A Dental Check-Up – Why do it?


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Why go for Dental Check-ups?

To some people going for a regular dental check-up can seem like an unnecessary chore. Firstly it takes up valuable time and secondly there is the expense involved.  Of course what actually takes place in a check-up is not always obvious either… just what do all of those numbers that the dentist says out-loud mean and what exactly is the dental nurse doing as he or she taps away on a keyboard? We’ve written this post to help dispel any myths about visits to the dentist and to fill you in on why dental check-ups are important…

Tracking Changes

In a regular dental check-up the dentist is going to have a good look in your mouth but in fact it’s more than that: the dentist is looking for changes and comparing what he or she finds now to how your teeth were teeth were on your last visit.

These changes can be can be positive, for example a reduction in plaque, signs of better brushing, or more regular flossing, although changes can also signal that your teeth are in need of some attention, i.e. there is evidence of decay, cracked teeth, or signs of older fillings wearing out.

Planning Ahead

As dentists we understand that dental treatment can be a serious undertaking for our patients in terms of both the emotional output and the financial, and that’s why regular check-ups are essential. Not only do you stand the best chance of spotting problems before they grow but you also begin to create habits that will serve both you and your wallet well.

If your dentist sees you regularly they can check for changes and forewarn you of any likely treatments, allowing you to plan ahead. From experience we have found that this offers peace of mind to patients and makes good dental health a realistic and achievable goal.


Here at Bamboo Dental we also offer Denplan, which is a great way of budgeting for your family’s dental care. Denplan gives the option to spread the cost of your dental treatment over manageable monthly payments and means that you can care for your teeth without the concern of hidden costs. We are a registered Denplan dentist – so if you’re interested, contact one of our members of staff who will be happy to give you further information.

Have you booked in for your check-up? Our team will be happy to help – you can contact us here. Don’t forget we are also on Facebook and Twitter, why not drop us a line?



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