Bamboo Dental’s Dan appears on ITV Wales to help promote Mouth Cancer



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Did you see Dan on ITV Wales earlier this month?

Don’t worry if you missed it as you can see the clip here.



Dan has been continuing to promote Mouth Cancer awareness throughout Wales this month, as part of Mouth Cancer Action Month.  This follows on from his end of summer oral cancer screening event at the Cardiff Bay Retail Park which the Bamboo Dental team hosted on behalf of the Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity. Bamboo Dental hired a mobile unit and carried out complimentary oral health checks and oral cancer screening for the public. The team educated the public on the how to spot mouth cancer by handing out leaflets, free toothpaste samples and balloons to shoppers and children. A raffle was also held which raised £200 for the Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity.

Dan appeared on the evening ITV Wales news earlier this month with his patient Colin Adams, who was first diagnosed with mouth Cancer back in 2006 and appeared on the news in a bid to help raise awareness of the growing disease.

Factors such as heavy drinking and smoking are heavily linked to mouth cancer and can affect anybody, any age although it’s mainly seen in middle aged men, that’s why it’s so important that we all know what to look out for.

Colin’s cancer was caused from heavy smoking and he advises anyone who doesn’t smoke to never start and anyone who currently smokes to try their absolute hardest to stop.

Mouth cancer takes the lives of more than 2,000 people each year in the UK, which is more than testicular and cervical cancer combined. Mouth cancer also takes more lives a year than road traffic accidents. By knowing more about the risk factors, living healthier lifestyles and by learning what to look out we can help reduce our risk and lower the number of lives that mouth cancer effects.

If you are concerned about mouth cancer or would like to find out more about the signs and symptoms, call us on 029 2000 8898.



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