Is the Inman Aligner Right For You?


The Inman Aligner is one of the few teeth straightening solutions that can give great results in a very short amount of time. In fact, it can straighten your teeth in just 12 weeks. So, if you are looking for a quick fix to create a confident smile then Inman Aligner may just be the ticket. Read on to find out if you could be a great candidate for the treatment!

inman aligner

Is the Inman Aligner right for you?

So why is it that the Inman Aligner can straighten teeth so quickly? And are there any scenarios where it won’t work for certain teeth types? Well, you’re in the right place to find out.


The Inman Aligner is actually most useful for less severe teeth movements. If your teeth are very crooked or spaced out, then another option such as Invisalign may be a better option. However, if you fall under the category where your teeth need to be straightened but there is not a whole lot of movement needed then it may be a little too much to go for a treatment such as Invisalign or Six Month Smiles. In this case, we recommend that Inman Aligner is the treatment to you. It is not only much quicker but also a lot more cost effective!


How does the Inman Aligner work?

The Inman Aligner has two key components – the two aligner bows and the titanium coil springs. The bows are actually powered by the titanium coil springs. The two bows oppose each other and work to guide the teeth into the desired position. The force is gentle but active over a wide range of movement. This is what makes the Inman Aligner work so quickly.


Previous patients have described the Inman Aligner as ‘extremely user friendly’ and ‘such a simple way to straighter teeth’. The fact that this teeth straightening solution is also removable is a huge bonus for many. It means that for certain occasions such as eating food you are able to actually remove the aligner from your mouth. It is still recommended to wear the Inman Aligner for at least 20 hours per day though. If this rule isn’t adhered to then you may see stalls in the speed of your treatment.


Inman Aligner was right for Julie!

Ever since experiencing the simply fantastic results of the Inman Aligner, Julie has done nothing but sing its praises. She can’t understand why others wouldn’t want to invest a little money and just a few months of their time to gain such improvements in their smile and their confidence.


Julie had one ‘rogue tooth’ according to her description. That’s all it took to knock down the confidence of a very successful woman in her early thirties. Said rogue tooth happened to be one of those at the front and as it was just the one it seemed to be all the more noticeable. After much research and little action taking, Julie decided that she needed an expert opinion.


On arrival at her free consultation, Julie broke down tears. She explained how she felt half the person she knew she was. It was just impossible to have a conversion with anyone else without feeling a deep prickle of anxiety over her chest. The worry of judgement engulfed her mind into a frenzy. This took its toll over the years and her confidence had spiralled down into nothingness. Letting this all out to the dentist at her consultation was the first step for Julie to turn her life around and get back on track!


The options…

Julie had a few different treatments available to her. However, her situation fell into the Inman Aligner bracket just perfectly. That was great for Julie as this particular treatment is not only one of the fastest teeth straightening treatments available but it is also one of the least expensive. After realising how little effort would even be needed to straighten up her rogue tooth, Julie felt an immense sense of happiness and frustration at the same time. The frustration came from the fact that she had left it so long and would not get that time back again. ‘Regret is a funny thing’ she said. ‘You don’t feel that until its too late and there is no way to get rid of the feeling, it’s just something you have to live with.’


The treatment…

Two months past in no time. The treatment was straightforward as the Inman Aligner is simply a removable aligner type device. Julie would wear the device for the majority of the day, only taking it out to eat food and for the occasional drink. Regular check-ups enabled the dentist to make sure the Inman Aligner was working effectively and after two months the treatment was complete! Following a complimentary teeth whitening, Julie was ready to enter the world once again, beaming smile and all.


Julie’s advice…

We asked Julie what advice she would give to anyone else considering the treatment. Well here’s what she said; ‘I know it sounds cliche but time really is of the essence. I have to live with the regret that I waited close to 10 years before taking action. That really hurts when I think about it. If I could give any advice it would be that if you are going to do this eventually, just do it now. Why wait? My life has improved 100 fold since going through the treatment. It may just be the one most important thing i’ve done so far in my life!’


You can find reviews from patients covering a wide range of treatments here…


Which Teeth Straightening Method is Quickest?


quick teeth straightening

Teeth Straightening: Which Method is Quickest?

Fast Teeth Straightening in Cardiff

We all want straight teeth. The rise of cosmetic dentistry has seen more of us than ever headed to our local dentists for the perfect straight smile. However, the promise alone of a straighter smile isn’t enough. We understand our patients are busy people and want a treatment that schedules in well along side. Gone is the time of having to have braces for years on end to have a straighter smile. As cosmetic dentistry advances, so does the competition. There are more straightening systems than ever before, which can only be a good thing for those interested in straighter teeth. Not only does the price decrease, but so does the treatment time. We understand that no straightening system is ever 100% convenient – which is why you’ll probably want the teeth straightening system that takes as little time as possible. At Bamboo Dental we have a number of different straightening systems. In this helpful blog, we’ve collated our top three straightening systems – all of which provide fast and life changing results. After all, you shouldn’t have to wait a moment longer than you need to for that dream smile!

Six Month Smiles: Fast Teeth Straightening in Cardiff

Our most popular teeth straightening system at Bamboo Dental is Six Month Smiles. Why? Because it works, and it works quickly. Most patients who come in interested in teeth straightening opt for Six Month Smiles because one can’t deny the benefits of the treatment. Six Month Smiles is discreet. Unlike traditional train track braces, the brackets and wires are clear in colour making them difficult to detect. This is great for anyone who’s worried about the appearance and discretion of braces. The other huge advantage is the speed of the treatment. The clue is in the name – straight white teeth in only six months. Quite often, treatment is faster than six months. Depending on the treatment, some cases have only taken three months. The best way to know how long your treatment may take is to organise a free consultation with us at the practice. Six Month Smiles is such a triumph in dentistry as it gives you exactly what you want in such a short time period. Our patients are never disappointed in the treatment, this is probably down to the fact that Bamboo Dental is the leading provider of Six Month Smiles in Wales. Not only are we leading providers of the treatments, but our team is five time award winning. You’re in safe hands at Bamboo Dental knowing you’re getting only the best teeth straightening treatment by the best providers. If Six Month Smiles sounds like the ultimate teeth straightening system for you, why not read more about Six Month Smiles here?

Invisalign in Cardiff

Next up Invisalign. How is Invisalign a different straightening system you ask? Unlike Six Month Smiles, Invisalign isn’t a fixed straightening system. Invisalign treatment is essentially two gum shield like trays that are placed onto the teeth in order to straighten them. These trays are custom fit to your teeth and are remade as your straightening journey progresses. The trays can be removed whilst brushing and eating and drunk. Whilst we don’t recommend removing them for any other occasion, the fact these trays can be removed for very special events are also a huge plus. Invisalign trays are also clear and are close to invisible when worn. Whilst Invisalign usually takes longer than Six Month Smiles treatment, the huge draw to the Invisalign treatment is that removable element. Through out the journey, you’ll be able to follow your progress through the Invisalign app. Regular appointments at Bamboo Dental will also help to keep you on track. If you think Invisalign is a treatment you may be interested in, read more about the Invisalign straightening system here.

Veneers: The Quickest Alternative?

There is a third option. We’re about to offer you a cheat code here. Many patients with small issues eventually opt for veneers over straightening systems. We see many patients that are insecure about the odd tooth here or there. Whether a tooth is chipped, cracked, or misaligned, many patients save hundreds of pounds just by choosing veneers. Veneers don’t actually move teeth, but more hide small dental imperfections. Why spend months straightening a tooth when you can stick a veneer on? Ok, it’s not always so simple, and not everyone is a perfect fit for veneers, but why not book a consultation to find out if you are? The good thing about veneers is that it is indeed a cover up. Those of you who don’t want to wait months and months for straighter teeth (especially when the problem is only small) could really benefit from veneers. Veneers are a thin layer of material that are glued to the teeth. Veneers are hugely popular as they provide natural results and they provide them fast. Veneers are popular with people of all ages and we’re sure you’ll be impressed with the results. If you’re interested in veneers as an alternative to teeth straightening, why not read more about Veneers here?

So what next? If you think one of our teeth straightening treatments could be the perfect fix for you, call us today on 02920 569769. One of our expert dentists can reveal your options during a free consultation at the practice. The consultation with a member of our five time award winning team is free so you have nothing to lose by popping by and showing us our teeth. At Bamboo Dental, we think you deserve the smile of your dreams, and deserve it fast! So get in touch today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Are veneers really worth the price tag?



Are veneers really worth the price tag?

Affordable Veneers in Cardiff

We make no secret of Veneers and Implants being our top end treatments. No matter which practice in the UK you go to, veneers will be amongst the priciest treatments available. It’s a fact. However, there’s a huge myth that you have to pay an arm and a leg for veneers. It’s true that veneers can be expensive, but just how much do you have to pay? And are they really worth the price tag attached to them? In this helpful blog, we discuss the pros and cons of veneers and analysing whether you’ll really be out of pocket for opting for the treatment.

Lost lasting Veneers

Before discussing how much veneers cost, it’s important to understand what exactly they are and whether you even need them. Many patients contact the practice enquiring about veneers and implants when what they’re after is teeth straightening. Whilst veneers can offer a quick fix to a straight smile, they don’t actually straighten teeth. What veneers do is offer a cosmetically more pleasing smile, offering a straighter appearance without actually moving teeth.

Veneers are thin pieces of material which are glued to the teeth. Veneers are great for correcting dental imperfections such as cracks and chips. They can also cover gaps that one may feel insecure about. Those who want to align an unaligned smile however, are probably better off with veneers.

Free Consultation for Veneers in Cardiff

IF you’re unsure about which treatment will be best for you, why not arrange a free consultation at Bamboo Dental. It’s sometimes hard to guess which treatment is best for you, and it’s hard for us to give a general rule of thumb when discussing cosmetic dentistry. Every smile is different, meaning it’s essential we meet you for a one on one to offer you the best advice. If this is something you’d be interested in, why not contact us on our contact form or reach us on 02920 569769. During your free consultation, one of our dentists will offer you expert advice on how you could achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile. If you’re a good candidate for veneers and are still interested in the treatment, we can book you in for an appointment. The consultation is absolutely free meaning you have nothing to lose by popping into the practice for a one on one. During the consultation, you can ask questions you may have about veneers. A member of our five time award winning team will also use the session to find our what exactly it is you desire from treatment at Bamboo, as you take the first the first step towards your dream smile.

So how much do veneers actually cost? We can only answer that by saying that the price varies from person to person as all smiles are different. The prices depends on how many veneers you eventually opt for. Veneers at Bamboo Dental start from £410, but we can’t offer an exact price until you pop in your free consultation.

Free Consultation for Veneers in Cardiff

One patient who read a blog similar to this was Matthew from Bridgend. Matthew had been interested in veneers and implants for quite some time, and decided to call in after reading about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Matthew shares his story below.

“I hadn’t been to the dentist for years. I knew I wasn’t dentally fit and I always told my friends and family that when I finally would go to the dentist, I’d have implants. Everyone told me I should go along as it had been so long before I’d gone to the dentist. I was finally in a position to sort out my smile. I called up Bamboo Dental to arrange an appointment as I saw that they were five time award winning. If I was going to have implants, I’d want them from the very best practice.

I was terrified as it had been so long, but the staff at Bamboo Dental were so friendly. They understood that some people put off going to the dentist – and they all had their reasons. The dental nurse I spoke with said that the important thing was that I had decided to come in today. That was true. After all, it’s better to come in that day than a year later. My expert dentist was really nice. He said that I indeed had some work needed to be done but that was to be expected after not visiting the practice for so long. He told me that he wanted to get me dentally fit before opting for any treatments at all. He said that cosmetically, my teeth didn’t need that much work. He said i could benefit from a veneer on one of my top teeth that had been chipped. I’d always felt a bit insecure about that chip so I thought – if my teeth aren’t that bad, why not just opt for a veneer. I’d saved up quite a bit for cosmetic dentistry so when Dr. Dan gave me the final price, I was more than prepared. In all honesty, I thought the price would be much higher as I was expecting to get some implants.

Bamboo Dental did offer me payment plans to spread the cost over a year but as I said, I’d saved up more than enough. The girls at reception booked me in for my veneer appointment. A month on from that appointment I can say I’m much happier. The veneer is the same shade as my other teeth so it looks really natural. At a later point, I want to consider some whitening or see what else I can get done. The amount of money that I’m going to save on teeth aligning now thanks to this veneer is incredible. It’s certainly been worth it! Thanks Bamboo Dental!”


You, Me & Dental Implants: A Patient’s Guide


Possibly the most incredible way to bolster teeth back to full strength, dental implants have become the go to treatment for patients all over the world seeking to replace missing or damaged teeth. The sheer strength and function of dental implants has lead to them being branded ‘your third set of teeth’ and they may just be your best set of teeth so far. With the help of various knowledgable professionals, this extensive guide has been created to give you everything you need to know about the treatment before jumping in teeth first.

dental implants

You, Me & Dental Implants: A Patient’s Guide

The first thing you need to be aware of is exactly what dental implants are and how they work. In a nutshell, dental implants are small titanium posts that are embedded into the gums as a structure to attach a new fabricated tooth.


The Treatment Process of Dental Implants

Under the eye of an experienced dental implants surgeon, treatment is fast and very safe. The very first step is for us both to get together and talk through the procedure. Here, our award winning dentist will carefully assess the current condition of your teeth to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Bamboo Dental take our patient’s safety very seriously and so will only accept a new patient if they are suitable for the requested treatment. You will also get the chance to ask your dentist any questions that you may have in your mind at this point. You may also have a few oral x-rays taken to help with the assessment.


Treatment time…

A local anaesthetic will be used for treatment in most cases. If requested, it is possible for a sedative to be used in conjunction with this. If your treatment involves multiple dental implants then it may be an option for you to have the procedure under a general anaesthetic.


During the treatment our experienced dental surgeon will create an area in the jawbone to fit in the implant. It is then fitted and you will be given an artificial tooth whilst your implant starts to fuse to the bone in your jaw. After a short amount of time you will return to the clinic for your final crown to be fitted to the implant.


Being Suitable for Dental Implants

Wondering if you are suitable for dental implants? Well, we can give you a good idea here – although a full assessment is required to be sure! The first factor that is important is that your gums are healthy. You also need enough bone in the jaw to be able to fit around the implant properly. These two aspects are crucial for the implant to fit securely and work effectively as your new tooth. The structure needs to be correct for the implant to be a long term solution for you.


You must also be the type of person who is able stick to the maintenance of great oral hygiene. A key component of this is to make sure that you attend check ups to the dentist at least every 6 months. Your general health is also something that needs to be taken into account when checking for suitability. Some diseases can hinder the progress of the treatment. For example, osteoporosis can halt the healing process involved in the rebuilding of the bone structure around the implant. This can lead to a failure of the treatment and so it is important to disclose any medical illness to your dentist.


Let’s Talk Advantages of Dental Implants

1.They look so realistic you wouldn’t even know they aren’t real!

Yes, they are designed to look just like real teeth. Not only this but the way that they are fixed to your jaw bones makes them potentially even stronger than your original teeth.


2. Improved speech

Many people decide to move from dentures to implants. For those people who went through this process a dramatic change happened. Whilst wearing dentures the removable nature of them can often cause them to slip and click in the mouth. This can create a slurry speech and cause great embarrassment to the wearer. After having these dentures replaced with dental implants we have had many reports of speech returning back to perfect. And confidence restored!


3. Dental implants will last a lifetime

The titanium material used in the creation of your dental implant coupled with the extra resilient crown on top mean that your new dental implant is a tooth for life. It will stand the test of time. On the other hand, alternative treatments will need replacing after some time.


Here are some more advantages of dental implants that you may want to read about.


Let’s Talk Downsides to Dental Implants

Of course it is worth considering both the pros and cons of any treatment available. In the case of dental implants it is really difficult to find any downsides and so the ones to consider mainly stem from what you may be missing out on from choosing an alternative treatment.


1. More expensive than alternative treatments

Alternative treatments such as dentures are much less expensive. If you feel that the added benefits of dental implants are not worth the higher price tag then perhaps dentures are the option for you!


2. More complex procedure

As the procedure involves an anaesthetic and a surgically placed implant there is a lot more expertise involved than if you had something else such as a denture. If you are someone who is not comfortable with this type of treatment then perhaps an alternative is a better option. The recovery of the treatment also involves the regrowth and bonding of bone to the implant. This can  mean that it can take a little more time for the treatment to be complete compared to alternatives such as dentures.


Trending Cosmetic Dental Treatments


cosmetic dental treatments

Roses are red, violets, are blue, we think it’s time you made a trip to Bamboo! Yes it’s Valentine’s day and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to get a gift for the one you love! It probably also means you have no idea whatsoever to give that one you love. Why not think outside the box a bit this February 14th by offering a loved one a brand new smile. Cosmetic dental treatment can change lives and give confidence to those in desperate need of it. Why get a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers when you can truly change the life of someone you love this holiday? If you’re thinking a cosmetic dental treatment could be perfect for someone you love, then why not check out our top  trending treatments this February for inspiration?

Valentine’s Day Trending Treatments at our Dental Cosmetic Clinic

Veneers at our Cosmetic Dental Clinic

If you’re looking to splash out on a loved one this Valentine’s day, then why not offer Veneers? Veneers have become extremely popular in the last couple of years with the general public. Veneers have been around for a while and are popular thanks to celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Rylan Clarke. It’s only recently that veneers have become available and affordable to the average joe. Veneers are a fantastic option for anyone who has insecurities about their teeth. Veneers are small pieces of material placed over the teeth to give the impression of natural looking teeth without the hassle of time being spent on treatment. Veneers are a quick fix solution for those looking to hide small to mild gaps, chipped teeth and slightly misaligned teeth. Just how many veneers you opt for are up to you. Veneers are a perfect Valentine’s gift as results are fast and super effective. It’s no surprise that they’re so popular with celebrities and our patients!

Read more on Veneers.

Teeth Straightening at our Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Veneers are really popular as they offer a quick fix solution for a better smile. However, teeth straightening methods are just as popular with our patients. It’s all down to personal preference. If you or a loved have misaligned teeth and could benefit from some teeth straightening, why not contact the practice? We offer two straightening systems at Bamboo Dental. Firstly we offer adult braces in the form of Six Month Smiles treatment. With Six Month Smiles, you can discretely straighten your teeth as the braces are next to invisible. Small clear brackets and wires are attached to the teeth for an effective and fast straightening system. Six Month Smiles are great for those in desperate need of a new smile and a confidence boost.
Also available is an alternative to fixed adult braces in the form of Invisalign. Invisalign is a revolutionary straightening system which involves clear gum shield like trays which straighten teeth. Your dentist tracks your progress and checks up on you every few weeks, providing new trays to assure your straightening is as effective and efficient as possible. This is great for those who don’t want fixed braces but still wish for speedy results. If you’re unsure about which system could be more beneficial for you or your loved one, your expert dental practitioner will offer you all the advice you need in a free consultation.

Read more on adult braces and Invisalign.

Teeth Whitening at our Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Teeth whitening is our top pick for a gift this Valentine’s day. Why? Because it’s affordable, fast and affective. Teeth whitening is perfect for anyone over the age of 18. No matter how discoloured teeth are, teeth whitening can brighten up a smile of you or a loved one. At Bamboo Dental, we offer two types of teeth whitening – in-chair whitening and at home whitening. Both types are super effective for whitening teeth. In-chair whitening is ideal for those who want the majority of the treatment to be performed by the the dentist. The process involves 3-4 15 minute in-chair sessions to whiten teeth. Our take home whitening treatment is more popular however, and this gives the patient full control of the whitening system. Should you opt for a take home teeth whitening, we’ll book you or your loved one in for a dental check up to make sure you’re all dentally fit and safe to use the whitening bleach. We then take impressions of your teeth so we can create whitening trays. These whitening trays are like gum shields to be worn for a certain number of hours each day until you reach the level of whiteness you so desire. Teeth whitening is an extremely popular gift as everyone want’s whiter teeth, or to maintain white teeth – that’s why it’s our top gift idea this Valentine’s Day. We guaranteed that a loved one won’t be disappointed with such a gift.

Read more on teeth whitening.

Free Consultation at our Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Should any of the above treatments interest you, or you think that a loved one could benefit from them, why not get in touch today? Bamboo Dental offer free consultations meaning that should you offer cosmetic dental treatment to a loved one, and they don’t wish to proceed further with it – it comes at no cost to you. During a free consultation, one of your expert dental cosmetic experts will offer an in-depth summary on which treatments you could benefit from. The free consultation is also the perfect opportunity for any questions about treatments to be answered. Should you or a loved one still be interested in treatment after the consultation, we’ll then book you in for an appointment! You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain from offering a loved one the smile they deserve this Valentine’s day. To reach out to us, call us on 02920 569769, visit our online shop, or reach us on our contact form.


How love helped me overcome Dental Anxiety


dental anxiety

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and we thought “What better way to mark the occasion then to share one of our favourite patient’s journey’s at Bamboo Dental?” Dental anxiety patient Mark from Newport braved his fears of the dental chair all in the name of love. He came to Bamboo Dental to not only put his mind at rest, but his girlfriend’s too. Mark shares his Dental Anxiety story below.

Dental Anxiety

Dental Phobia – A nightmare for your teeth

I don’t care what you say – nobody likes the dentist! Even people with shiny white teeth who have never had fillings, – they still don’t like going to the dentist. Why would you? It’s nerve wracking. You spend all the time leading up to it wondering what the dentist will find and how much he will charge you.  Will he notice that time you fell asleep and didn’t brush your teeth? Will he be able to pin point that exact moment you couldn’t be bothered to floss? And will he notice all that teeth grinding you’ve been doing? The worries stack up! It’s even worse when you haven’t gone for a while too – you know you’re more likely to have something that needs fixing. On top of that, you expect a telling off from your dentist like a naughty pupil. We all know we SHOULD go to the dentist. Why do we need reminding of that? It’s obvious. So then why do so many of us put it off? Well that’s simple – it’s terrifying!

Braving the Dental Chair – Patient Testimonial

I met my girlfriend through Tinder. Believe it or not, it’s actually been working out very well. She’s the most amazing girl and really attractive. When I saw her job description on her profile, I almost swiped left. A dental nurse? Oh dear! No matter how attractive or kind she found me, she was always going to mention my teeth. Let me set this straight before I begin – I actually have nice teeth – aesthetically speaking that is. They look pretty straight as I had orthodontic treatment when I was younger – but that feels like a million miles ago. I grew up, went to uni and kind of put off seeing a dentist for a long time. However, seeing a dentist isn’t like seeing doctor – you shouldn’t just go when you think something’s wrong. You should go for regular check ups. I knew this – I wasn’t stupid. However, I just really didn’t want to go. I had this irrational fear of going to the dentist.

I swiped right to this girl in any case. I couldn’t not swipe right. She was gorgeous. A day later I found out it was a mutual swipe. I was landed – chuffed. I don’t have any photos smiling with my teeth and it’s something she picked up on straight away. She said nice teeth were a must for her. I’m generally a confident person but my teeth were an insecurity for me. I couldn’t help it – I’d put off going for so long they had just become slightly discoloured. Straight, but discoloured.

Tackling Dental Anxiety

Date night arrives and I tell her about my dental anxiety. I was really nervous to mention it – I thought she’d think I was a wimp. At the same time, I thought i’d laugh it off. If I laughed at myself being a wimp then she couldn’t. She found it really sweet and endearing when I told her. It was a real relief. She told me that dental phobia was a big thing. Lots of people suffer from dental phobia and I shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

What exactly is it that caused my dental anxiety? You know what? I don’t think there’s a single moment I can remember in particular. I remember never liking it, but there were lots of things I didn’t like when I was a child. Chemistry class, maths class, piano lessons… but all those things I could give up and did give up. The dentist was something I couldn’t give up – even though I tried to!

My girlfriend said on date night that I should see a dentist which deals with patients with dental anxiety. It was a relief to know that there were some dental practices that dealt with people like me who were terrified of their existence. OK, I know it sounds like I’m going over the top – but that’s literally how any phobia is. You have this irrational fear and know it’s irrational but you can’t help it!

I had a lovely night with her and wanted to see her again. I didn’t want to lose a stunning girl like her so I decided to stay true to my word and see a dentist. I googled dental anxiety to find out a bit more about it. Before I had the chance to click on link, I found Bamboo Dental. I thought “If Bamboo Dental pop up as soon as you type dental anxiety, they must be good at treating patients with it.” I went on the website and read about the staff and how they deal with anxious patients. They said that the worst appointment at the dental practice is the one you don’t make. It got me thinking. They had a point. Whatever state my teeth were in – they would be in a far worse state in five more years if I don’t go.

So I took the plunge and booked an appointment – and I’m so glad I did. Bamboo Dental is truly a lovely practice with really friendly staff. I didn’t feel embarrassed for too long about my teeth as staff were understanding to my phobia. After a quick check up, it was revealed I needed three fillings. OK, the fillings weren’t my favourite experience – they never were going to be but it was my own fault for putting off a trip for so long. However, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Catherine, my dentist was really kind and I’m forever grateful for her for getting me back on track with my dental hygiene.

Thanks Mark! If you too have dental anxiety, why not call us today to see how we can help you try and overcome your fears? Our staff are friendly and understanding of any fears you may have. Remember – it’s better to call now than later – no matter how long you’ve left it.


Help! Teeth Grinding is destroying my Relationship!


teeth grinding

Teeth Grinding Patient reveals her story

My story is quite unusual… or so I thought. See, I had a problem… a problem I didn’t know I even had. I may not have ever known if it hadn’t been for my boyfriend.

My name is Lucie, I’m 26 and I’m a Journalism student in Cardiff. Im a fourth year, and it’s about this time of year that work gets a bit stressful. I’ve always found deadlines stressful. I’m not one of those people who can leave things to last minute. As a result, I feel I’m constantly stressed – from the minute I receive the essay topic  – to the minute I hand the essay in.  On top of that, I had some family drama that made my life very stressful. At times, I felt I was the one holding the family together. The pressure on me was enormous.

I couldn’t have survived the past few years if it hadn’t been for my wonderful boyfriend George. He’s a bit of calm sanity with all the uni deadline madness. He’s not a student so it’s nice to escape from all the stress and be around his care free life sometimes. He lives in Cardiff too so I’d often stay at his place. It was in second year where things started going a bit wrong.

Teeth Grinding – Bruxism Fix

My boyfriend is not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the opposite in fact. However his grumpiness started to extend beyond the morning. I felt like he was snapping at me all the time. He’d say he was just tired but when I asked him why he’d brush it off.  Whenever I’d question his mood with me he’d get all defensive until I asked him if I was the reason behind it. All of a sudden he’d be super nice and sympathetic to me. It wouldn’t be long however, before he was back in a mood with me.

I thought our relationship was coming to an end. He started avoiding the idea of me staying over. He’d always make up some excuse. If he wanted to break up with me though, he’d just have done it right? That’s what I thought anyway. Around his mates, they’d all say he was super into me, so I was confused naturally… until one day one of his friends let something slip. One of his pals made a joke about me being noisy at night. I knew I didn’t snore so I assumed my boyfriend had been sharing details of our private life. I was devastated, naturally.

Teeth Grinding Problems

I stormed over to my boyfriend’s place and asked why he’d been sharing stories with his mates about us. He looked extremely uncomfortable but promised me he’d said nothing about our private lives. When I demanded he tell me what on earth our problem was, he finally gave me the answer. Teeth Grinding.

Yeah, that’s right. Teeth Grinding. I was outraged at his response. So he’d been annoyed with me all this time for what…? A bit of teeth grinding?

“You don’t understand just how bad it is. You keep me up frequently with your teeth grinding. I love you but it’s intolerable. I can’t sleep with you in the same room” he told me.

It was heartbreaking to hear his words, but at the same time it still seemed ridiculous to me. How on earth was teeth grinding such a big problem? I didn’t know even know I would grind my teeth. No one had certainly picked up on it before. I was more frustrated that he hadn’t told me sooner but that’s another story.

How to stop teeth grinding

So perhaps I did have a problem. Perhaps I did grind my teeth, but it’s no different to snoring right? You can’t help snoring when you’re asleep. This is where I was in the wrong. After a bit of research I realised that Teeth Grinding, or bruxism as it’s commonly called is a huge thing. It’s often caused by stressed and I was very stressed at this time. I had been grinding my teeth without even realising. What worried me most however was the damage that bruxism can do to your teeth.

A google search lead me to the Bamboo Dental website. I was worried how long I had been grinding and the effects that this might have had on my teeth. I wasn’t in any pain with my teeth but I thought that it was best to get my teeth checked out. I hadn’t made a dentist appointment in ages so it was a good excuse to reach out to a local dentist.

At my checkup, my dentist had asked if I had any neck pain. As a matter of fact I had. The dentist told me that clenching and grinding can cause neck pain. He explained that bruxism effects more people than you think- almost 8 out of 10 people at some time in their lives. Bamboo Dental confirmed that I was indeed suffered from bruxism and needed treatment. The dentist offered me the SCi Treatment for just over £100. The SCi treatment is a small splint that fits over the front teeth to separate the teeth at night, preventing grinding. Think of it as a small little mouth shield that goes over the teeth…

I thanked Dr. Dan for the treatment and told him the problems it had caused between me and my boyfriend. I phoned my boyfriend up after the treatment and told him he would be able to sleep in peace once more. He apologised for not telling me sooner but I know he was trying to protect my feelings.

Bruxism had almost destroyed my relationship when all that was necessary was a simple trip to Bamboo Dental! Thank you Bamboo for saving my relationship. Both my boyfriend and I can sleep safe at night!

Thanks to Lucie for contributing this blog post. If you, like Lucie, suffer from Bruxism, contact us today on 02920569769 on our contact page.


Are Teeth Veneers Expensive?


teeth veneers

Teeth Veneers at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff

Teeth veneers are an extremely popular treatment at Bamboo Dental. However, most people who opt for teeth veneers often come in to the practice with a different treatment in mind. It’s only at the free consultation when they realise the benefit of teeth veneers, do they opt for the treatment. Why is it you may ask? We’ve put our heads together at Bamboo Dental to think of reasons why we believe fewer people enquire about teeth veneers than dental braces for example. The main reason we kept coming back to is that people think Veneers are for celebrities and out of their price range. This, however, is just simply untrue.

Veneers have become extremely popular with the general public and have become more and more affordable with each passing year. Veneers are simply a thin layer of material placed over the existing tooth to improve the appearance of your smile. Veneers can be used to cover up gaps, align teeth, and hide cracks and chips. Veneers are the celebrity go to choice for a reason – they truly offer a natural, impressive and white smile. Now you can get your hands on teeth veneers without being out of pocket.

Get your confidence back with Teeth Veneers

Are veneers for you? You might be wondering whether or not you could benefit from veneers. To find out this, why not contact us today to organise a free consultation with one of our experts? A member of our award winning team will be able to take a look at your smile and offer you the advice you need for a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile. The free consultation is an opportunity to have a one on one with the dentist, getting the answers to any questions you may have. If you have gaps, chips or cracks you are insecure about, veneers could be the perfect solution for you. If you want to avoid braces but have a straighter smile, mention veneers at your free consultation and see if you are eligible for treatment.

Veneers can give you that celebrity smile, while offering a truly natural look. Veneers are designed to match the colour of your existing teeth so that it won’t look out of place in your mouth. You’ll work closely with your dentist to assure you have the smile you truly desire. Veneers can give you that confidence boost you need, improving relationships, job prospects and daily interactions. There’s no need to feel insecure about your smile anymore, or to hide your teeth when you smile. Let Bamboo Dental give you the smile of your dreams!

Teeth Veneers of Finance

So how much do they cost then? First thing first, the cost of treatment depends on just how many veneers you wish to have. At your free consultation, your dentist will suggest just how many you need, but the decision is ultimately up to you. Veneers generally start from around £410 per tooth. Veneers are made from a strong material, and ultimately you can save money on dental work that may pile up should you not opt for veneers. We understand however that the cost of veneers upfront can be demanding on the wallet. We offer only the best veneers at competitive prices, but acknowledge that it’s not always practical to pay for veneers upfront. That’s why Bamboo Dental now offer finance on Veneers. You can now either pay over 12 or 24 months. All finance plans are interest free, meaning you can get the treatment you deserve without forking out more than you need to.

Are Teeth Veneers Expensive?

With our affordable finance plans, you can have the smile you always dreamed of, paying the full amount little by little each month. This is an extremely popular option with our patients, especially the ones who opt for teeth veneers. For more information on our finance plans, why not call up the practice on 0290 569769? A member of our team will be more than happy to discuss if you’re eligible for a finance plan.

Most of our patients who opt for teeth veneers, don’t head to the practice with the treatment initially in mind. Even if veneers have crossed their mind, they think they won’t be able to afford them. It’s only when talking through the prices and finance plans do our patients realise that veneers are in fact affordable. Above that, veneers are only recommended to patients who could really benefit from them. That means that if veneers are recommended to you, you know that it’s truly the best option for you, as recommended by one of our experts. Patients are also amazed by the speed of the process and the results of the before and afters that we show them.

Veneers are a great treatment for improving your smile and confidence. However, you won’t truly know if you could benefit from then until you get in touch with the practice. Reach out to Bamboo Dental either by phone or on our contact form  and we’ll be sure to fit you in for a free consultation and offer you the expert advice you deserve. So why not call up today? The consultation is absolutely free so you have nothing to lose by seeing Dr. Dan or another member of the five time award winning team. The change you’ve always want to make could begin with just a simple phone call!


Whiten Teeth at Home: A Guide


whiten teeth at home

With an ever growing demand for straight teeth, more and more people are turning to over the counter teeth whitening solutions. Just how effective are these solutions however? Can you really get fast results without a trip to the dentist? In this special blog, Bamboo Dental tell you everything you need to know about teeth whitening from the comfort of your living room.

Whiten Teeth at Home

Can you whiten teeth from home?

Everyone wants white teeth. Even those with white teeth want to keep their teeth staying white, so it comes as no surprise just how popular teeth whitening has become. At Bamboo Dental, we’ve heard every method under the sun for whitening teeth. Some are sensible and recommended, others not so much. So how can you whiten teeth at home in a safe way? After all, that is the main concern our dentists have at the practice. Whitening products are available in shops, on websites and from abroad, but how do you know that those whitening products are safe? Or more, how do you know you’re dentally fit for whitening treatment? The chances are, that if you’re looking for at home whitening, it’s because you’re avoiding a trip to the dentist.

There are many reasons that people avoid the dentist. With teeth whitening treatments such as bleach, it’s absolutely essential that you’re dentally fit before starting the whitening process. Teeth can be damaged if using products while not dentally fit. We understand that “getting dentally fit” may be an additional cost to the prices of whitening, but it’s an absolutely necessary cost. Whitening treatments shouldn’t be used unless a dentist gives you the thumbs up to use them. By seeing a dentist beforehand, you know for sure that you’re safe to use the treatment.

Whiten teeth at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff

But surely I don’t need to be dentally fit just to use whitening strips? If I buy whitening strips from the shop, do I really need a dental check up, you might ask? Whitening treatments vary. Some treatments use a higher concentration of bleach that can only be administered by a dentist. Other treatments such as whitening strips use bleach but a much smaller amount. As you can imagine, the results of such treatments are not as fast, and results are often not as effective. The higher the quantity of bleach in the product, the faster you are to see results to your smile. Anything over the counter must follow certain guidelines.

That’s why we recommend contacting your dentist when considering teeth whitening. Also marketing tricks can from products in store can mislead patients. With treatment at Bamboo Dental, by an actual dentist, you’re guaranteed results by those who know how to acheive them. In contacting your dentist for advice, you’re not signing up for in chair treatment, you’re merely getting an expert opinion. Should your dentist agree you are dentally fit (no cavities), he or she will them recommend the best options for teeth whitening.

Whiten teeth cheap in Cardiff

As previously stated, to see effective and fast results, we recommend using bleach for teeth whitening. Syringes of bleach can only be offered by a dentist. At Bamboo Dental we offer syringes of bleach, along with a personalised whitening tray. During a visit to Bamboo Dental, we take an impression of your teeth to create a removable customised tray in which you load the bleach. When at home, you can wear these trays each night, or for a couple hours a day. A simple trip to the dentist allows you to then whiten teeth from the comfort of your home, knowing your treatment is safe.

Results can usually be seen in only a few days. Should you wish to whiten teeth in chair, that option is also available. One of our hygienists can whiten teeth using the Philips Zoom method. This involves 3-4  15 minute sessions in the chair with the hygienist. This may be a better option for those who wants to put the treatment entirely in the hands of the practitioner. However, most of patients opt for the take home whitening trays as they are more affordable than in chair treatment. Both are as effective as each other however.

Teeth whitening that works

You can be sure when visiting the practice that your take home teeth whitening kits will get you the results you so desperately want. Teeth whitening can do wonders for your confidence. By whitening your teeth, did you know you can improve relationships, job prospects and health? We have seen the wonders that teeth whitening does for our patients. Lives can really be changed with just a simple trip to see Dr. Dan or a member of our five time award winning team. If you’re interested in take home whitening kits why not get in touch? Arrange a free consultation today with a member of our team of experts. The consultation is free and is the perfect chance for you to ask any questions you might have. During the examination, you’ll be told of any work needed done to assure you are dentally fit. The free consultation doesn’t oblige you to commit to any treatment, and should you change your mind or decide it’s not for you, you are free to walk away without paying. However, we are sure you’ll be impressed by the results that Bamboo Dental can offer you, from the comfort of  your own living room. So why not call us today? Make the change you want to see happen! A new you is just a new smile away.


Dental Phobia: Choose the Upward Spiral!


When it comes to dental phobia there is some what of a snowball effect that can take over your action. If you give in to the phobia then the anxiety feeds into itself on an endlessly worsening loop until it can become incredibly difficult to overcome. It’s up to you to intervene this cycle and turn it around!

dental phobia

The Downward Spiral of Dental Phobia

This is an all too familiar hole that many dental phobia sufferers find themselves digging. You may start with with perfectly fine teeth. They are healthy and in good condition. But one day you felt some anxiety. Enough anxiety to stop you attending that check up. You thought, ‘well it’s just this once’. It usually isn’t. By the time the next appointment comes around you may be experiencing a little tooth ache. Now your once healthy teeth are starting to have problems.


If you felt anxious about visiting the dentist for a check up when your teeth were healthy, imagine the anxiety you will now feel when you know there is something that needs correcting! This is the start of the downward spiral. If you don’t visit the dentist again then your issues will get worse and worse until you may be left with an extremely uncomfortable visit to the dentist to finally get your issue sorted. Don’t let it get to this stage. You need to intervene that downward spiral before it goes any deeper.


The Upward Spiral of Dental Phobia

This is where you want to be. As you get onto the upward spiral you will see your dental phobia disappear so quickly you will wonder what all the fuss was about. As soon as you break the bad habit and finally take the plunge to visit the dentist you will realise that you can cope. You will have anything that needs fixing fixed. Next time you are due for an appointment it will be so much easier. Why? Because your teeth will be in better shape and more importantly you will have built up that reference experience to teach your brain that it’s okay. You will be okay.


Now each time you visit the dentist it will get a little easier and easier until you have exposed yourself to the anxiety enough times that you barely feel it anymore. Once you reach this stage it is important to visit your dentist every six months. Failure to do so may land you back in the downward spiral.


How Do I Get the Ball Rolling?

Of course what we’ve just said is easy to say. It is much harder to take that first step in practice. Here are some great ways that you can alleviate the stress and anxiety when you start taking action to get in the upward spiral.


1. Distract the Mind

It is hard for the mind to concentrate on more than one thing at once. You can use this to your advantage. How? By choosing something such as music or television to occupy your mind enough so that it is distracted away from painting irrational futures into your head. Many dental practices now will offer you to play your own music and many will also have TV screens built up on the ceiling that you can watch to keep your thoughts at bay.


2. Meditation

When allowed to the mind can be an open floodgate of anxious thoughts and worrying predictions. An incredibly effective way of dealing with this is through meditation. Meditation allows you to see these thoughts, accept them and let them pass. Eventually you will be able to find quiet in your mind where these thoughts no longer pop up. At this point you will free from all of your dental anxiety.


3. Talk to your Dentist!

As daunting as it may sound, opening up to your dentist can often be the best possible route towards overcoming your phobia as quickly as possible. Although it may feel like it, you aren’t the first one to feel such immense fright for the dental surgery. That makes most dentists incredibly practised in understanding and helping these types of people. If you haven’t tried talking to your dentist yet then I would strongly advise it. They are an expert in helping people just like you.


4. Channel your Frustration

Have you ever watched a movie where a woman is giving birth? Or perhaps you have been there in person. Either way I am sure you would have noticed the stereotypical heavy squeezing of the partners hand. Why does the mother do this? Well, it diverts the attention away from the pain of giving birth. You can do the same thing with your dental anxiety. Only we advise you to use a stress ball instead!


In Conclusion…

If you are feeling any form of dental anxiety right now then it is very important that you take control. Do not let it lead you down a path that you cannot find your way out of. Use some of the techniques mentioned above to help you take that first step to seeing your dentist for a check up. After your first visit you will feel much more comfortable and be able to attend subsequent visits much more easily. Your dental hygiene is incredibly important not only for the condition of your teeth but for the rest of your body too. It is not something to neglect. Now you have the power to take action and overcome your fear so go forth and book your dental check up right now!