Are You Using An Electric Toothbrush To Clean Your Teeth?



At Bamboo we always recommend keeping your teeth in tip-top condition. For both electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes there are techniques you can use, here are some techniques to consider:

Manual toothbrushes: The benefits

If you travel a lot, a manual toothbrush may be the best option for you.  It’s no good owning an electric toothbrush if you’re not able to charge it regularly and it could also add unnecessary extra weight to luggage. Other people choose a manual toothbrush because they simply prefer them and this is fine too. The important thing is to purchase a brush from a reputable brand, such as Colgate or Oral B and to make sure it is of the correct ‘hardness’ for you. Our top tip is to remember that the softer and smaller the head of the brush, the more thorough you will be able to be with your cleaning.


Getting the best out of your regular toothbrush

Technique is important when it comes to using a manual toothbrush. Firstly it is a good idea to set a timer to see that you are brushing for long enough – two minutes is the recommended minimum. Secondly take care to brush all surfaces of the teeth. This is a good guide:

• Brush the outer surfaces of your lower teeth and then your upper teeth, with small circular movements, focusing on one tooth at time.
• Clean the inner surfaces of your lower teeth and then your upper teeth in the same way.
• Clean the chewing surfaces of your molars.
• To ensure an all-round fresh feeling, give your tongue a few strokes with the brush.



Electric toothbrushes: The benefits

If you do most of your teeth brushing at home an electric toothbrush is a fantastic investment to keep your teeth in top condition. Oral B and Philips Sonicare are reputable brands and both work with a different action but give an equally thorough clean, and – as with any brushing will give you fresh breath.

Getting the best out of your electric toothbrush

Many people believe that using an electric toothbrush in a similar way to a manual brush will improve its efficiency but this in fact is a myth – if you move the brush around too quickly it does not have time to do its job. Instead use your brush like this:

• Hold the brush for 5 seconds over the outside surface of each tooth individually, letting it do the work
• Repeat for the inside surfaces of the teeth.
• Hold the brush again for 5 seconds over each chewing surface of each molar.
• If desired brush the tongue using the electric toothbrush, taking care not to drag the brush over your tongue.

If you follow these steps with either type of brush you should get good results and you will certainly be setting yourself up to have healthy teeth for years to come.
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