5 Tips for Helping Your Kids Look Forward to Visiting the Dentist




A visit to the dentist can be a daunting prospect for some children: They fear what may happen to them there and that it may hurt! It really doesn’t need to be this way though and in fact beginning a good relationship with going to the dentist is important and the earlier you start the better!

So if you’re looking for ways to help your kids enjoy visiting the dentist read on for our top 5 tips…

1.       Have a Positive Attitude

Children are sensitive and will pick up on what you are saying, so it is important to speak well of the dentist and to visit yourself! If Mum and Dad come back from a visit happy and relaxed, children will feel there is little to worry about.

2.       Learn through role play

 Role play is a wonderful way to engage your children’s creative side before their next visit to the dentist. Perhaps you could give them a small hand mirror and let them look at each other’s and your own teeth. You could even buy them a children’s dental set so that they will feel familiar with the different objects they will encounter on a trip to the real dentist.

3.       Watch a fun dental video

There are some great and informative dental videos available to watch over the web. Engage your children with a few short clips that are fun and relevant to their age group.

4.       Pick the right dentist and get to know them

It’s important to choose a dentist who is experienced with taking care of children’s teeth but also who is good at relating to children. If you’re at all worried, you could arrange to meet the dentist first by going for a check-up yourself. Encouraging your child to build a relationship with their dentist will also help to make the experience a positive one.

5.       Buy your children a treat

Buy your children a new toothbrush or some special toothpaste on their next visit to the dentist and they’ll be happy to visit again. No child can resist the offer of a present – just make sure you make it teeth friendly!

How do you encourage your children to have a good relationship with visiting the dentist? We’d love to know – why not drop us a line via Facebook or Twitter.  You can contact us here if you’d like to make an appointment.




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