Get Your Teeth Whiter With the World’s Best Performing Teeth Whitening Treatment


Teeth whitening has evolved into the go to treatment for anyone wanting to look their best. There are so many options out there now that can ‘sort of’ do the job but this just doesn’t cut it for those wanting those pearly whites to look as fantastic as possible. Then Enlighten came along. Enlighten is now the world’s best performing teeth whitening treatment – and Bamboo Dental are now an accredited provider!

What Makes Enlighten the Best Performing Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Enlighten teeth whitened offers guaranteed results:


Enlighten teeth whitening has become widely accepted as the most effective whitening system in the world. Particularly in the level of whiteness that it can make you teeth.


In fact, it’s the only system that guarantees a Vita shade B1 for every person. And it has 98% success rate. Now that’s a guarantee to show off!


Cool as ice:

There are some whitening gels that are at a neutral pH when they are fabricated, however at the time of use they are no longer neutral pH. Thats not the case with Enlighten – their gels are still neutral pH at use. This means that you get guaranteed long-lasting results. And it does all of this with very low sensitivity.

Enlighten gels are made in small batches and refrigerated continuously as well as being packed with ice during transition. This is the extra mile that puts Enlighten teeth whitening above all other systems.


Sensitive teeth? No matter.

If you are looking for long-lasting whitening with low sensitivity then you’ve found the right system. The issue with many teeth whitening products is that you need to wear the trays for longer to reach the saturation point of your teeth and the brightest shade of white that you are able to gain. However, the more you wear the trays the more and more sensitive your teeth will come.

With Enlighten you don’t have this issue. It is able to offer fantastic results with little sensitivity.


But, I love coffee too much!

We completely understand. There are foods and drinks which are very hard to avoid and can be a big trade off. Do you really want to have a hiatus on coffee and tea to preserve your white teeth? Some may be able to do this with ease where as others will turn their head at the idea. With Enlighten you don’t even need to make the choice. yes, you heard right. You are able to munch and drink your usual diet and still achieve exceptional results.


You’re in safe hands.

Enlighten whitening treatment works straight through the enamel and does not harm the tooth surface. This is key to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and is something often ignored by cheaper types of gels.


So there you have it. The reasons why Enlighten is the world’s best performing teeth whitening system and why Bamboo Dental have decided to stock up. We only want the best for our patients and here it is.


Ask us about Enlighten here.


Bamboo Dental Teams Up With Tenovus For Health Check Day


Our wonderful team is the heart and soul of our dental practice. That’s why we invited one of our supported charities, Tenovus, into the practice for a staff health check day. The aim of the day was to work with Tenovus to spread awareness of the causes and preventative measures we can take against cancer.

Bamboo Dental Teams Up With Tenovus For Health Check Day

Late last month Bamboo Dental and Tenovus linked arms in a staff health check and awareness day. The day was split into two halves. The first involved a series of lifestyle questions that created a profile of the current health situation of each person as well as looking into potential risks of developing cancer in the future. The profile was built around numerous questions involving diet and family history. The questions based around diet were crafted to get an idea of the types of foods we ate and the amount and frequency of alcohol we drank. We were also quizzed about family history to check for anything of higher risk. After this, sun exposure was explored as well as each of our exercise regimes. 


Once this was completed, each staff member had some time to spend one on one with a Tenovus cancer expert. They confidentially offered advice on how we can adjust our current lifestyle to minimise the risks of developing cancer. The day was very informative and if you would like to seek any advice about cancer care or prevention you can check out Tenovus here.


Hello Suncream…

Some key take-home points involved using sun-cream very regularly and looking out for not only the protection factor but also the gold star rating on the bottle. Other key points were to limit alcohol, avoid smoking, to get regular check ups for anything that is in the family and to exercise often. Of course, these are just a few of the pointers that we were given. For more information please check out the experts, Tenovus.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tenovus is is a charity that we work with regularly. Not only for the great work that they do in helping those affected by cancer but due to their impact on the local Wales area too. Next month is breast cancer awareness month and we’ll be showing our support by attending the Tenovus Ladies Lunch on the 19th of October.


Bamboo Dental Helps Local Children Learn About Good Dental Health


Late last month, Bamboo held a special event with the aim of spreading awareness of great oral hygiene to local children. It has become common knowledge that statistically, the number of children with dental issues has an increasing trend year on year. Due to this, we feel that it’s the duty of dental practices everywhere to help educate our youngest generations about how they can best look after their oral health.


Super Dentist’s Tackle Dental Health Concerns in Cardiff!

On this day, Bamboo’s dentists woke up with a sparkle in their eyes for they were to become the super heroes that could inspire our youngest generations. What a transformation it was, Dr Dan and Dr Oli had become Mr Incredible and Batman. The only difference was that instead of batmerangs and super strength, they were armed with dental mirrors and excavators! This inspiring theme was carefully selected to bring excitement to the children. We wanted to create a new perception of the dental surgery for the local children who were due to visit. A place where they would feel compelled to learn. We felt that super hero dentists would be certain to light that spark.

dental health in children

As the day progressed each of the children was given a free check-up to see how theyre current dental hygiene shaped up. At the same time we were able to give the kids advice and information as well as answering any questions they had about all things teeth. The familiar faces delivering the check ups made the kids much more relaxed and happy to go ahead with their check ups. Some were even happy to pose for a photo in the dental chair!


In the meantime, other children were entertained by our friendly dental nurses with face painting, dental goody bags and a fun environment for all. This was all carefully designed to make the dental practice a fun environment for the kids to be in. After all, the dental practice should be a positive place for a person to visit.


An Incredible Success for All Involved

The whole day proved very popular amongst children and parents alike – many citing that they couldn’t believe how relaxed their little ones were to be at the dentist. The fun atmosphere and inspiring theme is something that we’ll certainly take forwards in future events aimed at helping children expand their knowledge on dental health.


House of Lords stress dentists’ role in the fight against mouth cancer


House of Lords stress dentists’ role in the fight against oral cancer.

dentists mouth cancer

A recent debate at the House of Lords was focused largely on discussing ways to reduce the overwhelming burden that alcohol abuse is having on our health service.


During the debate Lord Colwyn was able to express some key points in a well received speech. Lord Colwyn, the Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Group on Dentistry and Oral Health was passionate about getting across just how detrimental the effects of alcohol are on the mouth and the development of oral cancer.


Statistics show that 70% of people who are diagnosed with oral cancer drink excessive amounts of alcohol. However the risks are even greater for those individuals who chose to live a lifestyle including both alcohol and smoking. For this group of people there was a 38 times increased chance of contracted mouth cancer compared to individuals who neither smoked nor drank alcohol.


A key point of the conversation was that dentists ‘were on the front line’ in the fight against mouth cancer. They appear in a very unique place on the timeline of mouth cancer progression in that dentists are able to see healthy patients on a regular basis. By keeping vigilant they can spot the signs of mouth cancer at its earliest stages. Here at Bamboo Dental we see the importance of this. Not only is the importance of early diagnosis important but providing patients with information to help limit the risks of such diseases is too very important.


What Steps Can You Take to Lower the Risks of Mouth Cancer?

More than 90% of mouth cancers in men and 85% in women are linked to lifestyle and environmental factors. After this fact you’ll most likely understand that much of the risk is truly in your hands. Below we’ll outline some key lifestyle changes you have the ability to make in order to limit the risks of developing mouth cancer. All of these tips will also benefit your health in general!


Quit smoking tobacco

Mouth cancers are closely linked to tobacco use. This is not limited to cigarettes but also included other ways that you may consume tobacco such as; cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and more. Tobacco use is not a prerequisite of mouth cancer. It is however a big factor and can have ongoing effects that burden your chances of recovery:

  • Tobacco use makes treatment much less effective.
  • Tobacco use makes it harder for your body to heal after surgery.
  • Tobacco use increases your risk of a cancer recurrence.
 It can be a difficult journey to give up smoking. If you find yourself in a stressful situation such as being diagnosed with cancer then this can make matters even more tough for you. You can find help on how to quit smoking here.


Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol, particularly when combined with tobacco use, greatly increases the risk of mouth cancer. Not only this but alcohol alone can increase the risks of other types of cancer in the body. As with tobacco use, ongoing use of alcohol after being diagnosed with cancer is going to hinder the recovery process. We advise you to limit alcohol consumption as much as possible if not stop consuming it altogether.


Eat a diet full of fruits and veg

The diet can be one of the most important factors in your health and in your risk of developing cancer. Fruit and vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants that may be able to reduce the risk of you developing mouth cancer.


Avoid exposing your lips to the sun

Many people neglect the lips when putting on suncream. It has been shown that the level of sun exposure hitting your mouth can be linked to the chance of developing mouth cancer. A few ways to combat this may be to stay in the shade, wear a broad-brimmed hat or to make sure you use sun cream on your lips as well as your face.


Make sure to visit your dentist often!

When you visit your dentist for a dental examination you can ask them to inspect your entire mouth for any signs of mouth cancer. Their knowledge and expertise will put them in a great position to spot any abnormalities at as an early a stage of possible. Of course, this all relies on you visiting your dentist as often as possible.


Is Your Cosmetic Practitioner Fully Trained?


Dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections disasters have hit the news again recently. An article by The Times discussed the consequences of budget botox parties on the NHS. According to many leading plastic surgeons, there is a growing bill resulting from botched up cosmetic procedures performed by poorly trained and ‘unqualified practitioners‘ on the high street and at so called ‘Prosecco parties‘.

Are You Facing the Risk of a Dermal Filler Disaster?

Many young women are seeking cheaper alternatives to emulate the images of the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Far too often this ends up with a visit to the emergency clinic and a desperate plea for help. It is possible to get treatments such as dermal fillers and botox injections for budget prices but that is because the practitioner treating you will have little to no training.


Our Practice Principle, Dr Dan Rogers shared his opinion on the matter,

The developing cultural trend for the use of dermal fillers is moving fast. Unfortunately its total lack of regulation is putting patients lives at risk. It is impossible to get a sound understanding of the medical techniques and knowledge base to safely administer dermal fillers or ‘anti-wrinkle injections’ simply by attending a weekend course.’


He continued with an overall piece of advice,

My advice to anyone wanting dermal fillers would be to not shop around looking for a cheap deal but to seek a reputable medical professional with formal medical training.


What are the Risks of Going Cheap?

So where can this lead to issues? Some people in the past have lost their sight due to fillers incorrectly being injected at the site of vital nerves by the eye. Others have found that their skin has turned a strange shade of blue as well as developing into a swollen and disfigured appearance. These are just a few of the risks you may be facing by going down the low-cost route.


How regulated is the industry for fillers?

To get an idea of how regulated the industry really is, in the United States, there are only six types of dermal filler which are approved for use by professionals. To add to the protective measures, these all are available on prescription only. Now take a step over to Great Britain. Here you’ll find that there are over 100 different types of dermal fillers approved and readily available. Not only this but they can all be injected without a prescription by anyone, in any location and with no training.


As a result of this it is probably not surprising to hear that there is so much danger in the industry. The general public expect that somebody offering these types of treatments would have been required by law to have the relevant training. That’s a key reason why so many people go through with treatment and end up with disastrous results.


The Role of Social Media

A second article was recently released by the BBC in which a study by Nuffield Council revealed that there are apps and games based around cosmetic surgery that are aimed at children as young as 9 years old. It is concerning to us that children so young are being targeted in an industry that is unregulated and as a clinic with full trained professionals, we feel the need to speak out.


As a respected clinic in Cardiff, we feel a duty to help our readers understand the risks involved with sourcing cheap treatments like this. We advise that before opting for any treatment you seek out all the information you can about your prospective practitioner. If they are not credible then we advise you to find a practitioner that is trained to give you the safest care and treatment possible.


Bamboo Dental Dissects Reasons Behind Increased Dental Implants Demand


The demand for dental implant treatments is one of the fastest growing in the industry. However, the predicted growth is perhaps even higher than expected by many in the dentistry market. A new report (Persistence Market Research) has come to the attention of Bamboo which states that there is due to be a compound annual growth rate of 9.7% over the next 5 years.

dental implants

What do we Think is Causing the Increased Demand for Dental Implants?

Here at Bamboo Dental we believe there are a few different reasons that could be behind the rapid growth in the dental implants sector:

  1. Technological Advancement: New technology has meant that there are now so many more possibilities. For example, the uprising of 3D imaging has lead to new methods in which patients can view their new teeth before they have even been fabricated. Not only this but Computer Aided Design and the introduction of mini dental implants are giving the industry much more accessibility.
  2. Mobility of the Market: Known as ‘Dental Implant tourism’, patients are more commonly travelling to various parts of the world to have their implants fitted.
  3. Increased Overall Demand: It has been noted that the ageing population is demanding more cosmetic treatment from the industry as a whole. This will generally push up the demand for dental implant treatment too.


Will the Implants Materials Change?

It is expected that implants will still mostly be made from titanium. However that doesn’t mean that some other material may not be introduced a little further into the future as technology advances further.

It has been predicted that Europe is to be the market leader for dental implants in the world. The report claims that this is a culmination of increased dental health concerns, advancements in technology and a rise in the amount of cosmetic dental practices offering the treatment overall.

That being the case, Europe is actually not expected to see the fastest growth in the market. In fact, Asia is the continent that is due to see the most rapid growth in dental implants demand worldwide.

‘This level of growth is perhaps unsurprising for a treatment modality that is widely acknowledged as being the best replacement for a missing tooth dentistry can currently provide,’ said Guy Hiscott, managing editor of  clinical implant journal Implant Dentistry Today.

‘It also speaks volumes about a growing awareness of what implant dentistry can achieve on the part of patients across the globe.

‘And that’s good news for everyone concerned: used appropriately, dental implant treatment has the ability to transform patients’ lives.

‘But it’s important for the dental profession to ensure that the pace of this growth is matched by a similar uptake in clinical education and patient understanding.’


What to Expect in the Future

The rapid growth can only mean that the treatment itself will become more and more advanced as market leaders work to specialise and accommodate for new patients aiming to embark on their third set of teeth. With this news, Bamboo can only look towards meeting this increased demand in the near future.


What are the best white braces for teeth?


white braces for teeth
White braces for teeth – which are the best?

Can you get white braces for teeth?

More of us than ever before are visiting the dentist. More of us are taking pride in our appearance and wanting straighter and whiter teeth. There seems to be a greater desire for cosmetic dentistry which is fantastic for both dentists and patients. We’re taking better care of our teeth than ever before, which can only be a good thing for everyone.

Just why are so many more of us going to the dentist then? One of the biggest reasons is no doubt down to the enhancement and development of cosmetic dentistry. Gone are the days of metal train track braces and scary visions of teeth being pulled out with sharp objects. Having straight white teeth is now highly sought after, and with technology in dentistry constantly advancing, people can have nicer teeth much faster.

Many of us still have teeth we are insecure about. Many of us simply think we can not afford to have a nicer smile. Bamboo Dental thinks it has the answer as to why people are still avoiding cosmetic dentistry. Here at Bamboo Dental, we feel a lot of people are just unaware of all the choices they have for a nicer smile. For example, did you know we offer no deposit 0% finance plans over both 12 and 24 months? For the same price of a monthly phone contract, more people than ever can have the smile they always dreamed of. Most people think of paying a car on finance, but not their teeth!

White braces for teeth for adults in Cardiff

Price isn’t always a factor. Many people fear the dentist for other reasons. Perhaps it’s the fear of the practice itself. Did you know that Bamboo is a five time award winning practice? We care about our patients and want to give them smiles that will change their lives. None of our staff are scary dentists and none use instruments to cause you unnecessary pain! Our staff are kind, welcoming and supporting, and our practice is state of the art. You can be reassured by the fact that we are a leading dental force in the UK.

The other fear many have is the treatment process. To put it simply, some people just don’t want braces. We’ve all seen the clunky metal braces and can promise you there’s none of them at Bamboo Dental! If you’re interested in braces or teeth straightening, we have a number of super options. The purpose of this blog is just to highlight a few of the incredible straightening systems available to you at the practice.

What types of white braces for teeth are there?

Firstly, we have the Six Month Smiles treatment. Dr. Dan is a leading figure on this incredible and revolutionary straightening procedure. Dr. Dan can guarantee you straight and white teeth in just around six months. The best thing about this treatment, apart from the speed of it, is just how discreet it is. The brackets and wires are white. Yes, white. You can’t get more discreet than that! Six Month Smiles is a system made of brackets and wires, designed specifically for you to get straighter teeth fast. The process is fast as you meet regularly with Dr. Dan who will make adjustments as and when is needed. To read more about Six Month Smiles click here.

Another option is Invisalign. Invisalign is perfect for those wanting a little more flexibility with their straightening system. Invisalign system involves two tray like aligners which are custom made to fit your teeth. They have the sole of purpose of straightening your teeth at your convenience. Whilst it’s recommended to wear them as much as possible, you’re allowed to take them out whilst eating or brushing teeth. This is great for people who are uncomfortable with the idea of a fixed straightening system. Invisalign system is fantastic as the aligners are clear and almost invisible to the naked eye. This means you can straighten your teeth without worrying about social events. Invisalign is particularly popular with students for this reason. Another great feature of Invisalign is the technology which comes with it.  You can follow your progress on the app on your tablet or phone. Dr. Dan or another member of the team will be there by your side as you go through the journey to your dream smile.

Free consultation for white braces for teeth

So you’re interested huh? Great news! The next step is to book yourself in for a free consultation with Dr. Dan. Even if you have an idea of which straightening system you would prefer, the free consultation is the perfect chance for both you your practitioner to discuss which will work the best for you. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to discuss any concerns, worries, fears or doubts, and ask any remaining questions. One of our dentists will take a look at your teeth to help determine whether Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, or any of our other treatments would be best suited for you. However, the end decision is down to you and whatever you feel comfortable with. Should you reach a decision by the end of the consultation, we’ll book you in for an appointment as you begin your exciting journey with us at Bamboo Dental. Straightening your teeth is one of the best decisions you will make. We’d love to help you with that.


Your Options for Straight Teeth


Options for Straight Teeth in Cardiff

your options for straigh teeth

Obtaining straight teeth nowadays is something that can be achieved in a relatively short period of time due to the constantly improving and changing orthodontic treatments, however, this means that there is an abundance of different options for straight teeth.

Bamboo Dental offers four different types of orthodontic treatment, each with their own benefits that can be explained to you by Dr. Dan or one of the other dentists at Bamboo Dental if you come in for a free consultation. Here they are:

Six Month Smiles

The first option for straight teeth at Bamboo Dental is the Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment, this treatment straightens teeth in such a short period of time (average time of six months) because the appliance changes the cosmetic appearance of the teeth only, rather than the change of the bite that can take conventional braces up to 2 years to complete. The Six Month Smile appliance is hard to notice as the wires and brackets match the colour of your teeth, meaning that during your treatment you will have no problems showing off your smile, unlike other types of braces, such as conventional metal braces, that make patients feel self-conscious.


The Invisalign treatment is another near-invisible and fast treatment. It uses clear, removable aligners that are replaced every two weeks that make small increments to your teeth as the aligners are replaced until you achieve your desired smile. The benefits of this treatment are the short treatment time (usually 12 months, depending on the level of adjustment required), the convenience of use, such as the ability to remove the aligners whilst eating and during special events and finally the fact that they’re nearly invisible, meaning you won’t feel self-conscious wearing them.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a relatively new orthodontic treatment in the UK and is the perfect solution for protrusion or crowding of the front teeth. Compared to other systems, the Inman Aligner is a very fast system – most cases are completed in 6-16 weeks, depending on the amount of adjustments of the teeth required. Like the Invisalign system, the Inman Aligner is fully removable, allowing you to remove the appliance during special occasions and during meal times, allowing your oral health to be sustained. Click here to learn more about how the Inman Aligner works and some before and after pictures of patients who have used the Inman Aligner.


The Smilelign aligner is a removable, clear appliance that is hardly noticeable – people won’t even know you’re having your teeth straightened. The Smilelign aligners are similar to Invisalign in that new aligners are sent every two to four weeks to the patient, making small adjustments to the teeth every time a new set of aligner is sent. The aligners are made to be as thin and comfortable as possible as they are hand made, and any minor speech issues or discomfort you may have will last just a few days. The F.A.Q section on the official Smilelign website answers any questions you may have about the treatment.

Tom’s Story

Tom, a 25 year old teacher from Cardiff came to Bamboo Dental for a free consultation after hearing about the options for straight teeth offered by Bamboo Dental. As a teenager, Tom had fairly crooked teeth and was given metal braces under the NHS. Due to how crooked his teeth were, Tom had metal braces for just under two years, he hated that for the entire time he was self-conscious about his smile due to how visible the metal braces were. When Tom had his braces removed, he was pleased with the results and was given clear, removable Essix retainers. For years, Tom Wore the Essix retainers to make the results permanent, however, as he got older and went to university he forgot to wear the retainer as much, which caused his teeth to shift back to their original position. By the time Tom had finished university, his teeth had shifted so much that his Essix retainers did not fit anymore. After a few years, Tom’s teeth had shifted back so much that he decided that he wanted orthodontic treatment again to straighten his teeth. He asked his colleagues at his school where he taught and was referred to Bamboo Dental. Tom did some research and found the various options for straight teeth. He decided to give Bamboo Dental a call, who advised him to come in for a free consultation so Dr. Dan or one of the other dentists could talk more about his preferences and goals so they could recommend a suitable treatment for him. Tom wanted something that would take under 12 month from start to finish and something that is discrete so people wouldn’t notice; he was recommended the Invisalign treatment as it fitted Tom’s preferences. Tom decided to go ahead with the Invisalign treatment after weighing up his options and booked in for treatment. After 12 comfortable months of wearing the clear Invisalign aligners, Tom’s teeth looked as good as ever, and he was given a new set of Essix retainers to ensure his results were permanent. Tom was ecstatic with the results and said “The Invisalign treatment has helped me so much by straightening my teeth in such a short period of time, the fact that the aligners were near invisible meant that nobody noticed I was wearing them which was huge for the profession I’m in,” he also joked that he would never again forget to wear his retainers again.


Free Consultation

Due to the number of options for straight teeth, it is important that you sit down with a professional. Dr. Dan, the head dentist at Bamboo Dental offers a free consultation to all new enquiring patients, who can advise you on which of the options for straight teeth is suitable for you based on your current positioning of your teeth and what your goals are in achieving a new smile.


Why Bamboo Dental should be your Dentist in Cardiff


The Multiple Award Winning Dentist in Cardiff

dentist in cardiff

Dr. Dan, the head dentist in Cardiff’s Bamboo dental practice and his esteemed dentists at Bamboo Dental conduct private dental treatments 7 days a week, so whether you need an emergency dentist on the weekends or if you want your teeth whitened with one of our many teeth whitening technologies, Bamboo Dental of Cardiff has got you covered. Located on 28 Cowbridge Road West, Bamboo Dental offers competitively priced dental procedures right in the heart of the Welsh capital, with Dr. Dan, the 5 times award winning dentist, who has provided treatments to over 2500 patients, leading the practice in giving clients the best result using the latest technologies. To learn more about the range of treatments we offer our clients have a look below.

Procedures offered at Bamboo Dental

Some of the dental procedures offered by Dr. Dan, the head dentist in Cardiff’s Bamboo Dental are as follows:

Teeth Straightening- Dr. Dan and his team offer multiple types of teeth straightening services, such as Invisalign, Six month smiles, Inman aligner or Clear aligners. Each teeth straightening procedure has its benefits to the patient, such as a quicker treatment time, less obtrusive braces etc.  If you come in for a free consultation, we can advise you on what kind of teeth straightening procedure will be most suitable for you, given your preferences.

Teeth Whitening- We offer two types of teeth whitening at Bamboo Dental, which we can advise you during a free consultation of the benefits of each. The first teeth whitening service is the take home teeth whitening procedure, which offers a convenient and affordable solution to teeth whitening, giving you a whiter smile from the comfort of your own home. The other type of teeth whitening is the Philip Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening, consisting of 4, 15- minute sessions at Bamboo Dental’s practice in Cardiff. This treatment offers a rapid change in the appearance of your teeth, click the link to find out more about how it works.

Cosmetic Veneers- At Bamboo Dental, we offer two different types of cosmetic veneers, Lumineers and E-Max Veneers. Both have their benefits, click here to find out more about the cosmetic veneers and how they may benefit your life.

Dental Implants- Our Dental Implant services here at Bamboo Dental come in the form of a Titanium cylindrical or tapered bolt, this ensures the longevity of the implant, allowing for a strong foundation for your replacement teeth. Before getting your new implant installed, an initial consultation will take place with your dentist to determine whether you will be a suitable candidate for dental implants, if successful, we will book you in for an appointment.

Anti-Snoring solutions- The Sleepwell anti snoring solution is a cost effective long term snoring procedure that helps to eliminate snoring. The Sleepwell system uses two mouth pieces that moves your bottom jaw forward as you sleep, similar to a ‘chin lift’ in first aid, which allows the tongue to move forward, thus opening up the airways to reduce snoring

Teeth Grinding and Clenching- Bamboo Dental can help to eliminate the effects of Bruxism with the SCI (sleep clench inhibitor). The SCI is a small splint that fits over the front teeth when sleeping, which inhibits clenching of your teeth.

Crowns- A dental crown may be needed when your tooth becomes substantially decayed or damaged through acidic erosion or even partly broken due to an accident. In any of these circumstances, a dental crown may need to be fitted. At Bamboo Dental, we can offer you a range of dental crowns depending on your preferences, whether you’re looking to get a crown for functional purposes, such as a gold or metal crown, or rather a crown for its aesthetics such as porcelain, at Bamboo Dental we have many options for you depending on your preferences.

Why Dental phobia can be a thing of the past

Dental phobia is an intense, unreasonable fear of visiting the dentist, and can be developed from a variety of places, such as; Pain, feelings of helplessness and loss of control, embarrassment or negative past experiences. The difference between general anxiety and a phobia isn’t clear, but some things to notice if you are suspect that you or someone you may have a dental phobia are; trouble sleeping before the night before going to a dentist, feeling like crying before going to the dentist, you get increasingly nervous while you’re in the waiting room. These are just a few possible symptoms of dental phobia. It is important when you visit your dentist in Cardiff that you tell your dentist about your concerns, fears and feelings you have about the treatment, the staff at Bamboo Dental are well trained to change the way they treat you and can reassure you of any issues you may have throughout the entirety of the treatment.

Tracey’s story about dental phobia

Tracy, a mother of two from Cardiff, visited bamboo dental for a free consultation to learn more about the range of veneers offered by Bamboo Dental.

When Tracey was a teenager, she was fitted with metal braces as she had severely misaligned teeth. Tracey had used a dentist in Cardiff under the NHS as she was entitled to free treatment. However, this proved to be the very cause of her dental phobia – when she was getting her braces installed, she remembers being under excruciatingly bad pain due to the stress her teeth were under. She associated this pain later on over the years with visiting the dentist and as a result her oral health diminished.

Tracey was looking to get Veneers installed to make the appearance of her smile more aesthetically pleasing, however she was terrified by the thought of getting veneers installed. After a free consultation at Bamboo Dental, her anxiety was diminished as she was reassured by our dentists about the support she would receive throughout the treatment.

After the treatment, Tracey said, “After years of avoiding the dentists due to my fear, I’m glad to say that Bamboo Dental will be my new dentist in Cardiff, they supported me throughout the treatment and the results are fantastic.”

Come in today for a free consultation

If you are interested in any of these treatments and would like to come in to receive a free consultation, contact us here or give us a call on 02920006960.



Bamboo Dental | Your Number One Private Dentist in Cardiff


Our private dentist in Cardiff is here to help you keep your teeth looking their best. Whether you are in need of a routine check up or are on the search for a cosmetic make over we know that we can be of value to you. But what makes Bamboo different to all of the other surrounding dentists?

private dentist in cardiff

Your Number One Private Dentist in Cardiff

Over the past 5 years, Bamboo Dental has become one of the most reputable dentists in Cardiff. We truly value our patients and we harvest a warm fuzzy feeling inside when we read about all of the positive experiences our patients have had with us. You can check out some of our reviews on Trustpilot, Google and Facebook.


Five Times Award Winning

We’ve proud to be able to say that we’ve been awarded in five different areas over the pat few years. These awards span from best overall practice to best team and our head dentist Dr Dan earned the title of ‘best young dentist’. We pride ourselves on the work that we do not only in the dental chair but also the patient care that is offered throughout our practice. We believe that this is the key as to why our patients feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting our private dentist in Cardiff.


Experienced Professionals

Our practice is built around the experience of our dentists. They work day in day out to perfect their craft. Dr Dan has catapulted to the number one provider of Six Month Smiles treatment in Wales. This has been achieved through his hard work and dedication to the high quality of treatment he has provided to his patients. We have dentists who are experienced in all types of treatments ranging from dental implants, teeth straightening and cosmetic veneers all the way to general dentistry such as crowns and fillings.


Joining Bamboo Dental Care

After much demand, we decided to open up our books with an affordable private care service. This service, coined the Bamboo Total care Plan, offers an extensive range of treatments that will cover you whatever the needs of your teeth.


What’s included:

  • All dental health examinations are included.
  • Hygiene appointments and scale and polish services.
  • Any x-rays necessary.
  • Any fillings treatments.
  • All extractions.
  • Crown and bridge work.
  • Treatment for root canal issues.


We also offer some added extras:

  • 10% off any treatment not included in the plan.
  • 10% discount on cosmetic and general aesthetics treatments.
  • Extensive expert advise on diet and oral hygiene.
  • A special membership card with a 24 hour emergency dental helpline for use at home or abroad.
  • Worldwide supplementary dental injury and emergency insurance.


If you would like to find out more about the plans we have on offer you can do so right here on our Bamboo Care page.


What to Expect When Visiting our Private Dentist in Cardiff

Upon arrival at our location (28 Cowbridge Road West, Ely, Cardiff, CF5 5BS), you will be greeted by our brand new dental practice. You’ll also have the facility to use our on-site parking with specially reserved spaces just for you.


As you enter the practice you’ll be met by the happy energy of our friendly reception staff. They will make sure that you are all signed in and ready for your appointment with the dentist! After this it will depend what you are visiting us for. In most cases your next step will be to pop in for a consultation with one of Bamboo’s experienced dentists. This is your chance to make the most of their expertise and find out any information that has been on your mind.


After this you will be informed enough to decide on the path that you want to take with your potential treatment!


Yes, We Are Open 7 Days a Week

When patients realise that we are open 7 days a week they often have to ask again. After years of desperately shuffling around time off work to fit in their appointments they finally find a dentist that works around them. We believe that this is how it should be. That’s why we make our opening hours as accessible as humanly possible. This means, weekend and late evening appointments are available just for you.


So there’s no need to worry if you cant get time off work to visit your dentist for your 6 monthly check up. Just give Bamboo a call and we will fit in around you. This is how we believe it should be done and thats why we are happy to extend our opening hours just for you, our valued patients!


Competitive Prices

As well as making our opening times as accessible as possible we also aim to make our prices accessible to all too. Everyone deserves the chance to have that smile they’ve always wanted and too many dentists charge an amount that is not congruent with that. Our prices are not only very competitive but we also include finance packages to suit everyones needs. Some of these packages are completely interest free and allow you to pay off your treatment cost on a monthly basis for up to 24 months. This can allow you to have a smile makeover for a similar price that you would pay for your mobile phone contract each month.


How Can You Get in Touch?

If you are interested in any of the services that our private dentist in Cardiff has to offer then we have a variety of ways that you can get in touch. Our friendly reception team are always at the other end of the telephone ready to help you wherever possible. if you wish to contact them then you can do so by calling:



Alternatively we have a dedicated team ready to answer your questions through our special email form. You can find that here on the contact page.