Cardiff Dentist who offers the full range of cosmetic dental treatments


Cosmetic dentists Cardiff | For all your teeth whitening, teeth straightening and dental veneer needs in Cardiff


Need to change the appearance of your smile? Then why not contact Bamboo Dental who are Cardiff based dentists who can get you the cosmetic appearance that you desire!

Bamboo Dental offers professional tailor-made cosmetic treatments for our clients throughout Cardiff, who wish to gain a more healthier, more youthful smile.


Whether you wish to change the appearance of a single tooth or a whole cosmetic makeover of your teeth, we can help you find a solution that works for you.


Below we are going to give you a brief insight into our range of cosmetic dental  services we can offer our Cardiff patients.


Teeth Straightening Dentist in Cardiff


We have a range of options open to you when you choose to change the cosmetic appearance of your teeth through our teeth straightening procedures based here in Cardiff.


From “Six Month Smiles” right through to “clear aligners”, we have the solution to help create that cosmetic appearance that your teeth needs.


Wonky or misaligned teeth can certainly lower your self-esteem and confidence, we are here on hand in Cardiff to offer sensibly priced cosmetic dental solutions to help you fix your teeth, and restore your confidence. For more information on teeth whitening solutions click here | For teeth straightening click here | for clear braces click here | for more in-depth information on dental Veneers Cardiff click here.


We are expert dentists located on Cowbridge Road within Cardiff, we can offer you dental consultations to discuss the best possible method forwards of straightening and aligning your teeth into a desirable position.

Read more about teeth straightening in Cardiff click here. Teeth Straightening Solutions here.


“We can get you the smile you have always wanted, our sensibly priced dental fees and prices in Cardiff means that we offer affordable, professional solutions”


Dental Veneers Cardiff 


If you are craving a solution to change the cosmetic appearance of your teeth in a relatively short timeframe then dental veneers may be the option for you.


Our expert resident dentists in Cardiff can get to work in brightening and whitening the appearance of your teeth through expertly crafted dental veneers.


Why wait any longer to contact your local dentists who are on hand in Cardiff, to offer you a one-to-one consultation to discuss how we can brighten and whiten your smile.


Wafer thin composite material is carefully crafted to your specification, these veneers are placed over the outlining of your teeth, to create a more brighter pleasant smile!


“Whether you have a discoloured teeth or slightly chipped teeth or you are currently unhappy with the gap spacing in between your teeth dental veneers can help you!”


Our dental clinic within Cardiff offers the full range of dental solutions to help people feel more confident about the cosmetic appearance of their teeth.


Arrange a consultation session with us in Cardiff, in order discuss how we can get you a smile you are happy with, contact us today. For further information about dental veneers why not read this page. Dental Veneers Cardiff


Suffering from halitosis or bad breath within Cardiff?


If you suffer from bad breath there can be nothing more stifling or inhibiting when you are in social or business situation!


Bad breath can be particularly aggravating especially when you have tried over-the-counter preparations or solutions that you have purchased at your local supermarket.


If you require more specialist advice on products then we can advise you to help mitigate your bad breathe, why delay? Get in contact with us today in Cardiff.


Dentists in Cardiff who specialise in installing Crowns


Bamboo Dental are specialist dentists within Cardiff who offer the full range of cosmetic dentistry solutions including installing specialist crowns and dental coverings.


Perhaps you are wary of entrusting a less cosmetically proficient dentist with creating the smile and cosmetic appearance that you desire.


Then why not then get in contact with our specialists in Cardiff who can tailor make a solution to brighten and change the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.


If you are looking for a dentist who can offer a range of solutions when installing dental crowns, then Bamboo Dental has the solutions for you.


Why choose our dental services in Cardiff?


We offer the full spectrum of dental services in Cardiff, why not contact our dental clinic in Cowbridge Road.


Whether it be an emergency dental service you require, teeth whitening or cosmetic dental surgery we can help you.


If you wish to change the appearance of your teeth contact us today to talk to one of our team about how we can get to work on improving the cosmetic appearance of your teeth in Cardiff.










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