Bad breath why it’s something that should not be ignored!


We all know somebody that has bad breath! Yet apart from being a socially awkward problem whereby you may have to hold your breath between talking to somebody! It can also indicate and possibly point to a more serious dental problem.

For example bad breath can be an indication that gum disease may be a present for an individual.


If you feel that you are suffering with this problem, it is very important that you make an appointment see a dentist. This is so you can discuss the problem in a more in-depth manner, as there could be underlying dental issues that you may not have thought about.


Why not arrange to see our dentist?

Cardiff dentist Dr Dan can offer you advice and expert dental solutions. If you feel your bad breath in Cardiff has got to the stage that enough is enough why not book an appointment to come and see us.


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 What exactly causes Bad Breath or Halitosis?


Bad breath can be caused by a multiple of reasons, these range as wide as smoking habits, right through to medical conditions, which can cause drying of the mouth which allows bad breath to persist.


If you feel you are suffering from bad breath then it is important that you seek your dentist’s opinion in Cardiff as soon as possible.


We have an expert Cardiff dentist Dr Dan, who is on hand for your emergency, general, and cosmetic dental needs.

Your local dentist Dr Dan, can quickly check the cause of your bad breath, depending on your circumstances you may need to see our Cardiff dental hygienist team or you may need a series of visits to correct the problem.


We have a range of dental solutions that can help to target bad breath. Why not visit our Cardiff advice page on our solutions that we can offer you. Bad breath solutions. 


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“Often but not in all cases bad breath can be because of poor dental hygiene, also it could be because of small food debris being caught between the gap spacing in between your teeth. What ever the cause of bad breath, our Cardiff dentists will have a solution that can help you!”



What can I do to prevent bad breath from occurring in the first place?



Preventing bad breath ties directly into protecting your teeth and maintaining overall good oral hygiene through using good dental care methods. This is also supplemented by regular and periodic visits to your local dental clinic in Cardiff. Contact us page.


This means that you should get regular check-ups from your local dentist in Cardiff and you should supplement this in between visits with good dental care methods.


Good dental care means correctly brushing the teeth, that’s using a toothbrush suited to your oral cavity and also using a suitable toothpaste.


If you have any questions regarding your oral care routine in terms of how you should be brushing your teeth, or other questions why not make an appointment with us in Cardiff, South Wales. To see our service offering in terms of dental hygienist services why not visit this page: Dental hygienists Cardiff


Why is it important that I visit my Cardiff Dentist if I am suffering from bad breath? Surely this isn’t an overly big problem? 


As with everything with your teeth the same can be said about dental sensitivity issues or other dental pain issues as-well, these cannot be ignored!


This is simply because there could be underlying reasons that are causing these painful sensations.

Gum disease word cloud

Gum disease word cloud

The same can be said about bad breath, sometimes a visit your local dentist or hygienist can provide information that can help you curb the habit, that could possibly be potentially damaging to your overall oral health.


For example incorrect brushing methods may not be removing all the food debris from them hard to reach locations in your mouth.

A visit to your dentist in Cardiff therefore could reveal methods of oral care that could be improved if you are to look after your teeth correctly.


To book an appointment with our Cardiff dentist, why not follow the link here: Contact us in Cardiff


“For example you may not be brushing your teeth correctly or you could have such a large build-up of plaque or tartar on your teeth that it would be difficult to remove such a resilient substance through normal brushing techniques”.


What are the other reasons that I should visit my Cardiff dentist for to solve my bad breath problem?


Also your Cardiff dentist Dr Dan will have a range of options that may be suitable for your individual circumstances.

These options might not be available to obtain through over-the-counter methods at your local supermarket for example.

As with most dental problems visiting your local dental clinic and having preventative dental procedures, is often more cost-effective in normal circumstances than leaving the problem to persist and worsen.


This could then mean that by leaving the dental problem you could possibly need a visit to an emergency dentist in Cardiff, in order to rectify the problem, which could be more costly than if you went for regular dental check-ups in Cardiff.


“This form of reactive dentistry to react to long standing dental problems could be more costly than opposed to if you visit your dentist in Cardiff for more regular check-ups or preventative procedures, to correct the dental health issues early on”.


Can you offer any dental services in Cardiff that can prevent the onset of bad breath? For example do you have a dental hygienists who can offer me advice and scale and polish procedures?


Bamboo Dental offers a full range of dental services, that span everything from helping our patients out in dental emergency situations, right through to offering dental hygienist services.


You therefore might want to visit Bamboo Dental located in Cardiff, because we can take care of your general dentistry needs, while offering in-house dental hygienist services.


We can help with any preventative dentistry needs you may have.


Why not contact us today to get the ball rolling on helping to reduce your bad breath or halitosis issues and also implementing any advisable methods that can help your overall oral hygiene and dental health in Cardiff.



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