How to Make Your Teeth Whitening Last Longer


Teeth whitening can keep your teeth white for much longer than you think. You just need to look after that dazzling smile that you have worked so hard to achieve. Too many people visit their local dentist to get their teeth whitened only to be disappointed a few months down the line when their teeth are not as sparkling white as they were.

Make teeth whitening last longer

Why Should You Get Your Teeth Whitened?

Overtime your teeth will start to lose their fresh white appearance. This is often due to general wear and tear as your teeth go through a lot during your lifetime! Some reasons that may lead to stained teeth are:

  • Ageing
  • Some medications
  • Smoking
  • Some dental diseases
  • Drinking specific drinks
  • Eating specific foods


Teeth whitening is one of those things that people tend to want to do but never take that decisive step forwards. When they finally do they think; ‘why did i leave it for so long!’. Restoring the whiteness of your smile can increase your confidence and knock years off your age. And in the current market, it is very affordable.


How Can You Make the Most of Your Whitening?

Here’s the crux of the article. We want to help you make the most out of your teeth whitening treatment. After all, you have decided to put the effort in to get that perfect smile so now let us help you keep it!


After receiving your teeth whitening treatment you will be advised wha you can and cannot eat for the following 48 hours. This is to ensure maximum effectivity of the procedure. The general advice is for you to drink clear liquids only and to eat foods that are white in colour.


Stop Smoking

It is advised that you do not smoke for at least 48 hours after your teeth whitening treatment. It is often the case that this 2 days smoking sabbatical is the kick start to a full extinction of the habit. If you can manage to do this then you will be doing your health but more topically, your teeth, a huge favour. For advice on how to quit smoking, visit the NHS’ dedicated smokefree site.


Avoid Teeth Staining Foods and Drinks

It is common knowledge that drinks such as coffee and red wine do stain your teeth. Although this is the case it is hard to avoid coming into contact with such drinks all together. If you can limit them as much as possible then you are certainly moving in the right direction. The same goes for specific foods such a curries that contain spices like turmeric. One way to avoid your teeth getting into contact with your favourite teeth staining beverage is to use a straw. Although this may not be ideal for hot drinks, it does work wonders for cold ones.


Look After Your Teeth!

Make sure that you look after your teeth. You should follow the guidelines of brushing twice a day for three minutes. You should also make sure to floss each day as flossing actually removes more food from your teeth than brushing does! If you need more advice on oral hygiene, we have a fresh breath clinic here at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff.


Need Advice?

If you are ever in doubt about something you should consult your dentist to make sure that you are not causing any detriment to your teeth.


Miss Wales: Dr Dan’s Closing Thoughts


Why all of the Miss Wales finalists have something to smile about

By Dr. Daniel Rogers, Practice Principle

miss wales finalists

Pic: Lee Dare Photography

Well, huge congratulations are in order to Ffion Moyle from Porthrhyn near Carmarthen for winning the title Miss Wales 2016, and what a privilege it was to be part of the judging panel on the final day.

Bamboo Dental were headline sponsors to this years competition and honestly we have been blown away by the quality of the young talent across Wales. For those of you who shudder at the thought of ‘Beauty Pageants’ please let me reassure you that the process to become Miss Wales is exclusively about empowering young women, developing behaviours that encourage confidence, endevour and a desire to succeed at anything a person puts their mind to.

I spent three hours interviewing almost 40 contestants and without exception all were an inspiration to me. The stories of defiance in the face of adversity in life were touching and uplifting. These girls really were courageous.

Many had their own businesses, or had very real aspirations to enter into the world of entrepreneurship. We had the Army’s first ever female tank driver, and without exception we had a group of ladies who gave a great deal of their time to charitable work within their communities.

This year’s Miss Wales finalists are a product of their Welsh communities and for that it makes you pretty damn proud I must say.

‘This is who I am, and I am proud’

miss wales finalists

Pic: Lee Dare Photography

It’s never easy taking yourself out of your comfort zone, and too many of us are scared for one reason or another to do so, but that is what every single one of the finalists had done this year. It would have been too easy to do nothing, but they completed a form, went to interviews, participated fully in the good work that is encouraged as a finalist, worked as a team, gathered sponsorship from businesses in the private sector and made things happen. Then, finally they stood in front of a full Princess Royal Theatre in Port Talbot and said ‘this is who I am, and I am proud’.

As a 37 year old business owner and principle dentist, I know I wouldn’t have done that easily.

Dr. Dan


How to Overcome Dental Phobia


Dental anxiety is hard to imagine for those not suffering it. The overwhelming distress is your brain telling you that you are about to enter an unsafe situation. That brain has been developing for thousands of years through evolution and so calming down the irrational thoughts is always going to be a challenge.


For many, this dental anxiety is so engrained in their heads that they avoid visiting the dentist even when they are in dire pain. It seems like a paradox that fear is stopping you from keeping your teeth healthy! If this sounds like you then it is vital you tackle this phobia head on.


how to overcome dental phobia

Why Do You Have Dental Phobia?

Fear of pain: has been a big barrier to many people. Often people can be unaware at how painless most treatments are nowadays. With the advent of new techniques and technology, the information your grandparents may well be outdated. Try to research the procedure a little and you may well be pleasantly surprised.


Lack of control: is also a common fear of those carrying some form of dental phobia. This fear is difficult to overcome. You must understand that the dentist is very well trained and knows what he or she is doing. Most dentists will be able to sit down and talk to you about your fears. During this time you will develop an understanding that it is okay for the dentist to be in control. They will have performed the treatment hundreds of times before and know exactly what they are doing.


What is the best way to overcome your concerns?

Talking about them is a great place to start. Once you begin to talk to your friends and family you may be surprised how many of them also suffer or have suffered from dental anxiety. In fact, dental anxiety is one of the most common phobias suffered by people in the United Kingdom.


Due to the high volume of dental phobia sufferers many dentists actually now specialise in treating patients who suffer form dental anxiety. It is commonplace for a phobia to have built up from some bad childhood experience with the dentist and now that you are much older, dental surgeries have changed a lot and it may surprise you how comfortable you will now feel. It may just be a case of getting to the dentist in the first place. Once you are in the door you may feel much better and ready to start looking after your teeth.


Bring a Friend For Moral Support

Many people find that having a close friend or family member with them can help calm them down. This is often only necessary for a couple of check ups and by then the patient is much more at ease and happy to visit the dentist by themselves. If anything, your friend can act as a distraction to the surroundings you are in, making you feel much more comfortable with somebody that you know.


Psychological Methods

Essentially, the fear itself is a part of your psychology. You know that the fear is irrational in your true self but you cannot control the feelings you have. This type of feat is deep-set in your brain but there are some simple methods you can use to stop your brain from thinking in such a detrimental way.


One option is the power of distraction. This can be something as simple as a stress ball that you can squeeze whilst the dentist is at work. Another example may be to listen to music or watch a film if the dentist has a tv monitor in the surgery. You will be surprised how easy it is to keep your brain occupied!


Hypnotherapy can be used and although it is not scientifically proven to solve dental phobia, for some people, it can relax and make their visit to the dentist much less of an anxiety war. It works by using certain words and phrases that will embed further into your subconscious than normal conversation. These subconscious thoughts are planted to help you see your fears in a different light. They will change the way you think about the dentist and make it easy for you to feel comfortable in the dental chair. This type of treatment has fixed results but many have said that it’s worked wonders.


In Conclusion…

Each patient will find that different methods will work better for them. It is important never to give up until you beat dental phobia because your teeth literally depend on it!


Invisalign: 5 reasons why you should consider



Invisalign: Why it could be the best solution for you


Considering having your teeth straightened, but don’t want the upheaval of traditional train-track braces? Don’t put off treatment a minute longer! We have the solution for you. Bamboo Dental offers you 5 reasons why Invisalign could be the treatment you didn’t realise you needed.


1. A Clear and Comfortable Alternative


The main thing our dentists regularly hear from our patients is that they want straighter teeth without having to go through the upheaval of braces. Many are surprised to hear that there is an alternative to traditional train track braces. Invisalign treatment involves almost invisible clear aligners designed to move your teeth in the right direction in the most discreet way possible. Unlike traditional train track braces, Invisalign involves clear retainers, meaning the baggage of wires and brackets is gone. Fear not about smiling in photos, or being self conscious at big events as Invisalign offers you the perfect alternative to fixing your smile. Although Invisalign is extremely discreet, we understand there are occasions such as weddings and birthday parties that you may wish not to wear them. Whereas fixed braces can only be removed by trained professionals, Invisalign can be easily taken out for those rare special occasions.


Invisalign works around you, not the other way around. The aligners can also be taken out when brushing, flossing and eating to avoid disruption to your eating and dental hygiene. Invisalign offers the depth of innovation that other clear aligners and fixed braces don’t, so its no wonder that more and more patients are opting for Invisalign as the way of obtaining a straight smile.


2. Track Your Progress from your Phone or Tablet


We want you to be able to see what our dentists see. You are paying for the treatment so you should only rightly be able to see not only the end result, but the progress you’re making throughout. Invisalign makes this all the easier with a specially developed app which you can download from the iTunes Store or the Play Store.


My Invisalign Smile app is available on your phone or tablet which serves a companion app to the treatment. The app allows you to capture regular and consistent photos of your smile, which will reveal your new smile emerge little by little. You can build your profile on the app, compare images side by side, or track your progress via exciting time lapse videos.


3. State-of-the-art Technology


Invisalign is always innovating and is dedicated to the evolution of teeth straightening. One of the biggest selling points of Invisalign is the ability to track the progress of your treatment and smile through state-of-the-art 3D technology. Before your treatment plan is finalised, we will take an impression of your teeth. ClinCheck®, virtual 3D software will then create your plan, offering the expected projection of your teeth throughout the treatment.


This advanced technology offers you the chance to see your new smile before the treatment even begins. Throughout your treatment, your dentist will change your aligners every two weeks to help move your teeth little by little to the desired position that was first seen in the projection.


4. Affordable Payment Plan


Bamboo Dental understands that dental treatment can be costly which is why we try to make our prices as competitive and affordable as possible. However, we also acknowledge that paying for a treatment up front isn’t always possible or the easiest solution.


This is why Bamboo Dental offer affordable payment plans. We feel you shouldn’t be out of pocket for wanting a better smile. We therefore offer you the chance to pay monthly for Invisalign over 12/24/36 months at no extra cost.


5. The Results speak for themselves


We could go on for hours about the advantages of Invisalign but instead, let our results do the talking. We have countless testimonials from happy patients.


Andy Rivers is just one of them. Andy came to Bamboo Dental after dental insecurities started to take over his life. Andy revealed that his wonky teeth had thrown him off the dating game, and that getting Invisalign was the only way of regaining his confidence. He told us “Invisalign exists for the very purpose of fixing your teeth.


Invisalign has fixed a bump in the road to my confidence and now I feel happier than ever.” Andy, like many of our patients also praised the friendless and professionalism of our staff from the minute he first called for a consultation, up until walking out the door with his new straight smile. Bamboo Dental work closely with Invisalign to offer you the best service possible, and its our job to assure you are comfortable and satisfied throughout the whole process.


Maria Davies was also delighted with her result. She opted for Invisalign due to the discreet nature of the brace. She told us “I chose to go for Invisalign because of the aesthetics of the brace. It looks completely clear and so I was able to straighten my teeth without any one even knowing that I was doing it!” Maria had a very special reason for visiting Bamboo Dental. Maria had just got engaged and decided to straighten her teeth ready for the big day. However, she wanted to be able to go about her daily business without people knowing she was getting braces ready for her summer wedding. Maria has since sent over a copy of one or two of her wedding photos and we’re pleased to share the following caption. “My beautiful husband wasn’t the only reason why I was smiling on my big day. Thank you so much Team Bamboo!”


So as you can see, there are many advantages of opting for Invisalign. From the comfort and convenience of the aligners, to the ground breaking technology made available to you, we guarantee you’ll be walking away the biggest smile. With our affordable payment plans and award winning team, it seems silly to put off straightening your teeth any longer. Call Bamboo Dental today to arrange a free consultation.


Teeth Whitening: Your Dentist Knows Best


Why I swapped dodgy DIY teeth whitening with a trip to my dentist: Claudia’s Story

We invited Bamboo Dental patient Claudia Jones to write a guest blog for us to talk about what led her to getting teeth whitening from the practice.


They were all yellow…


Just how far would you go to whiten your teeth? Rumour has it that the Romans used their own urine to whiten their teeth. I for one know I’m not about to resort to that but it’s reassuring to know that our obsession with the perfect smile isn’t anything new. Just how yellow is too yellow? That’s the question I always found myself asking.


I have pretty straight teeth and I regularly attend my dental check ups but something in the back of my mind always told me I needed whitening. Sometimes I’d look in the mirror and my teeth looked fine. I knew my teeth weren’t bright white but whose were? Celebrities I’d always tell myself, but I didn’t want a blinding smile like Rylan. Other times however, I couldn’t believe how yellow my teeth looked. It seemed to depend on which mirror I looked in. Mirror mirror on the wall who’s got the yellowest teeth of them all? Well, if I was asking my bathroom mirror the answer back would be me. However, in my bedroom mirror they looked fine. So which mirror was lying? Could I blame trickery of the light for my golden smile or I could I actually benefit from whitening? It was a question that went around in my head for quite some time before I finally decided to go for it.


I went straight on to Amazon and ordered some whitening strips. I’d heard nothing but good things from my friends. Home whitening kits seem to be all the rage these days, and whitening strips appear the latest craze in DIY dentistry. I had nothing to lose. Each morning and evening I put these strips on my teeth until a week in, when I decided to abandon the project. I’d seen the reviews and had heard first hand from my friends that these things work, so why did I stop you’re asking? Well I just couldn’t be bothered. On top of brushing and flossing, leaving these strips on for 30 minutes twice a day seemed excessive. These strips were very sticky and flimsy: they were sliding off and were difficult to keep in the right place. However, more importantly, my teeth also felt very sensitive after the first few days, and I know I wasn’t prepared to give up ice cream.


I knew that if I wanted a whiter smile, I couldn’t be trusted to be in charge of the process.


Professional Teeth Whitening in Cardiff


I researched my options. I knew I wanted professional teeth whitening but I was apprehensive to say the least. I’m the same with spray tans. I’m always nervous about going for a spray because I don’t want to look orange. As far as my teeth were concerned, I knew for sure I didn’t want an unnatural smile. After a quick search on Google for professional teeth whitening in Cardiff, my home town, I found Bamboo Dental who offered both In-Practice and Take-Home treatment. I was curious to see how their take home treatment might differ from over the counter whitening treatments, but I’d made up my mind that I wanted whitening done by a professional.


I contacted the Bamboo Dental team who booked me in for a free consultation. A week later, I came along for my consultation with Dr. Dan, the practice principle. Dr. Dan was nothing but lovely, and easy on the eye! We talked through the benefits of both In-Practice and Take-Home treatment. He told me honestly that more people opt for the Take-Home treatment as people prefer to spend as little time in the dentist’s chair as possible! He explained that unlike whitening strips, the Take-Home whitening gels and trays whiten the side and back teeth, not just the front teeth. He said the process works by placing whitening gel in the trays and seating them over the teeth. These trays are prescribed and results are seen in just two weeks. Dr. Dan explained that by choosing Take-Home whitening kits from dentists you’re also benefiting from the dentist’s expertise. Was I to choose the Take-Home kit, he’d make sure the type of tooth straining I had would respond to the whitening process. From that, he could give me an estimate of how long the whitening process would take, how long the results would last, and what to do after that.


The argument for Take-Home kits was very convincing but I was set on getting Dr. Dan to do the hard work! Dr. Dan revealed that the In-Practice procedure would require me to come in for 4 x 15 minute sessions. Using special whitening technology, he promised he could provide immediate results. I added that I in no way wanted my teeth to be too white! He laughed and said that he could make my teeth up to eight shades brighter if I wanted, but not to worry, and that I’d get the final say on what shade I wanted. It all sounded good to me, so I decided to book in my appointments there and then.

Eight Shades of White

When I went home that night, I researched the process a bit more. I was and still am surprised by how many people opt for DIY whitening when you can benefit so much from the expertise of your dentist. I know when I was using the whitening strips, I could have benefited from Dr. Dan’s advice with those side effects!


Furthermore, Bamboo use Philips Zoom. I’d never heard of Philips Zoom before visiting Dr. Dan, but having been voted Product of the Year, and being used by over 10 million patients worldwide, I knew I was in safe hands and making the right decisions. I’m pleased to announce that a few months later, having had all four appointments, I am delighted with the results. The results were instant like Dr. Dan had promised, and Bamboo have provided me with excellent after care.


What is a dental emergency?


Dental traumas can leave people in agony for much longer than necessary. This is often due to the sufferer being unsure about what is considered a dental emergency. The general rule is that if it hurting then it is most likely a dental emergency that you should let your local dentist look at as soon as possible.

Dental Emergency

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?


It is important for everyone to understand what a dental emergency is. If you visit the dentist when there is little wrong with your teeth then you risk paying for an emergency appointment for no reason. However, on the flip-side, if you choose to ignore your teeth related ailment then the problem may snowball into a much more painful and difficult to solve issue. It is generally much more beneficial for you to follow the adage – it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Common Dental Emergencies


Let’s go through a few common dental injuries that you may be subject to in the future and discuss how much of an emergency they are.


1. Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked out tooth is considered very much to be a dental emergency. Your tooth literally depends on how soon your actions are taken. If you follow the advice accordingly and visit your dentist shortly after the injury has occurred then then chances are the dentist will be able to place the tooth back into its socket quickly enough so that it can heal itself back to full strength. In order to save your tooth please follow these instructions:


  • First you need to retrieve your tooth. Pick it up by the top of the tooth, otherwise known as the ‘crown‘. It is recommended not to touch the root of the tooth at all.


  • Now head over to the sink. Start by placing a cloth or similar into the basin so that you don’t risk dropping your tooth down the plughole. Now Gently rinse the tooth and nothing else. Do not scrub the tooth or remove any of the tissue still attached to it.


  • If it is possible, now try to insert the tooth back into the mouth by yourself. If you do manage to do this bite down softly to secure it in position.


  • If you can’t manage to get the tooth back into its socket you should preferably place the tooth into a container of milk, alternatively just leave it in the container by itself.


  • Now you should call your dentist right away. The longer you wait to get in touch with your dentist the lower the chance that the tooth will reconnect with the tissue in the socket.


2. Your tooth is loose or ‘wonky’

In this situation you should call up your local dentist for an emergency appointment as soon as possible. In the meantime, use your finger to gently push your tooth back into position but don’t push too hard! If it is proving to be too difficult to move back into position then just leave it where it is and let the dentist deal with your loose tooth.


You may also bite down to avoid the tooth from moving out of position. When you arrive at the dentist it is common for a splint to be inserted onto your tooth. This will keep it supported by the neighbouring tooth.


3. You’ve chipped or cracked your tooth

You have to make a judgement call in this situation. If you have chipped your tooth but you aren’t feeling any pain then, although you need to have your tooth looked at, it is not considered an emergency. In this case, you can wait for a few days and visit your dentist in regular hours. During this waiting period be careful with what you are eating so that you don’t damage your tooth further.


The most probable course of action will be for the dentist to fill the chip with composite filling material to restore the tooth back to normal. Alternatively, the dentist may be able to smooth over the chip.


A cracked or fractured tooth is another story altogether. You should take this very seriously even if there isn’t any pain. If the tooth is cracked then there is a high chance that there is damage deep into the tooth rather than just at the surface. If the fracture is particularly bad then there it will be difficult to save your tooth at all. This makes it incredibly important that you get in touch with your dentist as soon as you can and in the meantime follow these instructions:


1. Carefully rinse out your mouth with warm water.

2. If you have suffered any facial trauma in the cause of your injury then you should apply some cold compression to the area to reduce the impact of swelling.

3. You should never apply a painkiller to the gum as they can actually burn the gum tissue. This also includes painkiller gels that are marketed for this type of injury.


On visiting the dentist


Your local dentist will need to give you an x-ray to determine how damaged your tooth is inside. If  the soft tissue at the centre of your tooth is damaged then it is likely that you will need a root canal. If this tissue is not damaged then you may only need to have a crown on that tooth.


Some dentists will be able to fabricate your crown on the same day and get this fitted soon after your initial appointment. However not all dentists have the facility to do this and will need to send off details to have the crown made. In this situation, you will be given a temporary crown to wear until your permanent crown is returned back to the dental practice read for fixing.


If it is not possible to save the tooth then all is not lost. There are several treatments you can choose between to have your tooth replaced such as bridges and implants. You dentist will talk you through these options in detail during your appointment.


Other Dental Emergencies


In short, any dental injury that needs urgent treatment in order to save a tooth can be considered a dental emergency. In some cases, such as in the case of an abscess or infection, your life could be threatened and you need to consult a dental professional straight away. In this situation, the dentist may be able to open and drain the tooth allowing the abscess to empty. If you are not able to visit your emergency dentist then get to a hospital as soon as you can.


What if my temporary restoration falls off?


During some treatments you will be given a temporary fixing. For example, a temporary crown or veneer that will sit in place before the fixed restoration is implemented. If this does fall off, it is not considered a dental emergency, however, you should place the fixing back into position as best you can and see your dentist when you get the chance.


Quick tip: A temporary crown can easily be put back into position by placing a little vaseline or toothpaste into the crown and using it as a temporary adhesive until you can visit the dentist to get the crown cemented back into place.


Dental Emergency Quick Question List


If you are still unsure as to whether your condition is considered a dental emergency then please ask yourself the following questions.


  1. Are you bleeding from the mouth?
  2. Are you feeling severe pain?
  3. Have any of your teeth become loose?
  4. Is the area around your face swollen at all?
  5. Have your gums become swollen or bulging anywhere?


If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then there is a very high chance that you are in need of an emergency dentist. You should get in touch with your local dentist as soon as possible and explain clearly your situation. This will enable them to make a sound judgement on your condition and as to how time sensitive your treatment need be.


5 Misconceptions About Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain veneers are used by many to transform their smile. They can give you increased confidence. They can help fix dental issues. They really are something to consider if you are not happy with the way that your teeth look.


5 Misconceptions About Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers


1. Porcelain Veneers Have an Unnatural Appearance

This statement is very misguided. The technology used to create porcelain veneers is so advanced that we are able to match your veneers exactly to fit in with the rest of your teeth. Some patients ask for small dents and lines to be placed on their veneers to create a more natural look and that is entirely possible. Others want to have a smile that looks perfect. With perfection comes a more unnatural appearance.


The key thing to note here is that those people who asked for the ‘perfect smile’ possess the smiles that are noticeably veneers. Hence when others see them smiling they start to suggest that the smile looks fake. the truth is that they just can’t notice the smiles that have more natural veneers so any they do notice will be the ones that look more unnatural!


2. The Dentist Must Shave Away Most of Your Teeth to Place Cosmetic Veneers

In the past, your teeth would have need a good amount of shaping before the veneers could be fitted. At this time, it may have been a big step to take, to have your real teeth changed drastically in order to accommodate for the porcelain veneers.


Times have changed and this is no longer the case. Both Lumineers and E-Max veneers are extremely thin and so require much less shaping of your natural teeth. Although they are much thinner, they do not compensate on strength and durability. The main improvement has been in the development of materials used in the creation of the dental veneers. They are now so robust that they can be wafer thin.


3. Porcelain Veneers Treatment is Extremely Painful!

Again, this statement really is stagnated with the past. Lumineers, in fact, require no drilling and no needles. The pain is very little and the process is straightforward. If you opt for cosmetic veneers then you need not worry about the process at all.


4. Porcelain Veneers Are Too White

As with statement 1, the colour of your veneers is up to you. Some people ask for very white veneers. Those people are the ones that are noticed by others making the above statement. The truth is that you will get to choose how your veneers look. That is the beauty of them. They can be tailor made to your own preference not only in the shape but also in the colour of them.


5. Porcelain Veneers Are Just Too Expensive

Veneers are now more affordable than ever. Although they can still be a big investment for many people there are several avenues you can go down to make them more affordable. Bamboo Dental offer a 0% finance option which effectively allows you to pay a small sum each month without accruing any interest. This allows you to get that perfect smile now and pay in small instalments further down the line.


How Invisalign Works


Invisalign | The Process From Start to Finish

Invisalign are one of many modern teeth straightening treatments available at Bamboo. We feel that it is important for our patients to be aware of the full process they are about to journey through.


If you are one of those patients or are just researching Invisalign as a potential solution to improving your smile then this article will be extremely useful. We will take you through each stage of your journey and let you know exactly what you can expect to happen if you opt for Invisalign.


Invisalign process


1. Invisalign Consultation

The very first step is for you to come in for a free consultation at our dental practice in Cardiff. The consultation is free and will be a great opportunity for our Dentist, Dr Dan Rogers, to determine whether or not Invisalign is the right treatment for you and for the particular situation of your teeth.


Invisalign is extremely efficient, however, as with all treatments, there will be specific circumstances in which another teeth straightening option may be better suited. This is why Bamboo see it as vital to undertake a consultation before rushing into any treatment. We absolutely want you to finish your treatment with the smile you want. Something to note is that Invisalign works only for adults and teens. If you are younger than this and still have baby teeth then this is not the right treatment as you will need to wait for your adult teeth to grow through first.



Woo! You are a Good Candidate! What next?

Now that we are sure Invisalign is the right treatment for you, we progress to the next stage which is taking records. This process has several aspects. We will take photographs of both your face and teeth, dental impressions and some x-rays of your teeth structure. Once collected, we write up detailed instructions on how we would like your teeth to be moved and send both the instructions and records off to Invisalign.


In the next few days, Invisalign will start to work on your case. They will firstly scan your impressions. This allows them to create a 3 dimensional model of your teeth that they can manipulate in their computer software. The technicians at Invisalign will now start to carefully move the teeth in the 3D model to their final positions. I now get the opportunity to review the movements that have been made. In most cases, they get this spot on however we usually do consult them on some more in depth details for some final adjustments to make your smile as perfect as possible. These changes are then implemented by the technicians and I review them again. The process continues until I have the teeth exactly where I want them.


Now that we have the 3d model in position, I instruct Invisalign to go ahead with the procedure. Upon this instruction, they create the trays in special moulds with the shapes generated from the 3D imaging software. These trays are then mailed over to our dental practice in Cardiff. The time frame for this is typically around 4 weeks. Once they arrive, you are ready to embark on your journey to straighter teeth!


How Invisalign Straightens Teeth

So now we have your aligners safely stored at the dental practice we are ready to progress with your treatment. You will be given the first set of Invisalign aligners. These aligners are clear and will be manufactured so that the aligner has spaces set that are slightly straighter than your teeth currently are. This means that when you wear the aligner, your teeth are slightly pressured into moving towards a more straighter position. Once you have achieved the position of the first aligner, which usually takes 2 weeks, you will be given a second aligner that is, again, slightly straighter than the previous.


Eventually, after you have completed wearing your full course of aligners, your teeth will match the final aligners positioning which is the exact position that had been planned using Invisalign’s 3D modelling technology.


How Invisalign Fixes Crowding

It is commonplace for those seeking Invisalign treatment to have crowded front teeth. Crowding is effectively where there is too little room for the teeth to fit. Hence, to solve this issue we need to create more room and this can be achieved in a number of ways.


  • Use Invisalign to do some expansion of the back teeth: This is helpful in more than one way. Firstly, we are able to make some extra room so that we can solve the issue of overcrowding caused between the front teeth. Secondly, we are able to create a much broader smile which is most cases does look much better.


  • The second option is to very slightly thin out some of the teeth. By this, I refer to a process called interproximal reduction. This utilises sanding and filing equipment and effectively makes some of those teeth skinnier in order to make room for them to move into. This is not something to worry about as the filing stays within the enamel of the tooth so that there is no added sensitivity at a later date.


Things to Expect with Invisalign

In most cases we make use of a technique called ‘attachments’. These are simply small pieces of composite that are attached to the teeth. They are very small and tooth coloured and take the shape of a little bump. These bumps act as extra grip for the aligner to slot into place around. The basic function aims to keep the aligner on your teeth more securely but they can also be used to put extra pressure on certain teeth that we want to move.


On occasions we need the patient to wear tiny rubber bands with their aligners. These are used for one of two reason – to rotate particular teeth into the correct position or to help correct the bite.


How Often Should You Be Wearing Your Aligners?

You will achieve the best possible results if you wear your Invisalign aligners for as much of the day as possible. One major advantage of Invisalign that many other teeth straightening treatments do not offer is that the aligner is completely removable. This means that you can take them out to eat at meal times or to brush your teeth. As a result, the typical patient will have their aligners in for around 20 hours per day. Ultimately it is up to you to stay disciplined with this. If you choose not to wear the aligners for this amount of time per day then there is  big chance that your teeth will not have moved far enough into position in time for your next aligner sets. This means a longer treatment time for you.


Invisalign’s Refinement Trays

We always tell our patients that they should not expect their teeth to be perfect straight after the last tray is finished. In fact, around 60% of people will still have a few teeth that are out of the desired position. It is important to be aware that this is completely normal and that this is not how your final smile is going to look.


This is where ‘refinement trays’ come in to play. This process involves taking a fresh set of impressions which are sent off for fabrication at Invisalign. These new trays will have small changes made to them that allow us to iron out those small movements left to get your teeth where we want them. The refinement trays carry no additional cost and usually will only require one refinement tray per patient. However, if we are still not happy that all the teeth are straight, we have up to three refinement trays available per patient. There is very rarely a need to use up all three refinement trays though.


Looking After Your New Smile

Now that your smile is revived we just have one final piece of maintenance to consider. You have spent a lot of time and effort in getting your teeth into position and now we want them to stay there. The body continual changes and if left to its own devices, your teeth will gradually move back into their default position.


The answer to this is retainers. Most patient will opt for clear retainers that look very similar to the Invisalign aligners. We suggest that you wear the retainer full time for 2 months and then we can cut back to just wearing them whilst sleeping. Eventually, yo will be able to wear them for just a few nights per week and this will be enough to retain the position of your new smile.


Another option that is available is a permanent retainer. The people who often choose this option are those who don’t feel that they will have the discipline to wear the removable retainer every night. This fixed retainer comprises of a wire that is attached to the inside of your lower front six teeth. Your teeth will now be permanently held in position without any worry about having to wear your retainer each night!


In Conclusion

Invisalign is an excellent teeth straightening option, especially for those wishing to have a more discreet brace that is not fixed to their teeth. If you have any further questions regarding our Invisalign teeth straightening treatments please fell free to get in touch.



Invisalign: The perfect fix to your dental insecurities


How Invisalign gave me the smile I never knew I wanted: Andy’s Story



















Bamboo Dental patient Andy Rivers, 25 has kindly written a guest blog for us to talk about what led him to the practice and why Invisalign has given him a new lease of life.


Words like bullets: Dental Insecurities

So let me start by saying this. I’m not, and have never been a self-conscious person, which might sound strange once you’ve read what I’m about to tell you. I like my smile. I never worried about my smile until I met Steph. Steph is beautiful. We met in a bar around Christmas. We were both on our Christmas work do’s and I’d impressed her with a few of my moves on the dance floor. My mates were surprised that such a good looking lass was talking to me, and they joked that when she saw me somewhere without dark lighting she’d run a mile. Little did I know how painfully accurate this would turn out to be.


 Growing up, a lot of kids at school had bad teeth. One or two of my pals had shocking teeth. They were the ones who needed braces. Tom and Dave were the ones who got to miss double geography to see the orthodontist. So I never really gave much thought to how my teeth they looked. They were good enough.


So I’d turned up in my favourite polo shirt, armed with a splash of my favourite spray. She was as stunning as I remembered. We were talking over a few mojitos when she mentioned my teeth. She told me my teeth were so white that it was a shame they were a little wonky, otherwise I’d have the perfect smile. I’m not sure if she realized how much these words were going to bruise my ego, or if it was just the mojitos talking. Either way her words were like bullets. It all went downhill from there. It’s not like she didn’t like my shirt or my hairstyle. I could change my shirt. But my smile? That would be harder to fix.


No one had ever really commented on my teeth before. I told my mam the day after about it and when I asked her what she thought about my smile, she simply replied “You’re lovely just the way you are. You’re very cute.” Cute? A puppy showing his gnashers when you tickle him is cute. I didn’t want to be cute.


From that point on I started to think about my teeth a lot more. I didn’t want to show my teeth in photos, and with every tagged photo of me on Facebook all I could see were my wonky incisors. I wasn’t overreacting though. I knew my teeth weren’t THAT bad, but the damage had been done. I’d become insecure about my teeth. I knew I had to go the dentist.


Dating in the Dark: Invisalign to the Rescue

After researching my options for hours, I discovered Invisalign. These clear plastic aligners seemed a perfect solution to someone like me who desired a subtle and discreet quick fix. I didn’t want traditional train track braces because that would have made me even more self-conscious.


A quick google search for Dentists in Cardiff led me to Bamboo Dental. I spoke to Lisa on the phone who booked me in for a free consultation. When the day of my consultation arrived, I met with Dr. Dan who’s the big boss of the practice. I told him my story. I told him how I felt a bit silly coming over something so small, but that it was a big thing for me. He told me “Look Andy, some people have come to Bamboo for bigger treatments, but just as many have come for small fixes. Your teeth are healthy, but if you want straighter teeth then Invisalign would indeed be perfect for you.” Invisalign are perfect for people like me with crowded smiles or small-moderate sized gaps, so my mind was made up. Dr. Dan slotted me in for an appointment the week later.


I’ve had invisalign for a few months now. The difference I’ve noticed already is amazing. They’re super comfortable and I’ve been able to follow my progress with Dr. Dan. They’re discreet, so I don’t have to take a girl to a dark lit bar or bowling alley if I’m going on a date! As I previously said, I’m not a self-conscious person. And it’s true that I’d probably never have contacted Bamboo if it wasn’t for Steph. What she said though really made me think. Your smile is the first thing people notice when you meet them. Now I have the smile I never knew I wanted.


Awkward reunions

Funnily enough, I saw Steph the other day. She was in a bar with some friends when I was out with my friends. I said hello. I told her I’d been using Invisalign to fix my teeth. She apologized and felt bad that I’d felt the need to “change to impress her.” That’s where she was wrong. I didn’t go to Bamboo because I wanted to impress her. I went there because I’d noticed what I hadn’t noticed before. True, she may have been the catalyst, but if it hadn’t been her it would have been someone else.


It’s not a matter of changing to impress other people. We’re constantly evolving as people, and finding new insecurities and things to worry about. My mam always told me we should embrace our imperfections. But why should we have to? Why should we have to hide our smile or laugh off our insecurities. The fact is that places like Bamboo are out there to help. Invisalign exists for the very purpose of fixing your teeth. Invisalign has fixed a bump in the road to my confidence and now I feel happier than ever.


And as for Steph? Well I haven’t see her again. Honesty isn’t always the best policy! What she said was neither helpful or constructive. I’m sure she has imperfections that she wouldn’t have liked me to point out. Either way I wish her the best for the future.


Some closing words? I’d like to thank the staff at Bamboo Dental for their friendliness and professionalism. I really can’t recommend Invisalign enough to people who suffer due to their insecurities. It did wonders for me and it can do wonders for you.


Choosing the Right Dentist in Cardiff


In a crowded industry it can be difficult to figure out which dentist in Cardiff is right for you. There is a a lot to consider. Is the head dentist well respected? Is the quality of dental treatment up to scratch? What are others saying about the dental practice? Are the treatments price competitive? Here at Bamboo Dental, we are always looking for ways to help our patients and so we want you to be sure that Bamboo is the right dentist for you. Read on to find out more about Bamboo and how you can get in touch if you decide that we are the best dentist in Cardiff for you.


Who is Bamboo’s Head Dentist in Cardiff?


Bamboo are lucky to have Head Dentist, Dr Dan at the helm. Dr Dan has won various awards including:

  • Best Patient Care in Wales and the South West
  • Best Young Dentist
  • Best Team in Wales and the South West

dr dan landscape

Dr Dan is also the leading provider in Wales for Six Month Smiles teeth straightening treatment. His expertise is second to none and is the go to dentist for teeth straightening treatment in Wales. Dr Dan has a vision to help the community in any way that he can. That’s why he offers competitive prices and affordable 0% finance plans in an effort to make all dental treatment, both private and NHS, as available to anyone who seeks it.


How Good is the Quality of Dental Treatment?


One of the key philosophies at Bamboo is to provide outstanding dental treatment and affordable prices. This is something that Dr Dan has truly embedded at the dental practice in Cardiff. Many practices aim to get patients in and out as fast as they can but at Bamboo this is certainly not the way. We value our patients more than that. You will be able to spend as long with the dentist as you need to ensure that your treatment is completed with the highest quality and care.


For more information about the quality of our treatments we would highly recommend that you read reviews left by patients who have previously had treatment at Bamboo. In order to do this please take a look at the paragraph below which will show you where you can read about others’ experiences at Bamboo.


What are others saying about Bamboo?


When researching your best dentist in Cardiff, it is important to not only read what the dentist has to say but more importantly, read about what others are saying about the practice. After all, they have visited your prospective dentist before and so will have some extremely insightful and relevant knowledge about the dental practice in question.


Bamboo Dental value our patients above all else and always ask for their feedback about their time spent with us. There are various methods that our patients can leave a review about Bamboo and these are listed below so that you can take a few minutes to get a feel for how others regard our dental practice in Cardiff and what you can expect if you decide to have dental treatment with us.



Dental facilities at our dentists in Cardiff


In 2016, our dental practice in Cardiff opened up a brand new surgery. This was built specifically to help us cater for the incredibly high number of people looking to take treatment at our dentist in Cardiff. The new surgery is open to serve all kinds of treatments from private dentistry treatments including; Orthodontics and cosmetic veneers to general dentistry procedures such as crowns and general dental check-ups.


dentist in cardiff


The new surgery not only looks incredibly impressive but boasts all of the latest state of the art equipment that allows our dentists to utilise their expertise to the highest possible quality. It is rare that you will get a chance to see the dental surgery before actually visiting your dentist but we feel that there is a huge benefit for those suffering from dental phobia to be able to see the environment in the surgery before they come to visit.


Dental Treatment Prices at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff

Bamboo Dental are very transparent about the prices of our treatment. We aim to provide the only best treatment and care but look to also provide this at prices that are affordable to everyone. Please take a look at our price list to see the prices of our various treatments.


Where is Bamboo Dental Located – How Can You Get in Touch?

Bamboo Dental is located just a short distance away from Cardiff city centre. We are very easy to locate and have parking (both disabled and general) available for your patients to utilise. Please see below for our full address:


28 Cowbridge Road West,
Cardiff, CF5 5BS
Call us: 029 2056 9769
Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can get in touch via our contact us page on our website.