7 Amazing Anti-snoring Remedies


Snoring is not simply a noisy nuisance. Sufferers find themselves tired and on edge due to erratic sleep patterns arising for rumbling mattresses. This can affect their quality of life in a snowball effect. The great thing is that there are many anti-snoring remedies out there that can help fix this problem. So let’s get started!

7 amazing anti-snoring remedies

7 Amazing Anti-snoring Remedies

1. Try sleeping on your side

Theory shows that the throat muscles become more relaxed when a person is lying on their back. The throat muscles are key when it comes to the way you let air in and out of your body. If the throat muscles become too relaxed then the air flow may be slightly narrowed. The effect of this is a deeper rumble caused by a restricted air flow. Now if you are too sleep on your side instead then you can change all of this! By sleeping sideways, you can count on reduce the effect of this. You throat muscles will not be so relaxed and so will give more structure to the airway.Therefore sleeping on your side where can help air flow more freely will quieten down your snoring sounds.


2. Use a humidifier

It has been identified that nasal and throat congestion can be a trigger for snoring. If you happen to have dry air in your sleeping area then this can worsen the problem. But, this need not be the case. The solution is very simple. With the use of a humidifier you can make sure that your respiratory system doesn’t dry out. A humidifier basically adds some moisture to the air making it less dry. You may have heard of dehumidifier. This works in the opposite way and can be useful in fixing issues when you have damp in your house. This isn’t going to be useful in solving your snoring issues though! The use of a humidifier will only be effective if you first know the cause of your snoring. If it is not due to throat congestion then you may need to jump on to one of our other amazing anti-snoring remedies.


3. Yoga

Yoga is as much about the way we breathe as the positions you move in to. Pranayama is the targeted practice of controlling the intricacy of the process of breathing. This is the source of our vital life force or our ‘Prana’. Check out some of these exercises to improve your respiratory control. This yoga exercise aids in the perfection of taking deep and slow breaths. This both relaxes the lungs and improves the capacity of air that you can take in. The result is a much stronger respiratory system that has been found to be a very valuable snoring deterrent.


4. Sleepwell anti-snoring aid

The Sleepwell anti-snoring aid works by preventing the closure of your airways during sleep. It achieves this by stopping the lower jaw from moving backwards. What is Sleepwell? It is a special, custom made mouth piece that is produced to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly. Patient comfort is at the forefront of the device. A soft inner lining allows for side to side movement. The device is also adjustable to allow for the patient to maximise effectiveness. The device works so well that during clinical trials over 98% of patient’s found the device to be a viable snoring remedy.


5. How firm are your pillows?

The use of a firm pillow is very important and helpful in elevating the head. Keeping your head slightly raised actually prevents the tongue from slipping backwards and getting in the way of your airways. This certainly gives a help in hand when reducing the volume of your snoring although it won’t get rid of it altogether.


6. Could losing weight help?

This certainly won’t be the solution for everyone. People of all sizes can snore. However, in some cases the cause of snoring can be excess fat that has built up around the neck causing the airway passages to become constricted. Losing that bit of extra weight can help you lose that unwanted snoring habit too!


7. Open up your nasal passages

For some suffers of sleep apnoea, the snoring actually starts in the nose. In these situations, keeping the nasal passages open may be able to help. This allows the air to move through with less ferocity. If your nasal passage is blocked then air is forced through a smaller gap thus increasing the speed and chance of snoring.


So what can be done to open up your nasal passages? Well, a simple hot shower before bed can be a great start. The hot steam will work wonders on opening up the airways. You can also use saltwater to rinse out your nose. This may take some getting used to but does work incredibly well.


Other options include a neti pot or any type of nasal strips that work by lifting the nasal passages to open them up.


Why Invisalign Could be the Treatment for You


If you are looking into getting braces but haven’t heard about Invisalign then it’s time to pay attention. Switch off your phone, put down that cup of tea and find out why Invisalign may be just the ticket you need on that journey to a life changing smile.


Why Invisalign Could be the Treatment for You

Let’s start off by telling you a little about Invisalign. It is a groundbreaking teeth straightening system that straightens your teeth with a removable brace that is nearly invisible. That is two huge boxes ticked already for many of out patients.


How does Invisalign work?

The first stage is for your to come in for a consultation with our experienced dentist. The consultation is completely free and is a way for us to chat to each other and work out both if you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign and if it is the right treatment for you in achieving your goals.


Assuming you choose to go ahead with treatment the next stage is to create some x-rays and moulds of your teeth. The x-rays are sent to a special laboratory along with the moulds of your teeth. This is where it gets exciting.


Your generated 3D smile

At the lab a map of your teeth is generated in special 3D software. Here a timeline of your teeth movements is mapped out so that we can see how your smile will look at each stage of your journey. The lab then fabricates a series of clear aligners, each one will be set to fit your teeth at a different stage of your teeth’s journey to becoming straight.


Wearing the aligners

You will now wear each aligner for a couple of weeks until your teeth are fully adjusted. At this point you will move on to the next aligner. The process is repeated until your teeth fit the final aligner and your perfect smile has been created! There is some discipline required here on your part. As the aligners are removable you need to trust yourself that you will only remove them very occasionally. This is generally to brush your teeth and in order to eat food. If you stop wearing the aligners for long enough then the length of your treatment will be prolonged.


Your new smile is here!

After you have finished your course of aligners we will give you a complimentary whitening so that you can show off your new smile with pride!


Advantages of Invisalign

It is not accident that Invisalign has grown to be one of the most popular teeth straightening treatments in the marketplace. So what are some of the major factors that have been a catalyst for this shift in the world of dentistry?


1. Invisalign is nearly invisible

You may have already put two and two together but yes the ‘invis’ part of the Invisalign does come from the word ‘invisible’. The actual aligners are transparent in colour. This means that when inserted into the mouth they are barely noticeable at all. In fact, we have had many patients who chose to not tell anyone about their teeth straightening treatment and have ended up going through the entire series of aligners without anyone knowing they were wearing them!


2. The aligners are removable

The removable nature of the Invisalign aligners is a very attractive feature to our patients. It enables them to remove the brace for special occasions such as photographs. It is also important to remove the aligners when you eat and drink. You can then eat whatever foods you like without worrying about damaging the brace.


However, one thing that you must consider is the self discipline that you have with this. You do need to keep the aligners in for the majority of the day. With only 1-2 hours aligner free, you cannot get into the habit of taking them out. If done, this can stall the progress of your straightening and lead to hold ups at the dentist. Therefore if you don’t think you can beat the temptation to take out your aligners for long periods of time then it is suggested you go for a fixed brace option such as the Six Month Smiles brace.


3. 3D smile technology

Whilst moving through your Invisalign adventure you will get to see a computer generated 3D model of the progress of your new smile. This is very exciting as you can get a true feeling for how your teeth have moved through each stage of the treatment. This can give great motivation to those who cannot wait to unveil their perfect smile. The 3D technology also gives access to a huge amount of accuracy in exactly what each tooth is going to be doing to get them in the right place.


Is Invisalign for you?

The trade off with Invisalign is that it does take a little longer to achieve your perfect smile compared to alternative fixed brace systems such as Six Mont Smiles. That is where you need to consider the advantages of each system and decide which are closer to your needs and desires.


If you are keen to learn more about Invisalign or would like to chat things through with our award winning dentist we do offer free consultations and would love to meet you. In order to book one simply get in touch through our contact us page here.


Are You Ever too Old Get Adult Braces?


Does age really matter when it comes to adult braces? Nowadays with the advent of incredible invisible brace systems, people of all ages are straightening their teeth. In short, healthy teeth can be moved no matter how old you are.

too old for adult braces

Dental Braces for Adults

Do you often find yourself shying away from photographs or covering your mouth when you laugh? If so then you may be able to benefit from a huge self esteem boost with our dental braces for adults. The great thing is that all of our cosmetic braces systems are accessible for all ages. That means the array of discreet and fast moving treatments can also be of benefit to you!


What are the options?

Whether you are looking for a fast acting brace system or a discreet looking invisible brace, we have you covered. Here are a few of the options available to adult looking to straighten their teeth.


Invisalign: The nearly invisible way to straighten teeth.

Invisalign is a revolutionary clear aligner system that is perfect for those who don’t want to openly wear fixed train track braces. We find that many adults hold back from obtaining their perfect smile due to the worry about being judged for wearing a brace as an adult. This belief is now becoming more and more irrelevant as braces are now so commonly worn amongst adults. However, many still feel self conscious about wearing them. Enter Invisalign.


Invisalign is a great option as a type of braces for adults. The system comes as a series of clear aligners that fit snugly to your teeth much like a very thin gum shield. However, each successive aligner will be shaped slightly closer from your original teeth layout to your desired straight smile. As your teeth adapt to the aligner we move on to the next one in the sequence. Eventually you will have a beautiful healthy smile and nobody will be able to understand how it happened!


Six Month Smiles: Straight teeth in just six months

For the no nonsense adult seeking speedy results we have Six Month Smiles. This system is a fixed brace although it is still fairly discreet sporting clear brackets and tooth coloured wires. Bamboo Dental are the leading provider of Six Month Smiles in Wales. Our head dentist, Dr Dan is therefore extremely experienced with this treatment and is able to achieve incredible results with his patients.


The system works in just six months, sometimes less, which is perfect for those who want to straighten their teeth as quickly as possible and are not worried about the aesthetics of the brace itself.


The trade off

Ultimately there is a trade off here. What is most important to you – the speed that your brace will work or the level of discreteness that you can achieve whilst progressing through your journey? Answering this question will give you a great idea of the right treatment for you.


Why should adults straighten their teeth?

There are so many amazing benefits to straightening your teeth and so few things that are there to hold you back. Let’s take a look at a few now!


Increased confidence

Ultimately, if you are considering straightening your teeth then you likely feel a little dent in your confidence due to your current smile. In fact, studies show that most people are not happy with their smile. If you were to correct this then the increased confidence can be a catalyst for a much happier you! As you walk through town to work you will smile at more people and create those connections that you would not make if your were trying to hide your smile. You will appear more friendly and you will come across more friendly to others. You will meet more people and create new friendships. You may even find new love!


Better vocational prospects

If you are a happy, smiling person then you will show more enthusiasm with what you do. You will have more people on your side and this will shine through with your work. You will see productivity increases and a general heightened sense of mood amongst your peers. This will all give you an advantage when going for that promotion or moving forward with your own business ideas. Not only this but the increased self-esteem that you feel may be the final thing to nudge you into make that new career choice or business growth move.


A healthier you

It has been proven that those who straighten their teeth actually create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. This is largely due to psychology. As you have put the time and effort into getting that perfect, healthy smile you decide that you will certainly look after it. This starts with practising better oral hygiene and follows through with eating healthier foods for your teeth and for your body. There are also many links between dental health and the health of other parts of your body such as your heart.


What now?

If you have been thinking about straightening your teeth then I hope that this article has been helpful in showing to you the incredible benefits that await! If you would like to find out more about how we could work with you towards a life changing smile then feel free to take advantage of our current FREE consultation offer. Simply click here and complete the contact form to get in touch.


Make someone smile this Christmas with our Gift Vouchers


dental gift vouchers cardiff

Dental Gift Vouchers – Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for someone at Christmas can be tricky. Whether it’s a friend, a loved one or a distant relevant, sometimes choosing the right gift can be a puzzle. That’s why Bamboo Dental are now offering gift vouchers. Our gift vouchers allow you to give someone the smile they’ve always dreamed of for Christmas? Better than another pair of socks right?!

Why choose Dental Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers are a great gift idea for someone you simply can’t think of a present for. Have that friend or relative who just seems to have everything? Or perhaps you have that loved one that doesn’t seem to want anything? Well, everyone wants a straighter and whiter smile. We guarantee it. Even those with perfect smiles can benefit from dental gift vouchers, to keep their bright white smile bright. Dental care can be costly wherever you go, and although we offer competitive prices with affordable payment plans, a gift voucher may be the perfect way for a loved one to save some money.  On top of that, with our dental gift vouchers, the recipient can choose which ever treatment they desire. Finally, in choosing a gift voucher, you can give the loved one the reassurance that their teeth are dentally fit. A white smile is desire, but a healthy smile is much more important.

What Dental Gift Vouchers do you offer?

We offer a wide range of gift vouchers to assure we can provide the perfect gift voucher for you to offer to someone this Christmas. Firstly, we have £20, £50 and £100 gift vouchers. These vouchers are not treatment specific meaning they can be used towards any of our treatments at the practice. Vouchers can also be used on any of our facial aesthetics treatments. We also offer a teeth whitening gift voucher which has proved popular with many our patients as it a more personal and treatment specific gift. By buying a whitening gift voucher, you can be reassured that the voucher will cover the cost of the treatment.  The best thing about buying a voucher with us is the fact that you also get free a Dental Check Up voucher. This means that should the receipient choose a Whitening treatment, they can be assured that they are dentally fit for no extra cost.

Who may benefit from Dental Gift Vouchers?

The best thing about our gift vouchers is that they can be offered to almost anyone. Everyone wants a bright white smile, and even those with nice smiles can benefit from whitening treatment such as syringes of whitening bleach. Our gift vouchers are popular with all ages which is why can’t specifially say an age group or gender who may benefit from more a gift voucher. What we would say is that if you know someone who’s insecure about their smile, or hasn’t been to the dentist for a while, then offering them a gift voucher could be the first step in changing their lives. Sometimes love ones need a little push to regain that lost confidence. We see it on daily basis – lives being changed as smiles are being transformed. We really can offer smiles that change lives.

Why choose Bamboo Dental?

Bamboo Dental is a five time award winning dental practice, including Best Young Dentist, Best Overall Practice and Best Patient Care. We offer only the best treatments by the best practitioners. We offer on site parking and are open seven days week. At Bamboo Dental we work around your hours and not the other way around. We provide both evening and weekend appointments, meaning the receipient of the voucher needn’t worry about taking time off work. The receipient can be assured that he or she is receiving award winning service at Bamboo Dental.

What treatments can Dental Gift Vouchers be used on?

Gift vouchers can be used on any of our treatments, both dental and facial aesthetics. At Bamboo Dental, we offer teeth straightening services such as Invisalign and Six Month Smiles for fast and discreet straightening. We also offer whitening services, both in chair and at home to provide a brand new smile. Those looking for veneers and implants need look no further as gift vouchers can also be used towards these treatments. Our vouchers can also be used in our fresh breath clinic. Our hygienists can offer scale and polish treatments to provide fresher breath for someone suffering with bad breath. Finally, did you know Bamboo Dental also offer anti-snoring treatment? Anti-snoring treatment could be a gift not only for a loved one, but for you too!

Whatever the treatment, we’re sure Bamboo Dental can help you to change someone’s life this Christmas. If you’re interested in one of our gift vouchers, check out our shop now! Remember, a new smile is not just for Christmas, but for life too.


What Can an Orthodontist in Cardiff Offer Me?


Many people are not entirely happy with their teeth. They seek ways to improve them and often come across this big scary word… the orthodontist! It is a much scarier word than is needed for a person who literally creates beautiful, happy smiles every day though right? Let’s talk through some of the ways in which our orthodontist in Cardiff can create the perfect smile for you!

what can an orthodontist in cardiff offer me

Orthodontist in Cardiff: Creating Smiles that Change Lives

You may be wondering what exactly an orthodontist does. In short, an orthodontist can correct irregularities in the teeth and the jaw. What this means is that if your teeth have anything abnormal with them then this can be fixed by your orthodontist. This can range from overcrowding of the teeth to gaps in between your teeth. The same goes for issues with your jaw such as overbites and underbites. Regardless of the issue, there is usually a way for the orthodontist to fix your teeth. This can be for both health reasons or cosmetic purposes.


What Treatments Can Be Offered?

There are a plethora of treatments available in the dental market. However most come under specific categories such as; aligners and fixed braces. In general, orthodontic treatments all involve the straightening of the teeth, hence, veneers wouldn’t come under the category. Although they are still supplied by a cosmetic dentist such as Dr Dan at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff. Let’s talk through the potential orthodontic treatments that are available to you and that are offered at our orthodontist in Cardiff.



Aligners are effectively the opposite of retainers. Aligners are usually removable in nature and sit over the teeth much like a gum shield or whitening tray. The difference here is that the aligner is not set to mimic the shape of your teeth. Instead, it nearly fits your teeth but is slightly adjusted to force your teeth into a position that is closer to them being at the end point of straighter teeth and your perfect smile.


Invisalign Aligners:

A very popular and industry leading form of aligner is Invisalign. These braces are the most popular in the industry for two main reasons. They work really well in doing their job and they are nearly invisible to the naked eye.


Invisalign comes in the form of a series of aligners, each in a slightly different shape starting from your original teeth alignment and finishing at the alignment of your perfectly straight smile! If you took up this course of treatment then you should expect to be given a new set of aligners every two weeks. However, the aligners are removable. This means that you must be able to trust yourself to wear these braces for the recommended time of 18 hours per day otherwise you may hold up treatment. This will mean that you have to wear your aligners for a much longer time than recommended and so it is important to keep yourself disciplined. That being said, the fact that Invisalign aligners are removable is a huge advantage!


You can remove the aligners for special occasions such as photographs and it is also recommended to remove the aligners when you need to eat food or drink. Once you have finished eating you should brush your teeth before putting the aligners back in. This is very important as lodged food in your teeth can affect who your teeth sit in the aligner and may interfere with the desired movements.


Inman Aligner:

The Inman Aligner removable aligner like the Invisalign system. However, it works as a one piece system that can be adjusted as your teeth start to move towards their end goal. Unlike the Invisalign system, the Inman Aligner is not completely invisible. However, some measures have been taken to make it as discrete as possible. The Inman Aligner works much more quickly than Invisalign but cannot correct the complexity of orthodontic problems that Invisalign can. This makes the Inman Aligner perfect for cases requiring less movement of the teeth.


Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are those braces that you most commonly associate orthodontics with. They used to come in the form of unsightly shiny metal train tracks covering every inch of the patients teeth. However, times have changed. You have even probably walked past people on the street who are wearing new forms of fixed braces and you probably didn’t even notice!


Six Month Smiles:

The go to brand for orthodontic fixed braces is Six Month Smiles. Bamboo Dental in Cardiff is actually the largest provider of Six Month Smiles treatment in the whole of Wales. This is due to not only the popularity of the treatment but due to the acquired expertise and knowledge that our expert orthodontist Dr Daniel Rogers has built up during his years performing the treatment.


Six Month Smiles is a form of fixed brace. It is still very discrete in its appearance though. The brackets themselves are no longer made of metal but are made of a strong and durable clear material. The wires used to tighten the movements of the brackets are white in colour. This camouflages the appearance of the brace making it barely noticeable at all.


The treatment, in most cases takes just six months to completely straighten your teeth. The length of treatment will depend on the current position of your teeth and how much movement is needed.


How Do I Find Out More?

If you are interested to find out more about the various orthodontic treatment that can be offered to you then please do take advantage of the FREE consultations currently being offered at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff. Here you will be able to chat through the exciting options that Dr Dan can offer you. Your beautiful, confident smile is just a phone call away. Don’t wait a minute longer!


Get in touch here…


What Causes a Fear of the Dentist?


It is all too common for a person to develop a fear of the dentist. However, it is very difficult for people to understand why exactly they fear the dentist! Here, we try to uncover the true reasons behind the far reaching phobia. We then outline some ways that you can help yourself to overcome the fear itself.

what causes a fear of the dentist

What Causes a Fear of the Dentist?

Dental phobia or ‘odontophobia’ can be an overwhelming anxiety to deal with. This is not helped by the fact that in order to stay healthy there is a need for sufferers to constantly confront their fear. There is no simple way to avoid visiting the dentist. This means that the only solution is to find a way to overcome your phobia. So how can this be done? Well, we first need to ask a key question… Why do you fear the dentist?


It is thought that most phobias manifest themselves early on in an individual’s life. This can be through some kind of traumatic experience or by seeing another go through a difficult experience. When you are younger and have a more immature mind, you are much more accepting of unusual thoughts. This makes it easier for phobias to develop during those earlier years. As we grow older, the incident that caused the phobia is most often forgotten but the fear itself is leftover as scar tissue.


How Can You Beat Dental Phobia?

The most common method of overcoming phobias is exposure therapy. This involves facing the fear itself enough times to teach your brain that there is truly nothing to fear. In time you will have developed enough reference experiences to back up the idea that the dentist is not such a scary place after all.


Although exposure therapy is a proven technique that will work wonders for your anxiety, it is easy said than done. Let’s go through a few options that will help you start building up those positive reference experiences of visiting the dentist.


How can you cope with being exposed to your fear of the dentist?

There are many things you can do to make your experience of visiting the dentist much easier to cope with. The first is to remember why you are going. You are visiting your dentist to keep your teeth healthy. The dentist is there to HELP you. To make sure that you will still have a full set of teeth in a years time. Remembering this and realising the huge benefits will give you the motivation to turn up to your appointments in the first place. After visiting your dentist you will be thinking, ‘that wasn’t so bad’. It is important to remember this feeling for the next time your dental appointment approaches. Remember that it wasn’t bad at all the last time you went and so there is no reason that it should be a tough appointment this time.



Here is a great concept to keep that voice inside your head as quiet as possible. As soon as you feel anxiety starting to build up a series of fictional consequences that are massively unlikely to happen you should find a way to distract yourself.


Stress Balls:

A very simple form of distraction is to use a stress ball. By squeezing the life out of this little sponge you will be diverting the attention away from your mind. This technique is even used in child brith. Although, the stress ball is most often replaced with the father hand in those circumstances!


Listen to Music:

Music is a brilliant distraction because it is so easy to get lost in. You can pop in your earphones and listen to a nice relaxing playlist or you can even start playing some heavy metal to get you mind out of the dental room entirely. Now, it depends when you start to feel anxious as to when it is best to start distracting your mind with music. Many patient’s start to get the itch as they are sat in the waiting room with nothing to do than think about the impending doom that awaits inside the dental surgery. If this sounds like you then it is suggested that you do something to occupy your mind the second you sit down in that waiting room. But make sure you are aware enough to notice when you are being called in by the dental staff!


There are also many dental phobia suffers who only start to feel apprehension as they sit in the dental chair itself. If this is you then that is the right time to make sure you are plugged in to a musical dreamland. In many cases, your local dentist will have a system in place for your to plug in your own music. If this is not offered at your local private dentist then it will be fine for you to listen to your own music in your mp3 player or smart phone.


Talk About Your Fear…

As a final note we strongly recommend that you talk to others about your fear. It is far too common that a person bottles up their fear and let’s it get progressively worse over the years. We find that talking with loved ones and friends about your phobia can unravel many great conversations. You will find that so many other people have a fear of the dentist. So many people also got through that anxiety and will be able to give you great advice as yo how you can help yourself overcome dental anxiety too.


You should also consider talking it through with your dentist too. Who better to chat to than a professional who deals with sufferers of dental phobia on a daily basis. Your dentist will have a great insight as to why you feel the way you do and how you can overcome your fear of the dentist!


“How Dental Implants in Cardiff Gave Me a New Lease of Life”


Our Dental practice have been providing dental implants in Cardiff for some time now and a recurring stream is starting to emerge of just how significant they have been on transforming our patient’s lives. Dental implants can literally be referred to as your third set of teeth. Whether you need a full set or just one to fill a gap that has been knocking your confidence there is an option for you.

 how dental implants in cardiff gave me a new lease of life

“How Dental Implants in Cardiff Gave me a New Lease of Life”

Paula had been struggling with confidence issues for the past 10 years. She did not quite understand the extent to which this had been holding her back until recently. Her words suggested that as time passed, her lack of confidence had became the norm and so she just accepted that ‘this is life from now on’. Her local dentist had done her a disservice by not outlining all the options she had available to her. He had fitted a denture that left Paula struggling to eat the foods she liked and making funny noises from her mouth as she tried to speak.


Paula was only 40 when she had lost the majority of her teeth due to illness. She thought that dentures would be a part of her life now and that she just had to deal with this. The thought of meeting a partner and having to explain that she needed to take out her dentures at the end of every night haunted her and made it impossible to live a normal life.


Then She Found Out About Dental Implants

What was so different about dental implants? Well, this treatment is truly incredible. After going through the treatment you feel as if you have your teeth back again. Only this time, they are even stronger, even more durable and yet they feel and look just like normal teeth.


  • You can eat all of your favourite foods again.
  • You wear them permanently just like real teeth.
  • They look, act and feel just like real teeth.
  • They are as close to real teeth that you can get without them actually being real teeth!


As Paula started to read about this miracle treatment she began to ‘re-imagine her future’. She knew that there was a way to gain her confidence back and live the life that she wanted to live.


Time to Research

Paula spent the next few weeks researching the ins and outs of dental implants. There is a lot of information out there to process but at the end of it she arrived at Bamboo Dental. Here she was able to have a consultation with one of our award winning implant doctors. The consultation enabled Paula to learn more about the process involved and what she can expect after the treatment.


What Happened Next?

Chatting with Paula was really heartwarming. We were able to see first hand the amazing changes that we are able to create every day and we want to share this with anyone else who is in a similar position to that in which Paula was. After completing the treatment Paula went home and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked at herself smiling. She didn’t see her old self anymore. She had felt a distinct change in herself.


She knew at this point that everything was going to be great from now on. It was only at this point she realised the extent to which her old dentures had been affecting her confidence. She had known that she felt anxious and unconfident but didn’t realise that almost all of the negative feelings were down to her dentures. This astounded her. With her new teeth she felt free.


One Year On…

A year later and Paula visited Bamboo for a chat about how she was getting on. She had already found a new partner and is very happily loved up. Not only this, Paula has seen huge improvements in her work. She had always wanted to teach piano as she had become incredibly well accomplished in the discipline as a youngster. However, she didn’t have the self-esteem to be able to market herself and to teach her knowledge to others. Over the year following her dental implant treatment she had started to work for herself alongside her day job in the local garden centre. After six months and some happy students spreading the word, Paula now has enough students to be able to work full time teaching others how to play piano. This is a dream come true for her. She attributes it all to her dental implants.


It Doesn’t Stop at Dental Implants

The truth is that Paula had this confidence deep down. She just needed the help of Bamboo to let it out. We know that many others have confidence issue like this too. It may not be dental implants that is the answer. Perhaps you have discoloured or crooked teeth. No matter the problem, Bamboo can help you overcome it. We understand that your smile is one of the first thing a person notices and so teeth can be the result of many confidence issues.


These issues are easily fixed and so if you feel that they are hindering your well being then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Bamboo’s award winning team to chat through how we can help you get your life back on track!


The Pros and Cons of Clear Braces


Perhaps you have been concerned about the way your teeth look for some time. Or maybe you have just visited the orthodontist to find out if your teeth need to be straightened. Regardless of the reason, there are several options that you can decide to choose when looking to get braces for your teeth. One of those options are clear braces. It is very important to look at all of the options in detail when devoting a large portion of time to something. Know that you will be wearing these braces for at least 6 months and so it is well worth investing some of your time into learning more about what to expect.

pros and cons of clear braces

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces can come in a few different forms. However, the general idea is that the braces are transparent in colour. This makes them difficult to notice as you are wearing them. We find that these braces are most popular with those looking to straighten their teeth in secret! Most braces do look unsightly and so having a clear form of braces certainly limits the chances of people noticing them. In some cases, patients have even been through a full course of treatment with nobody other than their partners even realises that they had braces on!


Six Months Smiles Clear Braces

The first option to consider is the Six Month Smiles clear braces treatment. This treatment is a fixed brace and as mentioned in the name, it will, in most cases, straighten your teeth in just six months. The colour of the brace brackets are transparent. However, the wires used to connect the brace brackets together are coloured in white. This is due to the nature of the brace and the materials it needs to be made of to work efficiently. The main selling point of this brace is the very short treatment time. An exceptional balance has been struck in the speed of treatment and the discreetness of the brace making this system a very popular choice for patients at Bamboo Dental.


Invisalign Clear Braces

Our second most popular form of clear braces is the Invisalign invisible aligners brace system. This treatment works with a completely different method to the Six Month Smiles brace discussed above. Invisalign use a series of clear aligner. As your teeth move into the position of the initial aligner you will be given a new one that is slightly adjusted towards the end goal of perfectly straight teeth. As you move through the sets of aligners your teeth will become straighter and straighter until you have achieved your perfect smile. Many celebrities such as Justin Bieber have worn Invisalign braces. This is largely due to the fact that the aligners can be removed for special occasions and for eating and drinking. It is also due to the fact that the aligners are pretty much invisible to the naked eye. You would not notice that a person is wearing them unless you were looking very closely at their teeth. The only downside to the system is that they take almost twice as long to straighten your teeth compared to the Six Month Smiles treatment.


Pros of Clear Braces


The appearance of these braces is possibly the most advantageous feature. You will be able to stroll the streets straightening your teeth without anyone even realising. This helps those who are concerned about what people may think about them, especially if they are going through a teeth straightening treatment as an adult.


Fast Treatment:

There are options such as the Six Month Smiles fixed clear braces in which you will be able to straighten your teeth in a very short space of time compared to other treatments. Of course, it is important for you to make the decision as to wether speed or appearance is the most important factor for you. The great thing is that, with clear braces there are options either way!



Many patients feel a loss of confidence when wearing regular train-track braces. This is because they feel a sense that everyone is looking at them as they live their normal life. In general this is mostly in your own head. The majority of other people don’t really care that you have braces. However, this can still knock a person’s confidence. With the use of clear braces, patient’s know that they are gong through the treatment discretely and so this issue of confidence doe not have to exist at all.


Cons of Clear Braces


This issue will only occur with white coloured braces such as the wires used in the Six Month Smiles treatment. If you eat foods such as curries then the braces are susceptible to becoming stained and discoloured. The easy way around this is to not eat those types of foods. If you do choose to eat foods such as curries and drink beverages such as red wine then be sure to brush your teeth straight afterwards. This will combat any discolouration that may occur.


Cost of Treatment:

As there are so many added benefits to these types of clear braces the treatment cost will be higher than for a regular metal braces from your orthodontist. The added cost is in most cases easily offset by the huge advantages of shorter treatment times and the drastically superior appearance of the clear braces. Most private dentists, such ad Bamboo Dental, also offer interest free payment options and monthly payment plans so that if you are concerned about the price of these treatments you can spread the costs out to as little as £43.75 per month!



Trending Treatments This Winter


private dentist in cardiff trending treatments

Brace yourselves! Winter is coming but we don’t need to remind you of that. The Christmas decorations are up in the high streets, the chocolates and Christmas food are in the shops, and the festive adverts on the television. Can you believe it’s only 41 days to the big day? Bamboo needs to start it’s shopping soon that’s for sure!

Wondering what to get the one you love this Christmas? In this handy blog, we count down our top trending treatments this winter. You never know, we might be able to offer you the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love this Christmas. After all, what could be better than giving someone a new smile for Christmas?

Private Dentist in Cardiff – Trending Treatments

Invisalign – Discreet Straightening System

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice. He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice! The first thing on our list however is Invisalign. Your local private dentist in Cardiff can provide this fast and discreet straightening system to give you or a loved one a smile of dreams. Straight teeth aren’t just for Christmas they’re for life, and the recipient will never forget that! Invisalign treatment involves two clear tray-like aligners custom fit to your teeth. Invisalign is aimed at those with small-moderate sized crowding and gapping. If this sounds like yours or a loved one’s smile, you could be a perfect candidate for Invisalign. All you need is to attend a free consultation with Dr. Dan or one of our experts to confirm your eligibility. Invisalign is perfect for those searching for a discreet straightening system that can easily be taken out for eating and cleaning teeth. Invisalign is particularly popular with students and those who would prefer an alternative to a fixed aligning system.

Six Month Smiles – Fast Teeth Straightening

As effective as Invisalign is, many opt for Six Month Smiles due to the impressive fast results that the straightening system offers. Whereas Invisalign may offer more flexibility, Six Month Smiles guarantees a straighter while smile in only six months. Bamboo Dental, private dentist in Cardiff, is a leading provider of Six Month Smiles. Being a five-time award winning team, you know you’re in safe hands with our experts. Six Month Smiles is a discreet aligning system made up of brackets and wires which are attached to the teeth. However, unlike traditional train track braces, Six Month Smiles is a clear and almost invisible straightening system. Most patients with Six Month Smiles note how their friends and family don’t even realise they have braces on. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary treatment which has changed the face of dentistry, so it’s no surprise that it makes it on to our list of perfect gifts for Christmas. Both Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are available on monthly payment plans. We know Christmas can be an expensive time which is why we offer you the chance to pay monthly for treatments bought this Christmas at Bamboo Dental at 0% finance.

Teeth Whitening for a brighter smile

Happy with your straight smile? Then why not opt for teeth whitening? Everyone wants whiter teeth so why not gift the gift of teeth whitening this Christmas? Before the whitening process begins, a dental check-up is required to make sure the recipient is dentally fit. Once you’re given the all clear by one of our dentists, they’ll take an impression of your teeth. These impressions are then sent off to the lab and custom trays are made. These trays will act as your whitening trays. These trays can last for life. You’re then provided with two weeks of bleach, enough to guarantee a white smile. Patients notice whiter teeth in only four days. The amount of time spent wearing the trays varies from one patient to another, but the amount of bleach remains the same. Top up bleach is available to purchase should you wish to brighten smile at a later point. Bleach is on available separately to those who have already have had whitening treatment from Bamboo Dental. If take home whitening sounds a bit of a faff, then in chair whitening performed by one of our dentists is also available. Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is our in chair advance teeth whitening which splits treatment into four 15 minute sessions. Simply sit back in the chair and let our dentists do the hard work. Both forms of teeth whitening provide impressive results. It’s just down to you to choose which treatment is more preferable to you or your loved one.

Veneers for a Celebrity Smile

Our top trending treatment at our private dentist in Cardiff this winter are veneers. The word on everyone’s lips is veneers and we don’t blame them. We’re providing more patients than ever with veneers and changing the lives of so many. Veneers really do provide that celebrity smile. Veneers are simply thin pieces of porcelain attached to the tooth/teeth often to aid those suffering with discolouration, overcrowding and chipped teeth. Veneers are hugely popular due to the speed and simplicity of the treatment. Veneers provide a more aesthetically pleasing smile without the need for traditional dental work or braces and whitening. It is up to you or your loved one which shade of white the veneers will be. Veneers are also available on 0% finance monthly payment plans over either 12 or 24 months.

Free Consultation with your private dentist in Cardiff

Did you know that Bamboo Dental offers free consultations? Now you have no excuse not to treat yourself or a loved one this winter? Simple attend the free consultation with an expert and see what can be done. We guarantee that a new smile will change lives and give confidence back to those in need of it. If you’re interested in any treatments at Bamboo Dental, private dentist in Cardiff, simply call 02920 659769 or reach us on our contact form here. Bamboo wishes you a very merry Christmas and hopes you will enjoy the countdown as much as the team shall!


Invisalign Cardiff for Students: Pay Monthly


invisalign cardiff for students

Invisalign Cardiff for Students: Pay Monthly for Straighter Teeth

Students! We’re edging our way towards the half point of the student year. Christmas is approaching and so are deadlines! How are we all getting on? Every student knows that Christmas comes twice this time of year however. As if it isn’t enough going home and getting spoiled by our parents, we also have that shiny new loan coming in in the new year.
Why not treat yourself in the New Year to a new smile? We know what you’re thinking… I can’t spend my entire loan on new teeth! Well you don’t have to with Invisalign Cardiff for Students. Invisalign Cardiff straightening system is available on a pay monthly finance plan. Pay a little each month for straighter teeth – that’s a new smile on a student budget.

One of the best parts of New Year for any student is Refreshers Week. So why not start your straightening journey in time for then? Someone who did just that was 21-year-old Frank who’s studying Event Management.

I heard about Invisalign from a friend of mine who’s also studying Event Management. She’s a mature student who had Invisalign Cardiff a few years back. She has lovely teeth and people always compliment on her smile. I asked her how her teeth are so nice and she told me how Invisalign Cardiff was her route to the perfect smile. Like me, she had relatively small sized gaps but gaps never the less. She told me to get in touch with Bamboo Dental for a free consultation. She told me that she knew I’d be a perfect candidate thought.

Free Consultation for Invisalign Cardiff

At my free consultation, I was told that over three million people have used Invisalign since it launched. Dr. Dan told me that being a student, it was the perfect time for me to get my teeth aligned. He told me that the pay monthly payments were easily affordable for a student with a loan. I get the maintenance loan but I also have two jobs so I wasn’t worried about the payments. It was a relief to know that I could pay monthly though. I also knew Dr. Dan was right, and being a student with a bit of expendable income, now was probably a better time than later.

My teeth weren’t awful but they weren’t perfect. I wanted straight white teeth. The gaps made me self-conscious. Everyone would say “Those gaps are cute!” or “The gaps make you you” but they weren’t the ones who had to live with the smile. Dr. Dan confirmed I was a good patient for Invisalign Cardiff and the work began from there really.

Fast and Discreet Straightening System

I wanted a fast and discreet straightening system. No one wants braces at uni – especially train track ones. Invisalign appealed to me as they look a bit like gum shields. They’re like gum shields you can take in and out. That means if you’re having a party or going to a special event no one needs to know you’re straightening your teeth. That said, no one really noticed when I had them in. They’re clear and nearly invisible so you wouldn’t know they were in unless you were told. Dr. Dan recommended only taking them out for eating and brushing teeth. This was appealing to me though as I dreaded the thought of adapting to eating with braces. I didn’t want metal things stuck to my teeth!

They are a little strange at first I have to admit. It’s weird at first but you soon get used to it. You meet regularly with Dr. Dan or whoever will do your treatment and you can follow your progress with this special technology. There’s an app you can install for your phone where you can upload photos to see the changes over time. Special technology shows you how your teeth will look at each stage of the journey so it’s really quite exciting.

Invisalign Cardiff or Six Month Smiles?

I had Invisalign for just over a year. Between Invisalign and the Six Month Smiles treatment I chose Invisalign because although it takes longer, it’s not constantly attached to your teeth. That said though, my ex-girlfriend had Six Month Smiles and her teeth looked great after it. It was just a personal preference.

Two years since treatment first began, I love my smile. The gaps are gone and I thank Bamboo and my student loan for making it possible. I’ve now paid off the entire treatment and it’s not seemed that expensive – it’s no more expensive than my phone bill each month.
I’m considering getting whitening next with my next student loan. I’m in my final year with my final two payments approaching – might as well make the most of it!

If you think the Invisalign Cardiff straightening system could be for you, then contact us on 02920 569769 today!