sagging skin around the neck, cheek and jowls. Areas we target during a thread lift include the cheeks, nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines), lower eye area, jaw line, and the neck. It’s a hugely popular treatment as it is nowhere near as evasive as going under the knife and results are seen immediately. As collagen continues to form over the next few months, you will continue to see your skin lift and tighten. The results will just get better and better. Improvements to the skin can be seen for up to two to three years.

Cosmetic Treatments in Cardiff

Other procedures that we offer include hair loss treatment and PRP volumising plasma treatment. PRP volumising plasma is also the treatment used for the Vampire Facelift, made famous by Kim Kardashian. As you can see we offer a number of exciting treatments at Bamboo Aesthetics. We hope your loyalty to Bamboo Dental can extend to our new Aesthetics clinic. Why not try a treatment today and feel and look a little younger. You deserve it.



Get whiter teeth at Bamboo Dental


get whiter teeth

Most of us would like to get whiter teeth. None of us are born with discoloured teeth. Over time, teeth become discoloured but some of us have more yellow teeth than other. To question why this is we must look at the reasons why teeth become discoloured. Firstly, teeth lose their white shine naturally with age. Enamel, the strong protective coating on teeth naturally fades with wear and tear. This isn’t helped by poor oral hygiene either. If you don’t brush your teeth the recommended number of times per day, or you forget to floss, plaque builds up and teeth become a stronger yellow colour. Smokers also can suffer from discoloured teeth as tobacco products stain teeth. Certain medication and illnesses too can affect the colour of enamel. The one factor that a lot of people are oblivious to is that some people inherit a more yellow gene than others. Therefore, you may be able to blame your parents for not having a glistening white smile!

Get whiter teeth at home or in our practice

However, all of these factors aren’t an excuse for having a discoloured smile. Whitening strips and whitening toothpaste are available, but for a truly whiter smile, we recommend professional whitening from our practice. Bamboo Dental offer two effective whitening systems.

Our first system to get whiter teeth is the take home whitening kit. Affordable and effective teeth whitening can now be achieved from the comfort of your own living room. Simply visit our practice in Cardiff for a free consultation to check you are eligible for teeth whitening and which course of treatment could best suit you. Bamboo Dental will then arrange to have some whitening trays made for you. These trays have an appearance similar to a retainer and are designed for you to wear at home in short session, with the whitening bleach inside. We will supply you with several syringes of whitening gel to assure you reach the level of whiteness you seek.

Our second system to get whiter teeth is more traditional and involves having your treatment performed by one of our dentists in the practice. The benefit of this system is that you have one of our experts performing the very best service for you. Results are seen immediately, and you only have to attend four short 15 minute session to have the white smile you always dreamed of. With your expert dentist, you can discuss what level of brightness you want to achieve, something harder to do when you’re whitening your teeth by yourself. We will supply you with take home trays once again so you can maintain your perfect white smile.

Both options have their benefits, and both are extremely popular with our patients. If ease and comfort are your priority, the first treatment may serve you well. If you’re after expert care and a more premium service, the in chair treatment may serve better.

Where to get whiter teeth

If you’re still undecided over which whitening treatment to opt for, but you want to get whiter teeth, we’ve placed a testimonial below from Karen Sprout, a patient who was in the same position a year ago.

“I’d been considering getting teeth whitening for a while. It’s one of those things that I think most people would like to get done but never get round to doing. When I saw in the new year last year, I decided to do a lot of the things on my bucket list. Teeth whitening was definitely one of those things. My teeth are pretty straight – not perfect but they’ll do. However my teeth were a bit yellow. They needed some TLC to be fair. I always felt self-conscious around cameras because of it. I wanted a whiter smile so I decided I’d try some professional whitening.

After a bit of research on the web, I found Bamboo Dental. Perfect, I thought to myself – a local dentist in Cardiff offering affordable teeth whitening. I was really drawn to the fact you’re open late on weeknights as I work on weekdays and do volunteer work for the community on the weekend. However, I couldn’t decide between the take home whitening or the in chair treatment. I loved the idea of being able to do it from home but I knew it reality I’m quite lazy and I’d never get round to doing it – or sticking to it.

After much consideration, I decided to opt for the in chair treatment. I thought – a professional can’t mess it up, I can though! I’d heard that the take home whitening kit was easy but I could make a flood without water! Alas, it was to be the in chair treatment!
During my free consultation, I spoke with one of the dentists about the level of whiteness. I didn’t realise how many different levels there were to choose from! I went for one that was in the middle. I didn’t want bright bright white because I wanted them to look real. The dentist said I was a perfect candidate for whitening so it all went from there really.

Quick teeth whitening

Over the next few months, I attended four fifteen sessions in my lunch hour at work. I didn’t tell any of the girls in the office about my treatment – I wanted it to be a surprise! The four sessions were quick and pain free. The dentist clearly knew what he was doing and I felt safe in the chair.

The results you could see straight away. I couldn’t believe how white they looked at first. I wasn’t used to having nice teeth that’s why. Everywhere I go, I get compliments now. “Karen have you had your teeth done? They look so good!” That’s lovely. I love compliments! Bamboo gave me some trays and gel to take home with me in order to maintain the whiteness. A year on, they still look as white. The trays are so easy, and I don’t have to shy away from my son with his camera now!”

As you can see, the two different options are available to suit everybody. If you are interested in teeth whitening, please get in touch with us by either calling the practice, or messaging us on our contact page here.


Dental Phobia Pokésuperfan: Bamboo Dental I Choose You!


In today’s guest blog, Bamboo Dental Phobia patient Marshall Hoare reveals how the world’s hottest app brought him to Bamboo

dental phobia appointments in cardiff pokemon

Life begins to get a little worrying when you realise you have more Pokémon than friends. That’s exactly what happened to me this week when I got swept up in Pokéfever. Like millions of others, I downloaded Pokémon Go to see what all the fuss was about. Within half hour, I was hooked. I now have over 50 Pokémon in my pokédex. I’m taking the dog on two extra walks a day and I’ve cleared my schedule for at least the next month.

Like all my friends from school ten years ago, I was obsessed with the pocket monsters. I collected the cards, watched the tv series and saw the films. I’m surprised that ten years on, Pokémania has struck again. The premise? To catch all 151 Pokémon in the pokedex. Pokémon appear on your phone screen via the magic of augmented reality. Simply throw a pokéball when one appears and pray to the heavens you catch them.

Dental Emergency

There have been lots of strange stories surfacing on the internet about crazy accidents surrounding the app. From car pile ups, to finding dead bodis – this app hasn’t been short of a media phenomenon.  Now, I’m about to share another crazy story with you all – my own.

It was a beautiful Monday morning. The first day of summer in fact and I was on my way to work. I was walking through the city centre with Pokémon Go open on my phone. I’d just caught a Pikachu so I was in a great mood. For anyone who hasn’t played, there are these things called Pokestops scattered around the city where you can collect items, and there are plenty of them in the city centre. On the screen appears a GPS mapping system – a bit like Google Maps. So it’s easy to use your phone as a compass, and just as easy to forget to look up to see where you’re actually walking.

What happened next, is quite a blur. As I tried to catch a rare Snorlax, I tripped over a curb as I wasn’t looking where I was going. I fell face flat on the floor and my phone went flying. My first instinct was to check my phone. Amazingly, the screen hadn’t cracked. No damage had been done to my phone, but I couldn’t say the same for myself.

Dental Phobia Appointments in Cardiff

My face smashed against the floor and my teeth had to pay the price. The sheer force of the fall had loosened one tooth and knocked the other out. The pain was unbelievable. I just feared that more teeth were going to fall out – as If I’d loosened them all.

The biggest problem for me was that I had huge dental phobia. I hadn’t been to a dentist in years. I had a huge fear of dental practices. I remember going with my mum as a kid and I always used to be terrified. The smell of the practice, the shiny tools and the hanging around waiting rooms always had me shaking in horror. As soon as I was old enough to not know wiser, I abandoned all commitment to my dentist. I suppose you could say that I broke up with my dentist!

I had this rush of childhood nostalgia – playing pokemon and dreading the dentist. I knew I had to book an appointment though. I was really worried about my teeth and knew I had to put this silly fear behind me. Or at least try… I would research dental phobia appointments in Cardiff.

I knew I couldn’t search dentists that aren’t scary into Google, but I wanted a nice dentist in Cardiff. After a bit of research online, I found Bamboo Dental who did dental phobia appointments in Cardiff. I was quite attracted to the name and quirky look of the company – it seemed a friendly place. I went along to the practice on Cowbridge Road West as I didn’t want to call the practice up. I thought if I visited there in person to organise the appointment, going back for dental phobia appointments in Cardiff might be less scary. In any case, I spoke with Lisa who was really lovely. I told her how I was playing Pokémon and fell on my face. She said I should have gone to a pokecentre, not a dentist. She made me laugh and already I felt this practice was different to other ones. She booked me in for an emergency appointment with Dr. Dan.

Dental Phobia Appointments in Cardiff with Dr. Dan

Luckily, they make space in their diaries for fools like me. I was still super nervous before I saw Dr. Dan. I had lots of questions running through my head what he would be like. I shouldn’t have worried so much because he was a really sound guy. He was younger than I was expecting and we got on really well. He had a look at my teeth and told me my options. He told me my best choice for my missing tooth was an implant.

I had a mini panic attack when he told me that as I knew implants could be costly. I couldn’t find my tooth that had fallen out when I fell. Truthfully, I thought I’d swallowed it at the time, but I’m not so sure now. In any case, Dr. Dan told me to go home and think about it. I didn’t really need time to think about it though. So I agreed to have the treatment done.

I need to stress that I was petrified about going there. It took everything inside of me to pluck up the courage to book an appointment. Luckily Bamboo Dental deal so well with patients who need Dental Phobia appointments in Cardiff. Going to the dentist will never be a pleasurable experience for me, but Bamboo Dental made it a bit better for me. So thank you to all the team! All I know now is that that Snorlax wasn’t worth half the hassle I went through to try and catch him!


How Botox Can Treat Bruxism


How Botox Can Treat Bruxism

Botox has more uses than smoothing wrinkles from a person’s skin. In fact, it’s muscle relaxing properties can be extremely helpful in solving a common teeth grinding issue called bruxism. In this article we will discuss how botox can treat bruxism and if this may be a suitable solution for you.

botox can treat bruxism

You Could Suffer From Bruxism!

In it’s simplest terms, bruxism is the involuntary habitual grinding of the teeth. The nature of bruxism is so that some do not even realise they are suffering from it as it often occurs during a persons sleep. There are various causes of bruxism but most originate from stress. The consequences of your grinding habits can be damaged or cracked teeth, pain in the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and the squaring of the jaw due to a growth in the size of the jaw muscles from their overuse.


The Power of the Jaw Muscle

The jaw muscle can put extensive pressure on the teeth whilst grinding. Especially whilst you are sleeping as there is no way that you can intervene the process. In fact, if you suffer from sleep bruxism then your jaw muscles could be exerting pressure up to 20 times as strong as that of when you chew food. This pressure is due to the strength of the jaw muscles and can leave you in some discomfort as the muscles become tired and painful during everyday use.


It is often easy to spot someone who is suffering from bruxism as they will have enlarged jaw muscles. The repetitive use of these muscles in grinding causes them to build up in size and strength.


Botox For Bruxism

Botox works by blocking the signals sent out between the nerves and the muscles. When botox is injected into a muscle, it means that the muscle can no longer contract. When used on the skin, this causes wrinkles to relax and soften out.


The same principle can be used with the jaw muscles. By injecting some botox into the TMJ, the muscle can no longer contract to the same strength as it previously could. This means that when you start involuntarily grinding your teeth during the night your teeth will be under much less pressure. In time, the jaw muscles will lose some of their size and your face will return to a normal shape. Now that the jaw muscle is working much less vigorously, your teeth grinding will subside.


How Long Will the Results Last?

The effects of botox on relaxing the muscles can typically last anywhere between 3 and 6 months. This may be enough time for you solve your bruxism issues altogether. However if your bruxism issues start to arise again after this period then it is simple for you to get a top up treatment in order to keep your bruxism in check.


Is This a Common Treatment for Bruxism?

Yes, this has been offered in the cosmetic and dental industry for years as a treatment for bruxism. Other methods for treatment aim to tackle the very root of the issue which will often revolve around some form of stress management. The downside to this is the long time that it can take to resolve your bruxism. In the time it takes your teeth may be further damaged this creating further problems with your teeth.


A better option would be to use a combination of the two forms forms of treatment. You can be given a course of botox treatment in order to instantly relieve the pain and take the pressure off your jaws and teeth. After this you can go through measures to manage the root cause of your bruxism. This may be stress management or something similar. Many patients take this approach and find it to work incredibly well.


What Are the Alternative Treatments for Bruxism?

There are a few different alternative treatments for bruxism. Some aim to stop the effects and some aim to hit bruxism at it’s centre. As mentioned above, a combination of the two is the ideal solution.


Mouth Guards and Splints to Treat Bruxism

If you are a person with sleep bruxism (you grind your teeth whilst you sleep) then some form of mouth guard or splint could be ideal for you. Here at Bamboo Dental we offer a popular type of dental splint called the SCi Appliance. This is created specifically for your teeth and will sit over the teeth providing a shield against the effects of bruxism.


Similar to using botox, dental splints are only able to control bruxism – not cure it altogether.


Who Can Provide Botox Treatment?

Many dentists now offer botox treatment and are some of the most experienced at performing the treatment. Bamboo Dental in Cardiff have a second arm to the dental practice called Bamboo Aesthetics. We offer several facial aesthetics and cosmetic treatments. If you wish to get in touch about these treatments please feel free to check out our botox information page.


What Can Invisalign Be Used For?


Invisalign is a revolutionary teeth straightening system that uses a series of specifically designed clear aligners to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. The uses for Invisalign are vast and may be the perfect way to give you the confident smile you have been seeking. But exactly what can Invisalign be used for?

what can invisalign be used for

What Can Invisalign Be Used For?


Invisalign Can Close Gaps in Your Teeth

invisalign gapped teeth





In some cases the jawbone can grown abnormally. If this does occur then the individual is at risk of developing gaps between their teeth. In other situations existing gaps that may be due to a missing tooth leave space for other teeth to move in to. This creates more gaps around the other teeth. The issues of gaps in between the teeth do not stop at their appearance. The spacing issue can also lead to ongoing issues such as gum problems which arise due to a lack of protection from the teeth. Periodontal pockets can also be formed which will inevitably result in a much higher risk of periodontal disease.


Invisalign Can Correct Some Overbites

invisalign overbite





A very common misalignment of the teeth is the overbite. This is the case where the top set of teeth protrude over the bottom set when biting together. Although this is often referred to as an overbite with the general population it is known to dental professionals as an ‘overjet’. The most common cause of this condition is due to bad genetics but this is not the only way an overjet can be caused. Bad oral habits can also result in the development of an overjet as well as an overdevelopment of the bone that supports the teeth. If left untreated then you may suffer from ongoing problems including gum problems and wear on the lower teeth. In some cases you may suffer from pains in the jaw and the joints of the jaw making it difficult and uncomfortable to talk and consume food and drink. There are many reasons as to why it is beneficial for you to get your overbite corrected. Invisalign works brilliantly at treating overjets and has corrected thousands to date.


Invisalign Corrects Underbites

invisalign underbite





Underbites are very much the opposite of overbites. An underbite occurs where the lower arch of teeth are positioned further forward than the top arch of teeth (as seen in the image). The usual cause of an underbite is where there has been too little growth of the upper jaw or too much growth of the lower jaw. As a result the jaws are slightly out of sync with each other and cause the underbite. Another potential cause of an underbite is where there are teeth missing in the upper arch this can lead to teeth wear and eventually an underbite. As with overjets, underbites can leave the sufferer with an aching jaw and joint muscles.


Invisalign Can Correct An Open Bite Problem

invisalign openbite





An open bite is where some of your teeth are not able to touch their opposing teeth when the sufferer attempts to bite them together. They often occur due to genetics or as a result of excessive thumb sucking. Those with an open bite may find it difficult or painful to chew food and often have a speech impairment. If left untreated then further issues may arise such as temporo-mandibular joint disorder. Check out our other article about TMJ disorder and how it can be treated.


Invisalign Can Correct Overly Crowded Teeth

invisalign overcrowding





If there is too little room within your jaw for your teeth to sit normally then you may suffer from over-crowding. When left to continue crowding, your teeth can become much worse leaving you with severely misaligned teeth. The complications of this include; excessive plaque build up, tooth decay and a much higher risk of gum disease.


Crossbites Can Be Corrected Using Invisalign

invisalign crossbite





A crossbite describes the situation where both the upper and lower jaws are misaligned with each other. The result of the misalignment is that crossbites can occur when the upper and lower jaws are both misaligned. It causes one or more upper teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth, and can happen on both the front and the sides of the mouth. This can cause the wearing of the teeth, gum disease and bone loss.


I still don’t know if Invisalign is suitable for me!

Don’t worry if you fall into this category – most people do. The great thing is that you can find out if you are suitable at no cost to yourself. Here at Bamboo Dental, we understand that you may not be sure what is right for your situation. That is why we offer free consultations to the public. You are able to come in and speak one to one with our triple award winning dentist. He will take a look at your current situation and be able to give you a clear idea of whether Invisalign is the right step forward for you.


In some cases the answer will be that this is not suitable at all for you. However this need not be the end of your hopes. We offer a variety of teeth straightening treatments, each of which will be most suitable for different cases. There will be a solution for you.


The Evolution of Cosmetic Dentistry


The growth in popularity of cosmetic dentistry in recent years has been nothing short of incredible. More and more people each day are understanding that the appearance of their teeth is not only vitally important but something that they do have complete control over. It is now very easy to correct almost any ailment of the teeth whether it be discolouration, crookedness or even if you they have all fallen out!

EVOLUTION OF cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry: It’s on everyone’s lips


The advancement in cosmetic dentistry treatments has been necessary to fill the demand for a population of people more focused on looking their best. However, there was still a demand for aesthetically pleasing teeth centuries ago and that means that there was an industry too. Let’s have a loot in more detail at the progression of specific treatments involved in cosmetic dentistry.


Teeth Whitening: Then and Now

We can go all the way back to the Ancient Romans to find the birth of teeth whitening. They saw it as a sign of wealth and would go to great lengths in order to achieve a white smile. Their teeth whitening experts put together a mixture consisting of urine and goats milk amongst other ingredients. These ancient whitening staples were cooked up in a special paste that was applied to the teeth and left to work its magic.


As we entered the 17th century, the act of teeth whitening moved from a DIY set up and into more of a service industry, if you can call it that. The unlikely providers of said service were the humble barbers who saw a gap in the market to whiten your teeth whilst giving your hair a trim.


Many years later dentists began to use hydrogen peroxide as the key ingredient in their solution to whiten teeth. This is still used today. There was always an issue of how to get the solution on to the teeth. This was generally done by painting the teeth until a form of bleaching tray was invented that would sit over the teeth holding the solution onto the tooth surface.


In more modern times teeth whitening procedures have been refined and advanced with new technology. Trays are still a very popular choice due to their ease of use, however, we have now started to use special laser technology in our whitening efforts. This involved the use of LED lighting to activate the whitening solution and wrks very effectively.


The Road to Straighter Teeth

Teeth straightening stretches all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. Incredibly, archaeological digs have uncovered mummified bodies with metal contraptions in their mouth.


In the 18th century, a man named Louis Bourdet wrote a book titled, The Dentist’s Art. This had an entire section devoted to the technique of tooth alignment and was the first literature discussing the option of removing a tooth in order to make space for the alignment of others.


As cosmetic dentistry progressed through the years we saw the introduction of metal braces and fixed braces that used elastics to put a constant pressure on the teeth. The next big development after this was the addition of x-rays to the orthodontists armoury. This use of x-rays in aiding teeth straightening was pioneered by Eugine Talbot although it only became common practice towards the middle of the 1900’s.


The 1900’s was where cosmetic dentistry really started to grow. First a classification was invented for the course of your teeth. This innovation allowed orthodontists to clearly describe the direction that a tooth was moving in and how much corrective treatment it would need to move it back to the optimal position. In the meantime, an idea had been circulating the cosmetic dentistry world – brackets. The concept of using brackets on the teeth to help move them into the right direction was held back by just one thing. A lack of a safe and suitable adhesive to fix the bracket to the teeth with. This problem was soon solved and the fixed train-track braces that you see today started to be used.


In more recent years the speed and the aesthetic appearance of braces has become increasingly important. Invisalign took centre stage with it’s nearly invisible solution to teeth straightening. The system uses a series of see through aligners to gradually straighten teeth. The only downside is that the time involved in this system is still much longer than many people would like. This is where new concepts such as Six Month Smiles have cornered the market. Their brace can straighten teeth in six months (often less) and although it’s appearance is discreet, it is not as invisible as Invisalign. This has presented to sides to the teeth straightening market that people now have the option to choose between – speed or appearance.


Tooth Replacement in Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the most vital areas of cosmetic dentistry is tooth replacement. After all, what use is making a tooth whiter or straighter if you don’t even have one. The goal of effectively replacing teeth has been prevalent since Ancient times where old animal bones were often carved into replacement teeth.


During the early 16th century, Japan was home to the first set of wooden dentures. These were commonly used throughout that time. There is even a myth that George Washington was the proud owner of a set of wooden teeth.


Dentures are still used today, although they much more closely resemble real teeth. However a more robust and all round better alternative is beginning to peak in the industry. That is, dental implants. These implants are a form of small titanium rod that is placed in the jaw bone where the tooth root would originally be. Your crown is then placed on top of the implant. The result is a tooth that looks, acts and feels just like a real tooth without the added annoyance of having to glue these into your mouth as with dentures.


Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way over the years and it is exciting to see where it may be heading. A new technology that is starting to cause ripples in the industry is the use of 3D printers. Could your brand new teeth be printed out at a dental clinic near you as some point in the future?