Top 8 Tips to Healthier Teeth and Gums


The alarm clock jolts you out of bed. You head to the bathroom and reach blurry eyed towards your toothbrush and the random half squeezed tube of toothpaste that was half price in the local supermarket. You brush with haste, time is tight. Next, a quick cup of coffee and a slice of toast before the front door shuts and the car door opens.This is the dental health routine of many people living a hectic lifestyle with too little time to think about whether what they are doing is right or wrong. It’s time to take control of your dental health. So, we’re here to give you some top tips to healthier teeth and gums that won’t need you to move the earth to fit into your lifestyle.

Top 8 Tips to Healthier Teeth and Gums

1. Drink water with meals.

A glass of water with a meal is the ideal companion for healthy teeth and gums. As you eat your delicious Sunday roast, little fragments of food will become lodged in between your teeth. If you keep a glass of water on standby then as you take a sip you can wash out the debris with every gulp.

Another advantage to grabbing yourself a glass of water is that it substitutes choosing another drink such as sugary drinks that will only add more danger to your teeth.

2. Make floss is your new best friend.

If you miss flossing then you miss cleaning all of those small areas between your teeth. Believe it or not, those areas cover 35% of your teeth surfaces. So reach for that floss and give your teeth a full body clean. If you don’t, then you risk leaving bits of food between those gnashers that will eventually turn to plaque and damage your enamel.


3. Chew sugar-free gum.

As long as your chewing gum is sugar-free it can be a brilliant on the go aid to cleaning your teeth. The gum effectively dislodges food particles stuck on and in between your teeth. Best used after eating, the fibrous texture will work wonders to keeping your teeth in good form.


4. Choose the right toothpaste.

There’s lots of types of toothpaste displayed out on the supermarket shelves with tempting tag lines and promises. They key ingredient you need to look for is fluoride. With a good fluoride toothpaste you should be on the right tracks. Why is fluoride such an important substance? Fluoride plays the role of preventing tooth decay. It does this by bolstering the tooth’s resistance to acid attacks caused by plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. Not only this but it also helps to reverse early decay.


5. Don’t rinse after brushing.

If you rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth then you risk washing out any excess fluoride that could be working wonders for your teeth (see number 4). This is the case whether you are rinsing with water or mouthwash. Therefore a better option for you would be to actually swish the residue toothpaste around your mouth before spitting it out. If you like to use mouth wash then do this before brushing unless it is a fluoride mouthwash which you can use after. Although, speak to your dentist before deciding which type of mouth wash to use as using a fluoride mouthwash when you already have enough fluoride through your toothpaste and water can lead to fluorosis.


6. Don’t get sentimental with your toothbrush.

Did you notice that your toothbrush is looking a little worse for wear? The fine bristles are curved and tired. The colour may have even started to fade. Well, it is recommended not even to wait for these types of signs before changing your toothbrush or toothbrush head. In fact you should look to change it every 2-3 months to avoid micro-bacterial build up deep in the bristles.


7. Check in every six months.

Be sure to attend regular appointments at your dentist. It is recommended to do this every six months, even if you feel fine. Why? Because a dental issue found early is easy and usually painless to treat. If you wait longer then problems can snowball into serious dental issues that will not be so easily addressed.


8. Don’t ignore your tongue.

Your tongue is a BIG part of your mouth, so don’t ignore cleaning it! Most toothbrushes now have a tooth scraper on the reverse side. If yours doesn’t then you can pick one up for very little money. use it to maintain the cleanliness of your mouth and to limit the risks of bad breath.

Now the key is to plan your daily routine and stick to it for 3 weeks so that it can become a habit that you perform every day without needing to think about it. So get to work and get those teeth and gums back to their best!


How You Could Transform Your Smile This Year


It seems like every person in the public eye has a perfect set of bright white teeth. They weren’t born with those, they just knew the importance of their smile. You see, the way your teeth look are a huge factor that is taken into account when meeting a person for the first time. This is why those in the public eye have gone to such lengths to make sure that their pearly whites look the absolute best that they can. As with many celebrity trends, this idea has moved its way down to the general public. More and more people every day are sporting beautiful, straight smiles and looking better than ever. The perfect smile is now something that just can’t be overlooked. Not only for the self confidence it can give you but for the ongoing health benefits too.

It’s Time to Join the Smile Elite

The smile elite are those that walk around proud, gleaming with confidence. They are the people who can’t wait to share laughter and fun. They are the people that were willing to take a step to making themselves the best self they could be. And that all starts with contemplating what your smile means to you. The first thing you need to do is acknowledge how you feel about your smile. Perhaps you’re already happy with how it looks, in which case thats brilliant! If not then there are options for you whether your dissatisfaction be anything from discolouration to crooked or even missing teeth.


How Could You Transform Your Smile?

Let’s look into some of the options you have when looking to take your smile to the next level. There are several options that are fitting for different needs and desires. 


Straighten Up That Smile

Teeth straightening has been around for a very long time but has progressed tremendously with the increased demand for cosmetic dentistry. Long gone are the days when metal train track braces were the only solution. In fact, they are pretty much extinct at Bamboo. Depending on your needs, we can offer super fast teeth straightening, invisible teeth straightening or very short term straightening for those with little movement needed.


Super Fast Teeth Straightening

With Six Month Smiles, you guessed it, you can have your straight teeth ready in just 6 months (sometimes less). This revolutionary teeth straightening system comes in the form of a fixed brace yet it is nothing like the old metal fixed braces you may remember from school. Six Month Smiles is tooth coloured with clear brackets which makes them discreet and hard to notice. Dr Dan at Bamboo is the leading provider of Six Month Smiles in Wales. This has given him the title of Elite Provider. The enormous amount of cases he performs each month mean that his skills are tip top, enabling him to straighten out teeth with precision and speed. This treatment is best placed for those that prefer to have a shorter treatment time over having an invisible teeth straightening solution.


Straighten Teeth Under the Radar

Invisalign is the perfect teeth straightening solution for those selfie conscious people concerned about people noticing their braces. This removable aligner system allows you to not only straighten teeth invisibly but you can even remove the aligners to eat or for special occasions. The only downside is that the treatment time is a little longer than Six Month Smiles, being more like 12 to 24 months.


Don’t Forget Veneers

Cosmetic veneers are the centre-piece of many super sparkling celebrity smiles. They can be fitted through four appointments over one month and can truly present a spectacular transformation. With cosmetic veneers, most people opt for a style that looks similar to normal teeth. You may look at  persons smile and believe that they were blessed at birth to have such a perfect set of pearly whites yet for all you know they may be laboratory created cosmetic veneers. That is the beauty of these small tooth encasements, they can look just like real teeth and so nobody would know they are not real. On the other hand, some patients desire a more Hollywood style smile. This would be represented by a gleaming white colour and a noticeably glamorous design. Whichever you are aiming for, the designs are extremely versatile and the perfect set of veneers can be created for you.


Dental Implants Could Be Your Third Set of Teeth

Many say that dental implants are your third set of teeth. This is due to the fact that they are as strong, if not stronger than regular teeth. These are best suited for those people who have missing teeth and want a permanent fixture in its place. Dental implants are just that. They look, feel and act just like real teeth and can completely transform some of the most complicated cases.




What Are the Next Steps to a Smile Transformation?

Everyday we meet patients who know that their smile is holding them back. They come to us for help but don’t know exactly what they want. This is where our free consultations come in. You get the chance to sit down with our award winning dentists who will talk through all of the options with you. After chatting you will have a much clearer idea of which treatment is suited to you and will take you on a journey that will leave you smiling confidently.


How to Care for Your New Dental Veneers


There are many reasons that can lead a patient down the path of dental veneers. Often it’s due to some form of aesthetic ailment that displeases the patient. For example, discolouration of the tooth or perhaps imperfect alignment, or a cracked tooth. Regardless of the reason, your new veneer is not immune to damage and discolouration, and so if you want to keep your new, perfect smile for the long term then you’ll need to look after it. Here’s how…


How to Care for Your New Dental Veneers


Don’t forget to brush.

Sure, veneers are usually made from strong materials such as porcelain. This means that they cannot decay like normal teeth can. However, that does not mean you can overlook cleaning those teeth with veneers on. Why? Because underneath that veneer is still a normal tooth and that normal tooth certainly can still decay just like all of the others. Many believe that since your tooth is now covered in a porcelain armour you could avoid giving those particular teeth the attention they deserve. Before long your tooth may start to decay causing an issue with how secure the veneer is. This could lead to detachment and a very unhappy smile. The good news is that this issue is very easily avoided. Simply treat your veneer as a normal tooth. Brush it, floss it, and visit your dentist every 6 months for regular check ups.


Did someone say floss?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, flossing is essential. So essential we felt that it deserved it’s very own section. Many people don’t bother flossing because it seems like an effort. Truly, it takes less time than brushing your teeth. You just need to make it a habit, a thing that is done every morning just like washing your face and brushing your teeth – then it won’t seem like an effort at all. The benefits of flossing far outweighs the few minutes you’ll spend doing it. Not only will a regular flossing regimen combat tooth decay, it will also help in the battle against gum disease. When you brush your teeth you miss a large area around the gum line and in between the tooth surfaces. These are the areas that build up with bacteria that can attack the tooth and gums. Subsequently, this will damage your teeth and cause havoc on your veneers. Dental floss or an inter dental brush are the perfect tool to keep those areas free from bacteria and keep your dental health up to scratch.


Teeth Aren’t Tools

Us humans have become very inventive in how we live our lives. This is mostly good but there are some downsides. For example, many of us use our teeth as tools. The various uses range from biting your finger nails to opening bottles. Sure, this may actually be quite effective but it’s not good for your teeth and certainly not the best way to look after your veneers. In some rare circumstances veneers may even become detached as a result of incessant bad habits. It is advised to stay clear from using your teeth to chew on pens and the like if you want your veneers to stand the test of time.

If you are already too far down the rabbit hole by the time regret begins to sink in then here’s what you need to do. Firstly, do not attempt to reattach the veneer yourself with some adhesive you find around the house – bad idea. You may think, ‘well duh obviously!’, yet this form of do it yourself dentistry is all far too common. Instead, keep your veneer safe and call us as soon as you can. We’ll get it back in place in no time!


More questions about cosmetic veneers? Not to worry, just give Bamboo Dental a message and we’ll gladly answer any questions that you have. Alternatively, give us a call on 029 2056 9760.


Should You Invest in Your Smile?


Everybody has priorities, it’s a perfect way to make sure your time and money are spent doing those things that are most important to you. So where does your smile sit on your list of priorities? Perhaps it’s not as high is it should be. Is now the time for you to invest in your smile?

Investing in Your Smile

The brits were once known as the nation with ‘bad teeth’. That’s not a great accolade to have but thanks to a booming dental industry, we’ve seen that turned around. It’s now hard to walk down your local high street without seeing a smile to envy. People have become more and more conscious about their teeth as they start to realise just how important they are. Studies have shown that humans acknowledge the state of a persons smile on a subconscious level. It displays a inclination of health and happiness – two things that are sought after in potential employees, friends and partners.

Now that people have started to understand the importance of brandishing a pearly white smile, they’ve sought out ways to achieve one. Through various cosmetic treatments such as; cosmetic veneers, teeth straightening and teeth whitening, more and more perfect smiles are born every day. This has risen the bar and made the average smile in the UK much more palatable than in times past.


What About Those Lagging Behind?

All of this wreaks havoc for those who are yet to invest in their smile. They may still have the same smile that they always had but comparatively their smile is now worse than ever. People will start to see bad teeth stand out more and more as they become rarer and rarer. As this starts to happen, a smile makeover is surely on it’s way up their list of priorities.


The Many Benefits of Investing in Your Smile

Your smile is not as superficial as many think. We’ve all seen the constructed reality programs such as Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex. These shows frame glistening white smiles with pride as a symbol of status and very little more. Although many trends are born from shows like this, there is a lot more to be gained from improving your smile.


A Healthier You

It has been shown that if you are to have work done to your teeth you are then more likely to look after them in the future. This makes sense as you now have a smile to maintain. You are more than happy to spend those extra 5 minutes a day to brush and floss those now precious teeth. Not only this but you’ll take second thoughts about the foods that enter your mouth. You may find that those sugary treats you used to swallow like a kid on Halloween are no longer stocked in your fridge. You have a newfound pride in your smile and this passes on to the rest of your body through wiser health decisions. Sure, it would be great if we could make those decisions to begin with but life’s just not that simple. It often takes a push and a little incentive to start taking positive action to a better you.


Bring Back Your Confident Self

Sadly as people become self conscious they can lose confidence, especially when it comes to their smile. People who feel judged when they smile tend to avoid smiling altogether. Not only that, but they tend to hide from social situations that could lead to them having to display their teeth. This all increases in a huge snowball that leaves the person isolated, worried about attending social events and downright miserable. We’ve seen so many patients who decide to pull the trigger and give their smile some TLC. As they first come into the practice we’ll see how they hide their teeth as they talk. They may even struggle to make eye contact as they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. However, after finishing their treatment they are the fuel of the party. They have a new sense of self and are able to fully express themselves with complete confidence. It is almost like a magic pill that can grant the permission to be confident and live life on your terms, the way you want to.


Ready to Get Your Smile Back on Track?

If you’re serious about investing in your smile then you may already have an idea of the treatments available to you. If you’re dissatisfaction stems from discolouration then a simple visit to your dental practice for a teeth whitening treatment may be just the ticket. If on the other hand you’re in need of more extensive work then there’s nothing better than to pop in for a consultation. You’ll find that many dental practices, such as Bamboo Dental in Cardiff, will offer completely free consultations where you can discuss any issues with your dentist. They’ll be able to talk through all of the options and give you an idea of what course of treatment will give you the best results for your particular situation. And, don’t let the expensive price of many cosmetic treatments hold you back. Prices are now lower than ever as the cosmetic dental industry is innovating more and more. As a result you can get a new smile for a similar price to your mobile phone bill on an interest free monthly payment option. Wherever your priorities lie, let’s not overlook the power of the smile. It could be the thing that changes your life for the better.


Voted Best Dentist in Wales, Bamboo Dental


It’s been a fantastic 2017 for everyone involved with Bamboo Dental, based in Cardiff. We’ve affiliated with some very worthwhile charities. We’ve seen some incredible smile stories born from our dentists hard work and to top it all off we were given two awards at the Dentistry Awards 2017.


We’re Proud to Have Been Voted Best Dentist in Wales!


dentist in cardiff

Dr Dan and the team have been working incredibly hard this year to help hundreds of new patients achieve the straight teeth that would let them smile confidently amongst their loved ones. It’s a really humbling feeling when patients take the time to leave kind words and thankful reviews after receiving treatment here at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff. You can read some of what our patient’s our saying about us here.


Bamboo Dental Champions Children’s Dental Health

The recent news has been rife with reports of failing dental health awareness in children. Dr Dan and Bamboo refused to stand idly along side that and so opened up our doors for specific events aimed to encourage the education of good oral hygiene in children. But it’s not such an exciting subject to learn about so our dentists dressed up as super heroes for the sake of our future generations smiles!

best dentist in cardiff

As the children entered what was previously thought of as the ‘scary’ dental practice, they were greeted by Mr Incredible and Batman amongst others. Seeing an instant evolution in facial expression on the children’s faces let us know that they were at ease and this was going to be a successful event.


Staying in character, our dentists were able to provide the children with free dental health check ups as well as giving them some helpful top tips and knowledge along the way. A fantastic event that was well received took place that day and would be the first of many more similar events to come.


Dentist in Cardiff Makes New Ties With Local Charities

tenovus charity dentist cardiff

We’ve made some very worthwhile moves in the past year, affiliating with some great causes. Firstly we’ve spent time working with Tenovus Cancer Care. This Welsh charity focuses on cancer and helping those affected to pull through and move onwards as easily as can be. We’ve spent days with the charity educating at the dental practice in Cardiff as well as sponsoring some of their events such as the Ladies Lunch which focused on breast cancer awareness.

We’ve also been working with Buy One Give One, a global charity aiming to make positive impacts across the world as a collaborative effort. Bamboo Dental have pledged to give access to clean drinking water for a Malawian for an entire year whenever a patient chooses us for their treatment. We are massive advocates of this concept as it enables us to help others around the world by doing the dentistry that we work hard to perform every day.


To Round Off a Fantastic Year…

After working with all of these great people and renovating our dental practice we were awarded with the titles of Best Practice in Wales and Best Patient Care in Wales at the Dentistry Awards. We were so proud and humbled to win these awards and are grateful to all of our staff and patients for making it all possible.


We’re excited for another great year in 2018 and can’t wait to create some new smiles for our fabulous patients!


Bamboo Dental Awarded Best in Wales 2017!


We’ve been incredibly grateful to find ourselves amongst more dental industry awards this year. We’ve been awarded two more titles to add to our previous five accolades.

Bamboo Dental Handed Top Accolade at Dentistry Awards

Team Bamboo had made their way up to the great city of Leicester for the annual Dentistry Awards ceremony. At the event, numerous titles are awarded to dental practices around the UK to recognise their exceptional performance in various areas of the industry.


Some of the awards ranged from Best Patient Care and Best Young Dentist to the much anticipated Best Overall Practice. The venue was very fitting for such a worthwhile event. A red glow spread through the crowds and a suspense grew as the countdown pursued. Before long it was time for the awards to be announced. Bamboo had been nominated for three awards this year; Best Practice, Best Patient Care and Best Team.


We were so grateful to be able to win the title for both Best Practice and Best Patient Care. We were also given a highly recommended award for Best Team. We’re so thankful to have been recognised for the work we’ve all put into to building Bamboo Dental the way we have. It’s been a great year and we are looking forward to carrying on our hard work into 2018!


We want to thank the FMC for running such a fantastic event and look forward to being a part of the Dentistry Awards in 2018.



Is Bad Breath Hindering Your Chances of a Second Date?


New research has uncovered bad breath as being the number one reason leading to first daters rejecting a second date.

bad breath

The recent study placed bad breath at the head of the list with 35% of people citing it as the biggest faux pas. This was not so closely followed by ‘bad conversation’ which came out as 11% of respondents top turn off.

For those of you that put fashion first. This was actually only hinted at as the top factor for 2% of people. Perhaps a visit to the dental hygienist is in order before you upgrade your shoes.


Bad Breath, A Fresh Approach.

According to Dr Nigel Carter, The research has gathered some insights very in line with the close relationship between oral health and attraction.

‘We all know that a healthy smile can be a very powerful instrument for attracting a partner and avoiding bad breath is a key part of achieving this.’ Other studies have often attributed a person smile to being the first thing a person notices. It is true also that those with bad breath feel less confident about sharing a beaming smile with their date. For this reason we get a double effect.


There are lots of causes of bad breath or halitosis. Here are some of them:

Eating certain types of foods

We all know that onion, garlic and curry all expel quite the odour. This may taste nice for your slap up meal but the stench can linger long into the night. If you are looking to keep your breath fresh it is important to eat blander foods that don’t have too strong a smell.



At times certain medication can be the cause of bad breath. Sadly this may not be avoidable depending on your condition. In this case you are best to brush your teeth twice a day and eat sugar free gum to keep that minty fresh taste. You should also visit your hygienist to keep that side of your breath in perfect condition. At least then you’ll put yourself in the best position possible.


Smelly bacteria on the teeth and gums

Many people simply do not follow guidelines to keeping their mouth in good health. This can lead to bacteria building up on the teeth can gums which release smelly gases into the mouth. In this case you should make sure to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and book in to see our fresh breath clinic to get on top of your oral health.


Take-Home Versus In-Chair Teeth Whitening


You’ve finally made the decision to freshen up your smile. You want that bright white look for sure but now you need to make one more important decision – take-home whitening or in-chair whitening? There are benefits to both options and even some types of whitening that involve a combination of the two. Below we’ll delve into the facts you need to know to make the right decision for you.

take-home  laser teeth whitening

Take-Home Versus In-Chair Whitening

The world of whitening can be a daunting journey. Not because of the treatment ahead, that’s pretty straightforward, but due to the vast amounts of information out there. It can be difficult to wade through the fluff and find what’s important to you. That’s what we’re here to do!


Teeth whitening can be a super effective and relative cost efficient way to hugely improve the appearance of your smile. It’s been recorded that your smile is the first thing a person notices and so getting the most out of your smile will give you a huge advantage when trying to make the best first impression.


Benefits of take-home whitening

Take-home whitening options can often be cheaper and much more accessible. They can also be extremely convenient for those looking to maintain their whitening on the go.


Convenience of a home whitening system

Many whitening enthusiasts will know that the best way to keep your bright white smile maintained is to top up with a home whitening gel every so often. This is often recommended following whichever option you go for originally. However, there is also the case of convenience. When you choose to opt for the take-home treatment you are able to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. This means that you won’t need to travel to the dental surgery after your initial consultation and moulds are taken.


Cost Effective

Take-home treatment is generally a cheaper treatment than in-chair laser whitening. This is largely due to the treatment needing less time spent in the surgery. The results, however, are still brilliant.


Benefits of In-Chair Laser Whitening

Taking the in-chair laser tooth whitening puts you in the hands of our superbly trained experts who will ensure your teeth look fantastic at the end of your journey.


See Results Faster

With in-chair whitening you can see results after just one appointment. You’ll then be given special activators that will further whiten your teeth in the coming days.


Reach Your Saturation Point

Every set of teeth has a highest level of whiteness that can be achieved. With our in practice Enlighten teeth whitening product you’ll be guaranteed to reach that point. Period.


Why Choose a Dental Professional for Your Teeth Whitening?

With more than 8 million Brits having admitted to choosing whitening treatments from illegal sources last year, it is clearly a very common occurrence. Some of the reviews of these treatments are truly horrific. Deep blisters, infected gums and lips so swollen they are stuck together are just some of the risks that you are taking when using these illegal products.


When you go to a dental professional for teeth whitening many precautions are taken before even offering you the treatments. You are given a thorough examination to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and in the right shape to take the treatment. The whitening solution itself is sourced reliably from safe labs.


When you go through illegal salons they often use a substandard whitening gel. They will be careless in checking for the health of your teeth. They are not regulated and so have no need to do these things. We strongly advise that you do not use these services.


Is Virtual Reality in Dentistry the Next Big Thing?


Imagine every trip to the dentist feeling like a walk in the park – but maybe not quite how you think. Long gone are the times of looking up at the dental surgery ceiling with anxious tingles as the dental instrument enters your mouth. Now you could be in a place of calm with the lapping waves moving along the white glistening beach. All thanks to virtual reality. 

Is Virtual Reality the Next Big Thing for Dentistry?

The BBC has reported that UK scientists have conducted studies that show support for virtual reality in reducing anxiety levels in dental patients.

UK scientists found that putting patients in a virtual reality (VR) environment while being treated can reduce anxiety levels.

The scientists tested different types of scenery in the virtual reality experience given to the patients. They found that whichever scene the patient was placed into did make a difference to the overall anxiety levels. For example, those who were placed in a beach setting saw a decrease in anxiety where as those placed in more of an urban setting didn’t see a significant reduction in anxiety.


What Has Been Used So Far?

Dental phobia has been prevalent for as long as dentists have been around. That’s not surprising since the first dentists were often also blacksmiths and cobblers. Over the years many methods have been tried to help reduce the panic stricken patients entering the surgery. Some of the most used methods include tv screens on surgery walls and even the option for the patient to plug in their own music to listen to. There was even a dentist who successfully distracted patients way from those nervous tingles by sticking a Where’s Wally poster on the ceiling of his dental surgery. We discussed a range of anxiety reducing methods in a previous article.


It seems that distraction is a very worthwhile method in reducing dental anxiety. However, until now there has been nothing quite so distracting as virtual reality. Moving away both visual and auditory senses can really make a huge difference to how your brain perceives your time in the dental chair.


What Can You Expect?

As you enter the dental chair you’ll likely be handed a virtual reality headset. From there a selection of environments are at your fingertips. The glistening, sun kissed beach, a calming zen garden or a peaceful countryside location could be some of the options available to you. What would you pick?



Get Your Teeth Whiter With the World’s Best Performing Teeth Whitening Treatment


Teeth whitening has evolved into the go to treatment for anyone wanting to look their best. There are so many options out there now that can ‘sort of’ do the job but this just doesn’t cut it for those wanting those pearly whites to look as fantastic as possible. Then Enlighten came along. Enlighten is now the world’s best performing teeth whitening treatment – and Bamboo Dental are now an accredited provider!

What Makes Enlighten the Best Performing Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Enlighten teeth whitened offers guaranteed results:


Enlighten teeth whitening has become widely accepted as the most effective whitening system in the world. Particularly in the level of whiteness that it can make you teeth.


In fact, it’s the only system that guarantees a Vita shade B1 for every person. And it has 98% success rate. Now that’s a guarantee to show off!


Cool as ice:

There are some whitening gels that are at a neutral pH when they are fabricated, however at the time of use they are no longer neutral pH. Thats not the case with Enlighten – their gels are still neutral pH at use. This means that you get guaranteed long-lasting results. And it does all of this with very low sensitivity.

Enlighten gels are made in small batches and refrigerated continuously as well as being packed with ice during transition. This is the extra mile that puts Enlighten teeth whitening above all other systems.


Sensitive teeth? No matter.

If you are looking for long-lasting whitening with low sensitivity then you’ve found the right system. The issue with many teeth whitening products is that you need to wear the trays for longer to reach the saturation point of your teeth and the brightest shade of white that you are able to gain. However, the more you wear the trays the more and more sensitive your teeth will come.

With Enlighten you don’t have this issue. It is able to offer fantastic results with little sensitivity.


But, I love coffee too much!

We completely understand. There are foods and drinks which are very hard to avoid and can be a big trade off. Do you really want to have a hiatus on coffee and tea to preserve your white teeth? Some may be able to do this with ease where as others will turn their head at the idea. With Enlighten you don’t even need to make the choice. yes, you heard right. You are able to munch and drink your usual diet and still achieve exceptional results.


You’re in safe hands.

Enlighten whitening treatment works straight through the enamel and does not harm the tooth surface. This is key to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and is something often ignored by cheaper types of gels.


So there you have it. The reasons why Enlighten is the world’s best performing teeth whitening system and why Bamboo Dental have decided to stock up. We only want the best for our patients and here it is.


Ask us about Enlighten here.