Bamboo Dental will be smiling in Pink this Friday as part of National Smile Month.


The staff at Bamboo Dental will be smiling in pink this Friday (June 6), as part of National Smile Month’s celebrations. Celebrating National Smile Month

This year the British Dental Health Foundation is partnering fellow dental charity Bridge2Aid to support their first ever Smile in Pink for Bridge2Aid.

Staff at Cardiff’s Bamboo Dental will be supporting the charity by dressing up in pink in a show of support for bringing dental pain relief to some of the most remote communities in the world.

Bamboo’s Principle dental surgeon, Dan Rogers said: “Our practice will be supporting the event by wearing pink t-shirts, and decorating the practice with balloons, posters and a collection box. We are also visiting a number of schools as part of a dental education programme. The first of these is Riverbank Special School who I will be visiting on Friday, where all children will receive a free Smiley.

He added: “Educating children about the importance of dental health is something that I feel very passionate about and what better time to do this than National Smile Month with lots of fun education awareness activities and events are happening.”

Bridge2Aid provides emergency dentistry training for health workers in east Africa and focuses on sustainability, and empowering local people to improve their own lives over the long term. The charity has trained over 310 local health workers in emergency dentistry since 2005, and now trains 60 health workers each year. This training has not only directly treated tens of thousands of people but has extended access to emergency dentistry services to people living in rural areas.

The charity has also introduced the National Smile Month Smiley to its patients in East Africa, and in countries such as Tanzania, to help to educate them about the importance of oral health.

The British Heath Foundation and Bridge2Aid believe that paying attention to oral health is vital, and want people in both the UK and throughout the world to understand the steps to protect their oral health.



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